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Stop Making Sex Tapes. Please .
 Stop Making 
 Sex Tapes. 

in case you missed it

Stop Making Sex Tapes. Please.

We'll just assume you have one and call it a day

(Newser) - Enough with the sex tapes—seriously. Real Housewife Danielle Staub’s upcoming “ 75-minute opus ” is “just the latest in a genre that wore out its welcome long before Dustin Diamond popularized the Dirty Sanchez,” writes Mary Elizabeth Williams on Salon . “If you're a contestant on...

11 Sex Tapes You Should Skip

That's about as much of Danielle Staub's O-face as you want to see

(Newser) - Danielle Staub’s sex tape is out Monday, but the Daily Beast highly recommends you skip watching it. Ten more sex tapes none of us ever wanted to see:
  • Dustin Diamond: His too-gross-for-words sex tape, Screeched, is also—appropriately enough—known as Saved by the Smell. If you don’t

Real Housewives Sex Tape Pics Released
 Real Housewives 
 Sex Tape Pics 

Real Housewives Sex Tape Pics Released

Danielle Staub has a scary O-face

(Newser) - Don’t get too excited: The Real Housewives of New Jersey sex tape isn’t out quite yet, but TMZ does have a preview in case you just can’t wait. The gossip site has the first racy images of Danielle Staub—and some of them are quite terrifying, so...

3 Stories