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Introducing America's New Export, 'Freedom Gas'

Department of Energy's new term is met with skepticism

(Newser) - Why call it liquefied natural gas when you can call it "freedom gas"? The patriotic term is making headlines after being spotted in a press release from the Department of Energy. On Tuesday, the department headed by Rick Perry announced that exports of the fuel source would be... More »

Embattled VA Secretary May Be on the Way Out

President considers replacing him with Rick Perry, insiders say

(Newser) - President Donald Trump is considering ousting embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, who has faced an insurgency within his department and fresh allegations that he used a member of his security detail to run personal errands, the AP reports. Trump has floated the notion of moving Energy Secretary Rick Perry... More »

Ex-DOE Staffer: My Rick Perry Photos Got Me Fired

Photographer says there was retaliation after he leaked pics of meeting between Perry, coal baron

(Newser) - Snapping photos of a meeting attended by Energy Secretary Rick Perry was part of Simon Edelman's role as a Department of Energy photographer. Yet he says he lost his job for doing just that, and ensuring the photos were seen. In an interview with the AP , Edelman says he... More »

Rick Perry Makes Bold Claim on Fossil Fuels, Sexual Assault

Energy secretary defends expanding export of fossil fuels to Africa

(Newser) - Rick Perry said Thursday that fossil fuels, far from harming people in third-world countries via climate change, can actually prevent sexual assaults, Politico reports. According to the Hill , the Energy secretary was speaking at an event with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd and the CEO of Axios. Perry, who... More »

Rick Perry Fell for Prank Call That Lasted 22 Minutes

Energy secretary discussed cyberattacks and pig manure with Russian pranksters

(Newser) - Bad news for Rick Perry: The promising new biofuel made from pig manure and homebrewed alcohol he wants to learn more about isn't real—and the person who told him about it wasn't Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. The energy secretary's 22-minute phone call July 19 with... More »

'Deeply Concerned' Rick Perry Pens Op-Ed About Student Election

US energy secretary accuses Texas A&M of rigging election for gay student

(Newser) - Rick Perry, new US energy secretary, is "deeply concerned" about something. But don't worry, it's not America's aging nuclear stockpile but the results of a student election in Texas. CNN reports that after the winner of Texas A&M's election for student body president was... More »

Rick Perry Confirmed as Energy Secretary

Earlier, the Senate gave the nod to Ben Carson at HUD

(Newser) - Another former rival joins the Cabinet: The Senate has confirmed former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to serve as energy secretary under President Trump. The vote was 62-37 on Thursday, per AP . The move comes hours after Ben Carson was confirmed at HUD. Perry—who once pledged to eliminate the department—... More »

Rick Perry Sorry He Wanted to Get Rid of Energy Dept.

Statements 'do not reflect my current thinking,' says appointee

(Newser) - Oops . Rick Perry, who famously pledged to get rid of the Energy Department while simultaneously forgetting its name in 2012, says he regrets that now that he's learned what the department actually does, the Washington Post reports. Perry is Donald Trump's pick to head the department, and... More »

NYT: Perry Took Energy Post, Didn't Realize Gist of Job

Paper reports he didn't know nukes were department's main focus

(Newser) - When Rick Perry goes before a Senate panel Thursday for his confirmation hearing to be energy secretary, he will surely be asked why he should lead an agency he once promised to eliminate. But a New York Times story suggests another line of questioning: It asserts that when he accepted... More »

Rand Paul Airs His Grievances

And they include Donald Trump, the media, and Peter Thiel

(Newser) - Rand Paul can be nothing if not persistent , and the Kentucky senator's annual Festivus airing of grievances proved no exception this year, reports the Guardian . In honor of the Seinfeld holiday, Paul took to Twitter on Friday to list his litany of light-hearted and not-so-light-hearted complaints. Highlights of his... More »

Rick Perry Coverage Has One Clear Theme

It's not hard to spot

(Newser) - News that Donald Trump has settled on Rick Perry to run the Energy Department prompted a slew of stories Tuesday with one common refrain, and the former Texas governor must be thrilled with it. Here's a sampling:
  • NBC News : "President-elect Donald Trump has selected former Texas Gov. Rick
... More »

Trump Picks Perry as Energy Chief: Reports

Yes, it's the department he once vowed to abolish

(Newser) - Donald Trump has decided on Rick Perry to lead the Energy Department, though that department wouldn't actually exist if Perry had his wish, reports the New York Times . NBC News and the Washington Post are also among several outlets reporting the news after the former Texas governor met with... More »

Rick Perry May Lead Dept. He Famously Forgot: Report

And he presumably doesn't want to abolish Energy Department anymore

(Newser) - Donald Trump is reportedly down to four candidates for energy secretary, and they include two Democratic senators from big energy-producing states, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and, uh, if history were any indicator the fourth name would escape Rick Perry's memory. Yes, Perry, the former Texas... More »

Trump's Son Among Potential Cabinet Picks

Donald Trump Jr. for Interior secretary?

(Newser) - Hours after Donald Trump was named president-elect , talk has turned to what could potentially be "one of the more eclectic and controversial presidential cabinets in modern history," per Politico . Given that Trump is a businessman rather than a seasoned politician, it's perhaps no surprise that his camp... More »

Presidential Candidate to DWTS: Rick Perry

Former Texas governor to join Amber Rose, Vanilla Ice, Ryan Lochte on 'DWTS'

(Newser) - Rick Perry will join the next season of Dancing With the Stars, joining Ryan Lochte (probably not doing the Brazilian bossa nova), Amber Rose (doing dance moves that epitomize whatever she's famous for doing), and other celebrities for the ABC show's 23rd season, ABC News reports. Perry, who... More »

Rick Perry Fails to Mention Trump While at Podium

Though he did use the campaign's slogan

(Newser) - One of Donald Trump's vanquished rivals took to the stage at the Republican National Convention Monday night, but he didn't exactly sing Trump's praises. As the Austin American-Statesman notes, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry did not mention Trump at all in his brief remarks. Perry's main... More »

Donor to Rick Perry: I Want My $5M Back

Super PAC members aren't sure they can recoup the cash for contributors

(Newser) - Rick Perry may have thought he could just drop out of the presidential race and ride off into the Texas sunset, but some supporters of the Perry-supporting Opportunity and Freedom PAC are asking an important question as his 10-gallon hat disappears over the horizon: Can we get our money back?... More »

GOP Presidential Field Just Got Smaller

Rick Perry drops out of the 2016 race

(Newser) - Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is dropping out of the race for president, ending his second bid for the Republican nomination and becoming the first major candidate of the 2016 campaign to give up on the White House. His struggling campaign has been strapped for campaign cash and stuck polling... More »

Rick Perry Is No Longer Paying His Staff

Campaign says it had to make 'tough decisions'

(Newser) - Ominous signs from the Rick Perry campaign: Campaign staff are no longer being paid and they've been told the only expense that will be covered is travel, sources tell CBS News . "As the campaign moves along, tough decisions have to be made in respect to both monetary and... More »

Carly Fiorina Seen as Winner of First Debate

She and 6 others did their best to stand out

(Newser) - Their better-polling rivals get to debate in prime time , but seven Republicans tried to make the most of it in the first Fox News debate today. Based on the early reviews, it seems that one clearly did: Carly Fiorina. She "nailed it," observes the Washington Post . The former... More »

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