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Why Former First Lady Has Said Goodbye to 'Michelle Obama Arms'

58-year-old is talking menopause to get other women to do the same

(Newser) - Michelle Obama's new book, The Light We Carry , is due out Tuesday, but she's had something else on her mind lately as well. The former first lady "gets real about menopause" in an interview with People , hoping that her own experiences will spur other women to open...

Viola Davis Morphs Into Michelle Obama in First Lady

Upcoming Showtime drama offers a peek

(Newser) - What's it like to be married to the president of the United States? An upcoming TV drama examines that life behind the curtains at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., drawn from the perspectives of Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Eleanor Roosevelt, per the BBC . A new trailer for First Lady—a...

Fallon Devotes Entire Show to Michelle Obama

A 'strong, smart' woman and 'a great dancer'

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon devoted an entire episode of The Tonight Show on Wednesday to bidding farewell to First Lady Michelle Obama, whom he called "a strong, smart, independent woman, an activist, a style icon, and a great dancer." Obama was Fallon's sole guest, though Dave Chappelle and Jerry...

Michelle Obama Stars in 'Funny or Die' Video

'Snackpocalypse' is fake horror movie trailer about junk food

(Newser) - No, “Snackpocalypse” is not a real movie—though it sure looks like one. The mock trailer features Chloe Grace Moretz in a world where junk food has turned people into zombies, Politico reports. It's the latest in Michelle Obama's campaign to get US schools to offer fruits...

Michelle Obama to Congress: Hands Off of School Lunches

First lady hits House attempts to weaken school lunch standards

(Newser) - She's not naming any names, but Michelle Obama is taking to the pages of the New York Times today to call out "some members of the House of Representatives" who took the "Let's Move" in her anti-childhood obesity program to mean "Let's Move ... Squarely...

Michelle Obama: Barack Is a Sex Symbol

'He's got a little swag,' she says of the president

(Newser) - Michelle Obama was on Entertainment Tonight last night—so, needless to say, the interview covered such hard-hitting topics as her husband's "swag" and her bangs, Mediaite reports. Asked what it's like to be married to a "sex symbol," Obama replied of her husband, "He'...

Michelle Obama's New Hairdo 'Bangtastic'

First lady's new look called youthful, chic

(Newser) - Michelle Obama kicked off her new Twitter account ( @FLOTUS ) and her 49th birthday with a new hairdo yesterday, sending the Internet into a tizzy over her bangs. It's a departure for the first lady, who usually sports a loose semi-bob or pulls her hair back tightly. But...

Rodeo Clown Ripped for 'Racist' Michelle Dig

Now California quipster may get ax

(Newser) - A California rodeo clown will likely lose his job after sharing what spectators ripped as a racist joke about the first lady over the microphone during a bronc and bull-busting event. The clown quipped that Playboy had offered Ann Romney $250,000 to appear in the magazine, and the White...

Michelle Steps Up

 Stand by 
 My Man 
dem convention

Michelle: Stand by My Man

'You don't slam door of opportunity shut behind you,' says Obama

(Newser) - Michelle Obama sashayed to the Democratic National Convention podium tonight to Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours," intent on delivering a one-two punch to Ann Romney and her husband. The first lady confessed her trepidation about her husband becoming the commander in chief when he...

Dems, GOP Rush to Steal Each Others' Convention Thunder

Battle on for spotlight, even during convention close-up

(Newser) - In past years, Democrats and Republicans would lay low while the other team bathed in nearly uninterrupted media coverage for week. How quaint. This year, expect plenty of "counter-programming" from both sides, as each tries to steal as much of the other's convention coverage as possible, reports Reuters...

Miami School Board Members: Ax Michelle Event

Michelle Obama's campaign event inappropriate, they argue

(Newser) - A couple of Republicans on the Miami-Dade School Board are not happy with Michelle Obama's plan to hold a campaign event at one of their high schools tonight. The first lady plans to push voter registration and enlist residents to volunteer for President Obama's re-election campaign—and two...

Michelle Obama Defends Ann Romney

Romney herself again dismisses 'never worked' criticism

(Newser) - Michelle Obama comes to Ann Romney's defense on Twitter today, without mentioning her by name. "Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected. –mo," she wrote on her Twitter feed , notes Politico . Romney has been at the center of the latest campaign brouhaha...

White House, Met Hop Aboard Google Art Project

Online gallery now has works from 151 museums in 40 countries

(Newser) - The White House's art collection, all 139 pieces, is being added to the Google Art Project, as part of a major expansion of Google's online art initiative, reports CBS News . Other collections being added include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery in London,...

Michelle Obama to Appear on Biggest Loser

First lady invites contestants to a workout at the White House

(Newser) - The first lady is coming to prime time. Michelle Obama will appear on NBC's The Biggest Loser the next two Tuesdays, reports the Washington Post . In the first episode, Obama will appear via video on the weight-loss show, inviting Loser contestants to the White House. In the second, she...

Michelle Obama to Letterman: 'Don't Make Me Cry'

First lady dishes on sneaking out, Bo, how much Obama loves Congress

(Newser) - Michelle Obama dropped by David Letterman's Late Show last night, giving the dour late-night host the scoop on that Target trip that got everyone talking , sneaking out of the White House (which she apparently does semi-regularly ), her dad, her "son" Bo, and more. A rundown of the...

Michelle: Barack 'Sings to Me All the Time'

 Michelle: Barack 
 'Sings to Me 
 All the Time' 
jay leno interview

Michelle: Barack 'Sings to Me All the Time'

First lady dishes on husband's skills with Jay Leno

(Newser) - If you thought the recent clip of President Obama singing was a fluke, think again: "He does have a beautiful voice, and he sings to me all the time," Michelle Obama told Jay Leno last night. Her husband often sings that very same song (Al Green's "...

Michelle Obama Has a Right to Be 'Angry'
 Michelle Obama 
 Has a Right 
 to Be 'Angry' 
kathleen parker

Michelle Obama Has a Right to Be 'Angry'

Everyone should be over this slur: Kathleen Parker

(Newser) - The latest round of attempts to portray Michelle Obama as an "angry black woman" are enough to make any sensible person angry, writes Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post . Parker says the various political operatives and former staffers she has talked to, including Republicans, "without exception" have all...

Michelle Obama: Don't Call Me an 'Angry Black Woman'

First lady responds to claims made in Jodi Kantor's book

(Newser) - Michelle Obama says she hasn't read Jodi Kantor's new—and, at times, unflattering—book on the Obamas, but she does take offense to what's in it. Speaking to CBS co-anchor/long-time pal Gayle King, Obama explains that she has grown weary of people portraying her as "some...

Michelle Frightened at First: Book

Details of Jodi Kantor book continue behind-the-scenes look

(Newser) - Details from The Obamas, by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, continue to trickle out , and ABC News reports on revelations of a personal nature. According to Kantor, Michelle Obama felt "frightened and alone" during her first days in the White House. The first lady wanted to stay behind...

Michelle Obama: An 'Unrecognized Force'
 Michelle Obama: An 
 'Unrecognized Force' 
new book

Michelle Obama: An 'Unrecognized Force'

First lady has been a powerful player in her husband's White House: Book

(Newser) - A new (unauthorized) book by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor depicts Michelle Obama as an "unrecognized force" in her husband's administration, according to an adaptation of The Obamas in the Times . Though initially reluctant to be a meddling first lady, she began voicing concerns when she felt...

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