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It's Time to Transition Out of Biden's Way, CEOs Tell Trump
CEOs Tell
Trump to
Move Along

CEOs Tell Trump to Move Along

Biden needs to be ready for Inauguration Day, business groups advise

(Newser) - Many Republicans and presidential appointees in Washington are supporting President Trump's refusal to cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden's transition. But Trump now has been nudged by his former orbit, the business world. Trump "should not delay the transition a moment longer," the CEO of the US...

Chamber of Commerce Not Wowed by Trump's Order

Rebuffs president's demand that US companies get out of China

(Newser) - President Trump jolted the markets Friday, and possibly China, when he demanded that US companies immediately start looking for alternatives to their operations in that country. The US Chamber of Commerce, however, isn't sold on the idea, reports Reuters . "While we share the President’s frustration, we believe...

CVS Sticks to Its Anti-Tobacco Stance—Hard

It stubs out Chamber of Commerce membership

(Newser) - CVS kicked tobacco out of its stores last fall, and America's second-largest pharmacy chain is showing no signs of easing up on its anti-tobacco stance: It has stubbed out its relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce after a New York Times investigation found that the business group has...

Clay Aiken Leads NC Race by Insanely Thin Margin

Meanwhile, establishment candidate crushes NC Tea Party candidate

(Newser) - Voters got their first chance to weigh in on Clay Aiken's political career yesterday, and it wasn't exactly a rousing success. Aiken currently holds an incredibly slim lead over his Democratic primary opponent in North Carolina's 2nd District, with 40.83% of the vote to Keith Crisco'...

Business, Labor Approve Foreign-Worker Program

Group of 8 bipartisan senators yet to sign off, however

(Newser) - America's top labor and business groups reached an agreement last night over the final sticking point in overhauling the country's immigration laws , the Washington Post reports. Talking to Sen. Charles Schumer on a conference call, the AFL-CIO's boss and the president of the US Chamber of Commerce...

IRS Probing Rove's Crossroads GPS

Tax-exempt groups are supposed to benefit community

(Newser) - The IRS has launched an investigation to determine if Karl Rove's GOP-boosting Crossroads GPS and similar organizations are violating their tax-exempt status by spending too much money promoting a party agenda and candidates. Organizations are granted tax-exempt status only if they promote a benefit to the community. The IRS...

NY Probes Chamber of Commerce Political Funding

Did 'charity' funnel bucks to organization for anti-Democrat issue ads?

(Newser) - The New York Attorney General has launched an investigation to determine if organizations are secretly channeling money to the US Chamber of Commerce to be used to impact political campaigns. The tax-exempt chamber is a major player in US politics, but not required to disclose the identities of its donors....

Walmart Fought to Scale Back Anti-Bribery Law

Firm lobbied for changes to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

(Newser) - Walmart took part in an aggressive lobbying campaign to roll back the very same anti-bribery law it may be prosecuted under for alleged greasing palms in Mexico , the Washington Post finds. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which bans American companies from bribing foreign officials, has been in place since 1977...

Chinese Hackers Crack Chamber of Commerce

Emails stolen in 'very sophisticated' attack

(Newser) - In what's generally viewed as the most brazen Chinese cyber attack yet, a group of hackers broke into the US Chamber of Commerce computers, gaining access to the prominent business group's entire system and its database on 3 million members, reports the Wall Street Journal . The infiltration, which...

Scott Walker Big on Slogans, So-So on Jobs

 Scott Walker 
 Big on Slogans, 
 So-So on Jobs 
Dana Milbank

Scott Walker Big on Slogans, So-So on Jobs

Dana Milbank says the governor has proved he has no silver bullet

(Newser) - Scott Walker loves talking about his “powerful” job-creating policies. “The very first day I was elected, I put up a sign that said, ‘Wisconsin is open for business,’” Walker said at a US Chamber of Commerce summit yesterday, waving a bumper sticker bearing the same...

Obama Escalates Raids for Illegal Immigrants

US Chamber of Commerce is displeased

(Newser) - The Obama administration has notified 1,000 businesses in all 50 states that it’ll be scouring their hiring records for signs of illegal immigrant employees, in a surge of so-called “silent raids,” the Wall Street Journal reports. ICE wouldn’t identify the targets, but did say that...

Big Biz, Tea Party Diverge in Debt Debate

Chamber seeks compromise, Tea Party says 'hell no'

(Newser) - A rift between big business and the Tea Party movement is growing as the very real prospect of America defaulting on its debt looms, the Christian Science Monitor finds. The federal government hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling yesterday, and while Tea Party-backed lawmakers are sticking to their guns...

Obama Looks to Crack Down on Secret Donations

Administration actions would replace law Congress fails to pass

(Newser) - The Obama administration has drafted an executive order that would force all companies seeking government contracts to disclose their donations to groups airing political ads, as part of a multi-pronged attack on the kind of anonymous campaign spending Republicans walloped Democrats with last year. The FEC is also moving to...

Obama to Business: Time to Give Back

President makes nice in Chamber address, but urges them to hire

(Newser) - Barack Obama extended the olive branch to the US Chamber of Commerce today, pledging to work to expand trade opportunities and cut away burdensome regulations. But he also took a page out of JFK’s book, telling executives to “ask yourselves what you can do for America,” according...

Big Biz Pays Chamber of Commerce to Fight Its Battles

Handful of anonymous corporate donors account for bulk of funding

(Newser) - The foreign money that's been funneling into the Chamber of Commerce looks like small potatoes in light of a new analysis from the New York Times that found nearly half of the Chamber's $140 million in 2008 contributions came from 45 anonymous corporate donors who step up the spending when...

Obama's Just Blowing Smoke on Foreign Cash

Karl Rove: Baseless attacks are the best the Dems can do?

(Newser) - Karl Rove might know a thing or two about smear campaigns, and he takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to dismantle the one he says Dems are mounting against him by alleging that he and Ed Gillespie "take in secret foreign money to influence our elections....

Chamber Took $885K From 84 Foreign Companies

But says it doesn't use it for political purposes

(Newser) - The US Chamber of Commerce has flatly denied recent Democratic attacks claiming that it uses foreign money to fund its political campaigns, and mainstream media fact checkers have largely backed them up. But Think Progress says those organizations have missed the point, pointing to data from the Chamber’s own...

Liberals Crank Up Heat on GOP Donors

They ask Justice Department, IRS to investigate

(Newser) - Democrats and liberal activist groups are launching a full-scale assault on the conservative groups that have been making it rain this election cycle. and nonprofits like Public Citizen and Public Campaign are asking the Justice Department and the IRS to investigate these groups and their sources of funding,...

Obama Points Finger, GOP Denies Using Foreign Funds

GOP counterattacks after Obama targets Chamber funding

(Newser) - The GOP is rejecting accusations from President Obama and the Democratic National Committee that its allies are using funds from foreign donors to underwrite election campaigns. The White House is urging the Republican-allied US Chamber of Commerce to open its books to prove that foreign money isn't illegally being used...

What Recession? Candidates Spend Like Mad

Supreme Court ruling allows record-setting money bonanza

(Newser) - Politics looks like a recession-proof industry. With campaign finance rules gutted by the Supreme Court, money is flooding into this year’s election. House and Senate candidates have raised $1.2 billion so far, putting them on a record-setting pace. Gubernatorial races are just as pricey; Meg Whitman alone has...

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