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Teens Thought They'd Found Love. Instead, a Terrible Turn

'Nat Geo' tells the stories of 2 sex slaves fighting against the odds

(Newser) - They thought they'd found love. But Sayeda and Anjali, pseudonyms given to two teenage girls born into poverty and sold to the same Indian brothel, were fooled, as Yudhijit Bhattacharjee writes in an expose of child trafficking for National Geographic . Sayeda, an aspiring dancer from Khulna, Bangladesh, who by... More »

Missing Boy Was Abducted With Kids' Help

Search continues for Dylan Perez in southern Mexico

(Newser) - A scandal involving the abduction and exploitation of young children in a colonial Mexican city popular with tourists widened Wednesday when prosecutors revealed an adult apparently used other children to help kidnap a missing 2-year-old boy, per the AP . The search for Dylan Esau Gomez Perez led prosecutors in southern... More »

They Were Searching for an Abducted Child. They Found 23

A horrifying discovery in Mexico

(Newser) - The search for a 2 1/2 year-old boy who was led away from a market in southern Mexico three weeks ago led police to a horrifying discovery: 23 abducted children being kept at a house and forced to sell trinkets in the street. Prosecutors in Chiapas state said Tuesday that... More »

Hilary Duff Calls Online Conspiracy 'Disgusting'

The 'Lizzie McGuire' alum pushes back against a harsh accusation

(Newser) - Hilary Duff unloaded on Internet conspiracy theorists Saturday after she was accused—without evidence—of trafficking in children, Billboard reports. "Everyone bored af right now I know..but this is actually disgusting," the singer/actress tweeted . "Whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe... More »

Ashton Kutcher Blows McCain Kiss After Testimony

Kutcher was on Capitol Hill to discuss human trafficking

(Newser) - After an emotional testimony before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, a new bromance? Ashton Kutcher was in DC on Wednesday to testify about human trafficking, which he's been fighting against since 2009, and in addition to giving what CNN calls an "impassioned" speech on the topic,... More »

Greek Mystery Girl's Mom Identified

Sure enough, Sasha Ruseva of Bulgaria is her biological parent

(Newser) - It's official: The "mystery girl" found living with a Roma couple in Greece is the biological daughter of another Roma couple from Bulgaria , DNA tests have confirmed. Sasha Ruseva and her husband Atanas are genetic matches for the girl, who is known as Maria, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry... More »

Greece Mystery Girl: 'Promising Leads' Surface

Charity following up calls from American parents

(Newser) - The discovery of a mysterious blonde girl at a Roma camp in Greece has spurred more than 10,000 phone calls and emails to the charity trying to identify her. Smile of the Child says it has heard from many parents whose children have gone missing, and it is following... More »

Cops Seek Parents of Blonde Girl Found in Gypsy Camp

Couple now facing kidnapping charges

(Newser) - Greek police are looking into the identity of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, little girl they spotted living with a Roma couple at a settlement in central Greece. The cops believe the girl may have been kidnapped—DNA tests show she is not related to the couple, and authorities say the pair... More »

Egypt Breaks Up Baby-Trafficking Ring

Doctors, nurses allegedly removed kids by C-section

(Newser) - Egyptian authorities have arrested five people in a baby-trafficking ring that helped nearly 300 adoptive parents skirt the nation's Islamic laws, AFP reports. Members of the ring allegedly removed unwanted babies by C-section from mothers who had waited too long to get an abortion. The ring then sold babies... More »

802 Busted in Chinese Child Trafficking Rings

Chinese police rescue 181 children

(Newser) - Chinese police arrested 802 people on suspicion of child trafficking and rescued 181 children in a major operation spanning 15 provinces, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said today. The recent operation broke up two trafficking rings and led to the arrests of the ring leaders. The national operation was... More »

Chinese Villagers Say Government Stole Babies

Rampant abuse from Chinese family planning officials revealed

(Newser) - Yuan Xinquan was holding his baby daughter at a bus stop when a handful of men leapt out of a government van, and demanded he present his marriage license or pay a $745 fine. When he could do neither, they confiscated the baby. “They are pirates,” he says.... More »

32 Teen Moms Rescued From Nigerian 'Baby Factory'

Babies sold for use in occult rituals or as slaves

(Newser) - Nigerian police have rescued 32 pregnant girls aged 15 to 17 from what they termed a “baby factory” in the southern city of Aba. Police allege that the women who went to the Cross Foundation clinic were forced to sell their babies for around $170 to $190. The hospital’... More »

Want a Cambodian Wife? Tough Luck if You're Over 50

You better make more than $31K a year, too

(Newser) - If you're an American looking for a wife and happen to be, well, broke and old, there's no point in looking in Cambodia. Under Cambodian law, it's now illegal for the country's women to marry foreigners who are age 50 and up, or who make less than $30,960 a... More »

Mom Charged in Grandma's Plot to Sell Baby

The buyer: Her sister, who'd been given up for adoption as a baby

(Newser) - Police have charged Stephanie Bigbee Fleming with conspiring with her mother, Patty Bigbee, to sell her infant son . Fleming left the child with Bigbee, and Bigbee at one point told the Department of Children and Families that she couldn’t care for it. But then Bigbee got in touch with... More »

Arabs Buck Ban on Child Camel Jockeys

10-year-old kids still used in dangerous sport

(Newser) - Children as young as 10 are still being used as jockeys in dangerous camel races in the United Arab Emirates, despite a law banning the practice. Observers from the group Anti-Slavery International photographed children racing at a recent event in Abu Dhabi attended by police officers and government officials, the... More »

Haiti Probes Adviser to US Missionaries

Jorge Puello suspected of sex trafficking; Americans stay in jail

(Newser) - Police in El Salvador suspect the man advising the 10 American missionaries being detained in Haiti may also be the leader of a sex trafficking ring. When the Haitian judge presiding over the Americans’ case got wind of the investigation yesterday, he said he’d launch his own inquiry into... More »

1,000 Kids a Year Forced Into Sex Slavery—in Ohio

Sweatshop labor also rampant in human trafficking hub

(Newser) - Each year in Ohio some 1,000 US-born children are forced into the sex trade and about 800 immigrants are sexually exploited or pushed into sweatshop labor. Weak trafficking laws, poorly informed law enforcement, and the state's proximity to the Canadian border combine to make Ohio a hub of human... More »

Haitian Parents Turned Over Kids to US Baptists

Villagers contradict missionaries' account

(Newser) - Parents in an earthquake-devastated Haitian mountain village who feared their children would starve handed the kids over to the American missionaries accused of trafficking , villagers said yesterday, contradicting the Baptist group's claim that the children were turned over by orphanages or distant relatives. Many of the parents said they won't... More »

Parents Reunite With Haitian 'Orphans' Taken by US Group

Haitian prosecutor says Baptists could face conspiracy charges

(Newser) - As 10 Americans wait in a Haitian jail for a court hearing, which a prosecutor says could include criminal conspiracy charges, the children they are accused of trying to spirit out of the country illegally are being reunited with parents. “Many are saying that we have parents,” the... More »

Haitian Kids Taken by Baptists Weren't Orphans

But desperate families are giving up kids voluntarily to get them out

(Newser) - Many of the 33 children a group of American Baptists tried to take out of Haiti without the proper documentation aren't orphans at all, and officials at an orphanage where the children were taken after the Americans were arrested are trying to reunite them with their families. But the reality... More »

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