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Pilot Reports Man in Jetpack More Than 1 Mile Above LA

'We just saw a flying object like a flying suit that’s passing by us'

(Newser) - Something strange has been happening in the skies over Los Angeles. For the second time in six weeks, commercial pilots have reported seeing a person in a jetpack high above the city. In the latest incident, air traffic controllers warned Wednesday that a pilot preparing to land had seen somebody... More »

Jet Pack Sighted 3K Feet Over LA

2 pilots reported seeing man flying one

(Newser) - "We just passed a guy in a jet pack." Those were the words from an American Airlines pilot approaching Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday night, and they have prompted an investigation. Another pilot also reported seeing a man in a jet pack at 3,000 feet; the... More »

Man Flies Off 45-Story Hotel—With Jetpack

Daredevil Nick Macomber goes on a short jetpack jaunt

(Newser) - Nick Macomber climbed 45 stories to the roof of Denver's Four Seasons Hotel at sunrise yesterday and jumped—with a jetpack. The jetpack pilot, who carried the Olympic torch in flight for London's 2012 Olympic Games, flew around for almost 30 seconds before touching back down on the... More »

Get Ready for Jetpacks —and Soon

But you'll need to have $150K to spare next year

(Newser) - At last, that staple of air travel from cheesy sci-fi movies and, of course, the Jetsons, looks to be reality soon: The Wall Street Journal reports that a New Zealand company plans to have its jetpacks up for sale next year, and at least 10 already have been reserved for... More »

The Ability to Fly: Yours for $100K

JetLev R200 can fly as high as 30 feet above water

(Newser) - Traveling by boat is just so ... pedestrian. For those looking for a more luxurious—and unusual—way to travel by sea, Florida's JetLev Technologies has just the thing: a $99,500 water-powered jet pack (pay another $3,500 for a premium color). The company tells the South Florida Sun-Sentinel... More »

NASA Develops 1-Person 'Flying Suit'

If Puffin aircraft works, welcome to the jetpack era

(Newser) - It exists only on paper at the moment, but NASA's Puffin aircraft just might bring the jetpack age into reality. Engineers "have combined every one of our geeky transportation dreams into a single little vehicle," writes Jason Paur. "It takes off like a helicopter and flies like... More »

6 Stories
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