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19 People Allege Sexual Misconduct Against CW Showrunner

And more on the latest accusations in Hollywood

(Newser) - Supergirl and Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg has been suspended amid accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching from 19 former and current employees, the AP reports. Warner Bros. Television Group confirmed the suspension and investigation Saturday. The company says in a statement it "takes all allegations of misconduct...

2nd Woman Accuses Westwick: 'He Ripped My Bathing Suit'

And the latest on other accusations of assault and harassment

(Newser) - The number of women accusing Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick of rape now stands at two. Aurélie Wynn, a former actress who People reports used the name Aurelie Marie Cao, posted her allegations on Facebook Wednesday. "I said no and he pushed me face down and was powerless...

Corey Feldman Has Begun Naming Names

Ex child star calls out a former actor as one of his molesters

(Newser) - Corey Feldman last week promised to expose pedophilia in Hollywood, and he's just named a man he accuses of being one of his own molesters. Feldman went on the Dr. Oz Show Thursday and called out former actor Jon Grissom, reports E! Online . (The first name is often spelled...

Corey Feldman Vows to Expose Hollywood Pedophilia

Former child actor raising money to produce documentary

(Newser) - Corey Feldman has been talking about pedophilia in Hollywood for years , and now he's pledged to make a documentary exposing the problem. In the wake of the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Feldman—who has discussed the sexual abuse he says he and late friend Corey Haim suffered...

Corey Feldman to Bare Hollywood Pedophiles

Actor will name those who 'abused me'

(Newser) - A vampire hunter on The Lost Boys is now after Hollywood pedophiles. Former child actor Corey Feldman, a star of Stand By Me and The Goonies, has vowed to reveal the names of two Hollywood figures who abused him when he was 14. "These older men were leching around...

Corey Haim Died of Natural Causes: Coroner

Heart trouble, pneumonia claimed actor

(Newser) - Corey Haim did not die of a drug overdose, says the Los Angeles coroner. The late actor's cause of death was determined to be diffuse alveolar damage—damage to the heart—and pneumonia, E! Online reports. No drugs played a role, and the coroner declared the manner of death to...

20 Docs Subpoenaed in Corey Haim Case

Dead star got prescriptions from many sources

(Newser) - The LA County coroner’s office has subpoenaed the records of the whopping 20 doctors Corey Haim obtained prescriptions from in the year before his death. “We get medical records all the time,” the deputy coroner tells the Los Angeles Times . “What’s kind of unusual is...

Drug Ring Bust Made in Corey Haim Death

Actor obtained 'thousands' of drugs in last year

(Newser) - Police have made an arrest in a massive illegal prescription drug ring believed to be implicated in the death of actor Corey Haim. Los Angeles officials launched an investigation into the ring after they discovered that Haim had obtained thousands of prescription drugs from dozens of doctors in the past...

Corey to Corey: I Tried to Save You
 Corey to Corey: 
 I Tried to Save You 
his farewell letter

Corey to Corey: I Tried to Save You

Feldman writes a farewell letter to Haim on his blog

(Newser) - Corey Feldman didn’t attend Corey Haim’s funeral yesterday; instead he posted an open letter on his blog commemorating their brotherhood. “Nobody will ever need me the way you did,” he writes. “My mission in life became saving yours. I never gave up, I tried. I...

Mom's Wrenching 911 Call: Please, Core, C'mon, Baby

'I am alone with my son and I don't know what I'm doing'

(Newser) - Corey Haim's mom desperately pressed on his chest and tried to talk her dying son back to the light during a wrenching phone call to a 911 dispatcher. "He wanted to go to the bathroom and he fell and that was it, his eyes went backwards," Haim's mom,...

Toronto Will Pay for Corey Haim's Funeral

Actor's mom says his hometown will foot the bill

(Newser) - His hometown of Toronto will pay for Corey Haim's funeral, according to the actor's mother. In addition, a memorabilia website that has bought up some of Haim's possessions tells Access Hollywood it will chip in to help his cash-strapped family buy a tombstone and cover other expenses. The 38-year-old's funeral...

'Massive Prescription Drug Ring' Seen in Haim Death

Calif. attorney general launches investigation

(Newser) - Corey Haim’s death looks to be tied to a “massive prescription drug ring” being investigated by California authorities, the state’s attorney general says. Criminals have been using phony prescription pads after stealing doctors’ identities, and a chit for the painkiller OxyContin made out to the actor, who...

Corey Haim's Mom: He Died of Heart Trouble

She says the coroner found pulmonary congestion

(Newser) - The mother of Corey Haim says the coroner found that her son had an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs and will list the cause of death as pulmonary congestion. Judy Haim tells Access Hollywood that the coroner's office gave her a courtesy call before making the results public....

The Curse of the Child Star
 The Curse of 
 the Child Star 

The Curse of the Child Star

Haim latest among many 80s teen celebs to meet bad ends

(Newser) - When Corey Haim died of a suspected overdose yesterday, he joined a long line of child stars with tragic adult lives. Eighties TV seems especially cursed: Andrew Koenig from Growing Pains killed himself last month, Diff'rent Strokes' Dana Plato robbed a video store at gunpoint and later ODed on Vicodin,...

Corey Feldman Mourns 'My Brother Corey Haim'

Actor calls longtime friend 'a wonderful, beautiful, tormented soul'

(Newser) - Corey Feldman, the surviving half of "the two Coreys," spoke out this afternoon about the "tragic loss of a wonderful, beautiful, tormented soul"—Corey Haim, who died today of a drug overdose today at 38. The '80s child actors were friends and co-stars, most recently in...

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