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Warp Speed Would Not Look Like This

Han Solo would have to wear sunglasses, students say

(Newser) - Sorry, Trekkies and Star Wars fans: People traveling at warp speed wouldn't see stars morph into those cool beams of light. British physics students say it would look more like a general bright glow caused by the background radiation of the universe, LiveScience reports. That's because of the...

Scientists Developing GPS for the Galaxy

X-rays from dead stars could provide location in space within 3 miles

(Newser) - A GPS in a car can precisely navigate a city, but what if a GPS in a spaceship could precisely navigate our galaxy? German scientists are developing that very gadgetry, reports the BBC . This interstellar mapping system would use X-ray signals from pulsars, a type of dead star that rotates...

Jeff Bezos' Unmanned Spaceship Blows Up

Amazon founder's ship is destroyed in test flight

(Newser) - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' plans to develop a space taxi have taken a big hit after an unmanned spaceship from his Blue Origin company went ka-boom on a test flight, reports the Wall Street Journal . Few details are known about what happened, other than it's a setback for both...

US Dreams of Interstellar Spaceship in 100 Years

DARPA offering $500,000 to space innovators

(Newser) - Is it possible that Star Trek and a sci-fi story written by Jules Verne more than 100 years ago will inspire the next generation of space technologies? DARPA, the research and development division of the US military, sure hopes so. In fact, the agency has promised to award $500,000...

P-Funk Spaceship Lands at Smithsonian

Classic funk stage prop to anchor new museum

(Newser) - The Smithsonian is about to get a whole lot funkier. The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership is going to anchor the music collection at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture when it opens in 2015, reports the Washington Post . While not the original, 1,200-pound aluminum spaceship—that...

Virgin Galactic Spacecraft Makes First Solo Flight

Private spacecraft on course to take paying passengers to space

(Newser) - The world's first manned commercial spacecraft has reached a major milestone. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo was released from the mothership and completed its first solo glide flight over the Mojave Desert yesterday, Wired reports. The craft, which is undergoing rigorous testing ahead of plans to carry paying customers to space and...

What Is the Air Force Doing With This Spaceship?

Unmanned X-37 will be launched this month for indefinite time in orbit

(Newser) - This month the Air Force will send the X-37—a sort of unmanned mini-space shuttle salvaged from a scrapped NASA project—into orbit, but its intentions, what the X-37 is designed to do, and why it rescued a project NASA planned to ax in 2006 remain mysteriously unclear. The Air...

We'll Ride Nuke to Mars: Russia
 We'll Ride Nuke to Mars: Russia 

We'll Ride Nuke to Mars: Russia

Space program plans elusive nuclear spaceship by 2012

(Newser) - The Russians are planning to ride a $600 million nuclear-powered spaceship to Mars, and they say they may begin construction by 2012. “It’s a very serious project, and we need to find the money,” president Dmitry Medvedev says. Small nuclear reactors and batteries have long powered satellites,...

8 Stories
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