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Axe Body Spray Does It Again: Bus Evacuated

About 15 students suffer 'mild respiratory irritation'

(Newser) - Like Axe Body Spray? These 30 Florida school children may never like it again. Their Manatee Country School District bus was pulled over and evacuated Monday after an "excessive amount" of the product was released inside, Fox News reports. "It was a unified command decision to call out...

Behind Seattle Evacuation, Hazmat Search: Deodorant

Church, daycare cleared out because of Axe body spray

(Newser) - A church and daycare center in Seattle's University District were cleared out by the city's fire department, nearby streets were roped off, and hazmat teams descended on the area Friday after "cough-inducing fumes" were noted wafting out of the church's bathroom and someone called 911, MyNorthwest....

Lawmaker Wants to Ban Axe Body Spray in Schools

And other fragrances, too, if there's an allergy

(Newser) - Teenagers in certain Pennsylvania schools may have to find a way to survive without dousing themselves in Axe Body Spray or other scented products. State Rep. Marcia Hahn plans to introduce legislation that would ban perfume, cologne, body spray, and the like in any school where students suffer from fragrance...

8 Kids Hospitalized by ... Axe Body Spray
8 Kids Hospitalized by
... Axe Body Spray

8 Kids Hospitalized by ... Axe Body Spray

Noxious odor in classroom turns out to be from the product

(Newser) - Eight sixth-graders in Brooklyn ended up in the hospital Wednesday thanks to the unleashing of Axe Body Spray in a classroom, reports the Smoking Gun . The parents of two other students brought their kids to family doctors. School officials called for medical help when the kids started having trouble, and...

Weeklong Experiment: Mom Wears Axe Spray

Dahlia Lithwick joins ranks of teen boys

(Newser) - It seems Axe body spray is contagious. Dahlia Lithwick was too familiar with its "olfactory terrorism" after her sons, ages 10 and 8, started wearing the brand's body wash, deodorant, and spray in imitation of their 13-year-old cousin. She teased, she joked, and then she one day discovered...

Old Spice Man Vs. Axe Deodorant in Billboard Battle

 It's On: Axe Mocks 
 Old Spice Guy 
deodorant wars

It's On: Axe Mocks Old Spice Guy

But Axe will need to step it up a notch if it wants to win

(Newser) - It seems like nothing can come close to the popularity achieved by the “Old Spice man.” Nonetheless, competing deodorant Axe is ready try. Axe’s latest billboard declares that its scent is “for men who'd rather be with a woman than on a horse,” Time's NewsFeed...

Kids Use Body Spray to Light Selves on Fire

YouTube videos are fueling the craze, warn authorities

(Newser) - Authorities are warning of a risky trend fueled by YouTube videos: boys are spraying Axe Body Spray on their skin or clothes and igniting it. Five sixth-graders in Washington state have been caught in recent weeks, though none were injured, the Tacoma News Tribune reports. In a letter to parents,...

To Sell Your Mediocre Product, Just Add Sex
 To Sell Your 
 Mediocre Product, 
 Just Add Sex 


To Sell Your Mediocre Product, Just Add Sex

Risqué ads send a message, but maybe not what the marketer intends

(Newser) - Everyone knows sex sells—everything from Axe body spray to fast food. But behind the fog of marketing, what does it mean that a fast-food chain, for example, chooses Paris Hilton's gyrating form to sell you burgers? That it has nothing better to go on, writes Mark Barrett. Getting brand...

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