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Medicare Will Target These 10 Drugs for Price Cuts

Biden administration to negotiate 'lowest maximum fair price' for Jardiance, Eliquis, others

(Newser) - The popular diabetes treatment Jardiance and the blood thinner Eliquis are among the first drugs that will be targeted for price negotiations in an effort to cut Medicare costs, reports the AP . President Biden's administration on Tuesday released a list of 10 drugs for which the federal government will...

FDA: Data Manipulated Before Approval of $2.1M Drug

Novartis could face civil, criminal penalties

(Newser) - US regulators want to know why Novartis didn't disclose a problem with testing data until after the Swiss drugmaker's $2.1 million gene therapy was approved. The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday the manipulated data involved testing in animals, not patients, and it's confident that the...

A Shift in Alzheimer's Strategy: Prevention

2 new studies aim to prevent early plaque formation

(Newser) - It may be too late to stop Alzheimer's in people who already have some mental decline. But what if a treatment could target the earliest brain changes while memory and thinking skills are still intact, in hope of preventing the disease? Two big studies are going to try, per...

Cohen Cashed in as a 'Trump Whisperer'
Cohen Cashed in as
a 'Trump Whisperer'

Cohen Cashed in as a 'Trump Whisperer'

Novartis ended up paying $1.2M for one meeting

(Newser) - Michael Cohen made millions of dollars after the election as a "Trump whisperer," charging corporate clients large sums for insights into the thinking of the new administration—but it's still unclear whether his behavior was illegal or merely "swampy." Sources tell the Washington Post that...

Russia-Linked Firm Paid $500K to Trump Lawyer

Stormy Daniels' attorney releases financial bombshell

(Newser) - Michael Cohen's legal woes appeared to deepen Tuesday night with a bombshell release from Stormy Daniels' attorney. According to financial records reviewed by the New York Times and NBC News , a company linked to a Russian oligarch targeted by US sanctions deposited around $500,000 into an account controlled...

It's a Breakthrough Cancer Drug—And It'll Cost You

Novartis CEO stands by $475K charge for Kymriah

(Newser) - "The cancer world is forever changed." That's what a researcher is saying following the FDA's approval of America's first-ever treatment that genetically alters a person's cells to fight cancer. The customized treatment to be administered at certified medical centers involves drawing a patient's...

New Cancer Treatment Called 'Most Exciting Thing I've Seen'

FDA unanimously approved it

(Newser) - "This is the most exciting thing I've seen in my lifetime," Dr. Timothy Cripe said Wednesday after voting in favor of a groundbreaking new cancer treatment. The oncologist and nine other members of a Food and Drug Administration panel voted unanimously to recommend approval of the treatment,...

India Squashes Novartis Cancer Drug Patent

High court move likely to keep drugs cheap in developing world

(Newser) - A major Supreme Court decision in India could be good news for patients in developing countries, activists say. The court ruled that Novartis couldn't have a new patent for a tuneup to an existing cancer drug, since it's not a new medicine, the AP reports. "Patents will...

Report: Paula Deen Has Diabetes

She also lands deal with drug company, says the Daily

(Newser) - The Daily has a big scoop in the world of celeb chefs: It says Paula Deen, the purveyor of fatty Southern cooking like fried butter balls , has type 2 diabetes. What's more, the report says Deen is about to go public with the diagnosis as a multimillion-dollar spokeswoman for...

Activists Torch Drug CEO's Home, Steal Mom's Ashes

(Newser) - Animal rights militants have torched the home of the CEO of drug giant Novartis and stolen his mother's ashes from a Swiss cemetery, say company officials. Employees' cars have also been vandalized and attacked with crude explosive devices, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Swiss Pharma Won't Donate Swine Flu Vaccine to Poor

Novartis defies WHO calls to give free doses to poor

(Newser) - Swiss pharma giant Novartis is defying the World Health Organization by refusing to donate swine flu vaccines to the world's poor, despite the designation of H1N1 as the first pandemic in 40 years, reports the Financial Times. Last week the WHO's director general called on drug companies to show "...

Final Trip for LSD Creator
 Final Trip for
 LSD Creator 

Final Trip for LSD Creator

Chemist Albert Hofmann dies at 102

(Newser) - The Swiss scientist who formulated LSD and unwittingly helped lay the foundation of  '60s drug culture has died of a heart attack at the age of 102. Albert Hofmann, who called LSD his "problem child," discovered its hallucinatory properties while working on heart stimulants, reports the Washington Post....

Novartis, Nestle Agree to $39B Deal on Alcon

Two-step deal would give Swiss pharma a majority stake in the eye-care company

(Newser) - Nestle and pharma giant Novartis continued swapping brands today, with Novartis, which sold Gerber to Nestle last year, agreeing to pay $39 billion for a 77% stake in eye-care company Alcon, reports the Wall Street Journal. The two-step deal—Novartis will pay $11 billion for 74 million shares this year...

Overdose Fears Prompt Recall of Infant Drugs

Danger found in cough and cold medicines for kids under 2

(Newser) - Several drugmakers have recalled over-the-counter cough and cold products for infants over concerns about fatal overdoses, Reuters reports. Johnson & Johnson Wyeth and Novartis are among those recalling medicines; CVS said it will remove the products and generic equivalents. One professor took the criticism one step further: “There are...

Feds OK Alzheimer's Skin Patch
Feds OK Alzheimer's
Skin Patch

Feds OK Alzheimer's Skin Patch

New treatment gives patients, caregivers some peace of mind

(Newser) - A patch to treat symptoms of Alzheimer's disease cleared its final federal hurdle today, offering new hope to patients with the memory-sapping disorder—and the caretakers who worry about whether they're taking their meds. Exelon, which treats mild to moderate dementia, enters the bloodstream directly, regulating dosage and reducing the...

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