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One Number Swirling Around Apple TV Plus Is Just Massive

Company reportedly paying more than $15M an episode for star-studded 'Morning Show'

(Newser) - Apple wants to move well beyond gadgets with a Netflix-like streaming service, and details are dribbling out ahead of the expected fall release of Apple TV Plus. Lots of questions remain about the particulars of what Apple will be offering, and CEO Tim Cook hasn't filled in many details... More »

New iPhones Expected to Be Unveiled on Sept. 12

'Wall Street Journal' sets a date for next Apple showcase

(Newser) - Those waiting to upgrade their iPhones can expect to see the new options on Sept. 12. The Wall Street Journal reports that as the date for the next Apple product unveiling. Assuming that's the case—last-minute production glitches could throw off the schedule—customers should be able to order... More »

Say Goodbye to Google, Apple Devices on Amazon

Retailer bans Apple TV, Google Chromecast media-streaming products

(Newser) - Amazon is dumping popular media-streaming devices by two huge rivals to bolster its own video-streaming service, it announced in an email yesterday to marketplace sellers. The retailer won't be accepting any new listings for Apple TV or Google's Chromecast, and all current listings will be yanked from the... More »

Apple Unveils Phones, TV Update, Bigger iPad

Here comes '3D Touch'

(Newser) - Apple is unveiling its new toys in San Francisco today, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus, a bigger iPad, and an update to Apple TV:
  • Phones: The new models have faster processors, sharper cameras ( 12 megapixels ), stronger frames, and a feature called 3D Touch, which allows
... More »

Apple to Launch Online TV This Fall

It will include around 25 channels, sources say

(Newser) - After years of rumors and false starts, Apple is finally going to launch an online TV service this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal , which cites "people familiar with the matter." The Journal's sources say Apple is in talks to provide a bundle of around 25... More »

At Apple Event, Some News From HBO

HBO partnering with Apple for 'HBO Now'

(Newser) - Today's Apple event started off with a bang—but not with an Apple Watch-related bang . First up (after Apple CEO Tim Cook, of course) was HBO CEO Richard Plepler, who announced that HBO is finally launching a stand-alone streaming service with Apple as its "exclusive partner-at-large." The... More »

Apple, Comcast Working on TV Deal

Apple wants to essentially create a set-top box

(Newser) - Apple is looking to take the Internet out of Internet TV: The gadget giant is in talks with Comcast to produce set-top boxes that get special treatment on Comcast's cables, bypassing any traffic jams on the public Web, the Wall Street Journal reports. Apple envisions a device that would... More »

Apple Rolling Out 60" 'iTV' With 'iRing' Control: Report

Analyst says info came from Asian suppliers

(Newser) - Longstanding rumors that Apple will add television to its repertoire of gadgets are heating up, as an analyst is claiming the 60-inch "iTV" is coming late this year, reports the AP . Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets said component manufacturers in Taiwan and China had revealed that the... More »

Apple TV Rumors Heat Up

Insiders say the company will make hi-res, big-screen sets

(Newser) - An Apple TV set is getting closer to reality, reports the Wall Street Journal . Execs at some of Apple's suppliers say the company is in the early stages of testing prototypes for hi-res, big-screen TVs. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said the concept of an Apple television is no... More »

Apple Eyes Biggest TV Move Yet

Wants to sell set-top box that would carry live TV

(Newser) - Today's Apple TV box is mainly used to play Internet downloads and stream content—but the next Apple set-top box could play live television. Apple is currently in talks with top US cable providers to that end, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . Customers would get to own the... More »

Apple TV Just Got Serious

Brian Barrett reads the tea leaves on a few recent Apple moves

(Newser) - Maybe it was a coincidence that in the span of two days Hulu Plus came to Apple TV, and Amazon Instant Video and Sky Now TV both came to iPad. But Brian Barrett of Gizmodo doesn't think so. "That makes three major content providers—read: competitors—that Apple'... More »

Tim Cook: Apple Will 'Double Down' on Secrecy

CEO hopes to bring some manufacturing to US

(Newser) - If you thought Apple was secretive under Steve Jobs, brace yourself: Tim Cook says his company is going to "double down" on its strategy of keeping mum. "I feel strongly that being secretive on the product side of our business is so important," the CEO said at... More »

11 Things to Watch at Today's Big iPad 3 Reveal

But remember, with Apple, nothing is certain: Mashable

(Newser) - Apple is holding another one of its big events today, expected to be the unveiling of the iPad 3. Mashable runs down 11 things to watch for when it begins at 1pm ET:
  • Tim Cook will be "the main attraction." He may not be as theatrical as Steve
... More »

iTunes Creator Working on TV for Apple

Top engineer working on Jobs' last ambition

(Newser) - Apple seems to be pulling out the stops when it comes to making Steve Jobs’ vision of an Apple-worthy iTV a reality. Top software engineer Jeff Robbin—the guy who built iTunes and helped create the iPod—has been tapped to lead development on the TV, which could be available... More »

Apple TV Sets Could Hit Shelves This Year

TVs would bundle existing services, says ex-Apple exec

(Newser) - Call it the iBoobTube. Apple is poised to enter the television set business, perhaps as early as this fall, offering screens bundled together with iTunes and Apple TV all in one, a former Apple exec tells Daily Tech . Apple's previous attempts at getting into television, most notably the Apple... More »

The iBike, and 9 More Exciting Apple Patents

The iKey? Why not?

(Newser) - Steve Jobs may be stepping back , but that’s no reason to stop being jazzed about all things Apple: The company snagged a whopping 563 patents last year, some of which are sure to eventually see the light of day. Mashable reports on 10 you should be particularly excited about:... More »

The Next 5 Apple Gadgets to Speculate About

Just in case you have nothing better to do

(Newser) - This was a bumper year for Apple, as it released the iPad, iPhone 4, new Macbook Air, and new Apple TV. Business Insider speculates on what Steve Jobs and company may have in store for the 2011.
  1. New iPad. iPad 2 will likely be faster, boast a higher-resolution screen, and
... More »

Steve Jobs Is Abandoning the Geeks

Apple TV a boring product for mainstream users

(Newser) - Apparently Steve Jobs has no use for geeks anymore, because Apple TV is your mom’s digital TV product, writes Brian Ries for the Daily Beast . Typically, Apple releases a pricey version of a product first, builds buzz, and then drops the price to let the mainstream in on the... More »

Apple, Amazon Joining Battle for Your TV

Apple to announce revamped version of Apple TV with Netflix

(Newser) - Amazon and Apple are both planning major pushes into the online TV business, insiders say. Apple will announce today a new set-top box that will deliver TV to consumers and include movies from Netflix, reports Bloomberg . Apple will offer 99-cent rentals of TV shows through its revamped, $99 version of... More »

Google Unveils 'GoogleTV'

It partners with Sony, Intel

(Newser) - Google is hoping to succeed where Apple and so many others have failed with GoogleTV, its attempt to bring the Internet to your television set. Google unveiled the software today, at what the Wall Street Journal called a “glitch-plagued demonstration” in San Francisco. The software will allow you to... More »

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