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In Speech, Bolsonaro Avoids Conceding Defeat

But Brazilian leader says he will follow the constitution

(Newser) - In his first public remarks since his narrow election loss Sunday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro did not concede defeat, but he said he would follow the rules of the country's constitution. "I have always been labeled as anti-democratic and, unlike my accusers, I have always played within the...

There May Be Another Big Winner in Brazil

Environmentalists see da Silva's victory as huge for the Amazon rainforest

(Newser) - Supporters of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva are still celebrating his win over Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. Supporters of the Amazon rainforest are doing the same. New Scientist points out that environmentalist Erika Berengeur of the University of Oxford was in tears as she spoke about the ouster of Bolsonaro...

A Worry in Brazil: Bolsonaro Still Hasn't Conceded

Some fear president won't accept that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva won the election

(Newser) - World leaders from President Biden to Vladimir Putin have congratulated Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on his close victory in the Brazilian presidential election, notes Reuters . But one prominent figure has so far not weighed in, and his voice may be the most important of all—outgoing Brazil President Jair...

Lula's 'Stunning Reversal' Is Complete
Brazil's 'About-Face' Is Complete

Brazil's 'About-Face' Is Complete

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wins Brazil's presidential election

(Newser) - Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has done it again: Twenty years after first winning the Brazilian presidency, the leftist defeated incumbent Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday in an extremely tight election that marks an about-face for the country after four years of far-right politics, the AP reports. With more than...

A Populist Will Win in Brazil. But Left or Right?

Election Sunday will decide between incumbent Bolsonaro and ex-leader da Silva

(Newser) - Brazilians vote Sunday in a polarizing presidential runoff election that pits an incumbent vowing to safeguard conservative Christian values against a former president promising to return the country to a more prosperous past, per the AP . The runoff shaped up as a close contest between President Jair Bolsonaro and his...

Tense Debate Wraps Up Lula, Bolsonaro Race

Brazil chooses Sunday between a current and former president

(Newser) - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made their final appeals for support ahead of Sunday's presidential runoff vote following an acrimonious face-to-face debate. The right-wing Bolsonaro took part in a motorcycle rally Saturday in Belo Horizonte, capital of a state that generally...

Brazil Politician Throws Hand Grenades at Police

Roberto Jefferson, an ally of President Bolsonaro, refused to be arrested

(Newser) - A Brazilian politician attacked federal police officers seeking to arrest him in his home on Sunday, prompting an hours-long siege that caused alarm and a scramble for a response at the highest level of government. Roberto Jefferson, a former lawmaker and an ally of President Jair Bolsonaro, fired a rifle...

On Brazil Election, Polls Missed the Mark

Jair Bolsonaro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will go to runoff

(Newser) - Brazil’s presidential election provided the world yet another example of polls missing the mark, with incumbent Jair Bolsonaro considerably outperforming expectations to prove the far-right wave he rode to the presidency remains a force, the AP reports. The most-trusted opinion polls had indicated leftist former President Luiz Inácio...

This Might Be It for Brazil's Controversial Leader

Voting begins, with challenger Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva expected to prevail over Jair Bolsonaro

(Newser) - Brazilians were voting on Sunday in a highly polarized election that could determine if the country returns a leftist to the helm of the world’s fourth-largest democracy or keeps the far-right incumbent in office for another four years. The race pits incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro against his political nemesis,...

Jailed da Silva Drops Presidential Bid Weeks Before Brazil Election

Workers' Party replaces him with Fernando Haddad

(Newser) - Jailed former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has officially abandoned his presidential bid two weeks before the country's election, CNN reports. Brazil's Workers' Party on Tuesday replaced da Silva as its candidate for October's general election, clarifying one of the biggest question marks hanging over...

From Poverty to President to Prison
From Poverty
to President
to Prison

From Poverty to President to Prison

Former Brazil president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva convicted of corruption charges

(Newser) - Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva went from poverty in his childhood to two terms as president of Brazil ... to, soon, prison. The former leader was convicted of corruption charges Wednesday and sentenced to nine and a half years behind bars, though he remains free for now on appeal, Reuters reports....

Brazil's Crazy Political Crisis Just Got a Little Crazier

Judge trying to halt president's controversial Cabinet appointment

(Newser) - Not so fast, Lula. A judge on Thursday issued an injunction to suspend Brazil President Dilma Rousseff's appointment of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as her chief of staff, reports Reuters . This was no ordinary political appointment: Lula is facing prosecution in a corruption scandal involving energy...

Lula's Return Rocks Brazil
 Lula's Return Rocks Brazil 
the rundown

Lula's Return Rocks Brazil

Current president makes bold move for former president

(Newser) - What's happening in Brazil at the moment has accomplished the rare feat of making American politics look kind of boring. President Dilma Rousseff is facing impeachment over one scandal, and she just made an audacious move in an apparent attempt to shield former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva...

Brazil's First Female President Sworn In

Dilma Rousseff faces challenge of living up to predecessor

(Newser) - Dilma Rousseff was sworn in as Brazil's first female president today, capping a rapid political trajectory for the career technocrat and former Marxist rebel who was imprisoned and tortured during the nation's long military dictatorship. Rousseff, 63, takes the helm of Latin America's largest nation, which has risen both financially...

Brazil Elects First Woman President

Dilma Rousseff takes 56% in runoff vote

(Newser) - Brazil has elected its first woman president: Dilma Rousseff took the top slot after yesterday’s runoff election. The former energy secretary and chief of staff to president Luiz Inácio da Silva declared in her victory speech that her “mission is to eradicate poverty,” CNN reports. A...

Meet World's Next Most Powerful Woman
 Meet World's Next 
 Most Powerful Woman 

Meet World's Next Most Powerful Woman

Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's likely next president and former guerrilla

(Newser) - You might not have heard of her, but Dilma Rousseff is likely to be the most powerful woman in the world about a week from now. The stout 63-year-old ex-guerrilla and cancer survivor is poised to become Brazil's next president in elections next Sunday, reports the Independent, with a 50%-to-30%...

Brazil Offers Asylum to Iranian Mom Facing Stoning

Overture by key ally raises hope

(Newser) - Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's chances of avoiding death by stoning have improved greatly thanks to a surprise offer of asylum from Brazil's president. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's overture this weekend to the Iranian mother of two, who has been sentenced to death for adultery, prompted a serious reaction from...

Brazil: 'Gringos' Must Pay to Keep Rainforests

Industrialized nations have done most damage to Amazon

(Newser) - Brazil's president says "gringos" should pay Amazon nations to prevent deforestation, insisting rich Western nations have caused much more past environmental destruction than the loggers and farmers who cut and burn trees in the world's largest tropical rain forest.

Congrats, Rio; Now Get to Work
 Congrats, Rio; Now Get to Work 

Congrats, Rio; Now Get to Work

Brazil has some serious cleaning to get ready for 2016 Olympics

(Newser) - Rio de Janeiro waltzed into Copenhagen on Friday, elbowed a couple of superpowers aside, whispered in the IOC's ear, and made off with the 2016 Olympics. But now in the cold light of day, Brazil has some serious roll-up-the-sleeves work to do. Its onetime oceanside gem now hangs on a...

Can Rio Beat Chicago? Brazil Prez Says 'Yes, We Can'

Lula borrows from Obama before Olympic vote tomorrow

(Newser) - The Brazilian president, in Copenhagen after some serious politicking to win the 2016 Olympics for Rio de Janeiro, used a certain Chicagoan's slogan to promote his bid today. "Yes we can!" Lula told reporters today, dismissing concerns that the developing nation can fund the Games. "For...

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