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15 Nuttiest Celeb Arrests
 15 Nuttiest Celeb Arrests 

15 Nuttiest Celeb Arrests

From bong-tossing to bongo drums

(Newser) - Reese Witherspoon will probably never live down the night that she told a cop, "You're about to find out who I am." But her disorderly conduct arrest is hardly the first crazy arrest Hollywood has seen. MSN rounds up 14 more:
  • Amanda Bynes (allegedly) came up with

Jason London 'Brutally Attacked' Before Arrest: Rep

Tellingly, rep does not mention the defecation part

(Newser) - Jason London's rep is speaking up on the actor's behalf, insisting that London was actually the victim in Sunday's bar brawl . London's injuries, clearly visible in his epic mug shot, indicate he suffered a "brutal attack," says his rep, according to E! , and witnesses...

Jason London Arrested, Defecates in Cop Car

Actor denies it, says he was 'jumped'

(Newser) - If you thought Jason London was the saner of the London twins , today is the day we set you straight. The Dazed and Confused actor was arrested at a Scottsdale, Ariz., bar Sunday after allegedly punching numerous people ... and he's accused of defecating in the cop car en route...

Jeremy London 'Needs Serious Help': Bro

 Jeremy London 
 'Needs Serious 
 Help': Bro 
'kidnapper': 'we partied'

Jeremy London 'Needs Serious Help': Bro

Kidnapping story 'makes no sense'

(Newser) - Jeremy London’s family has stopped beating around the bush: His crazy kidnapping story “just doesn't add up,” says his twin brother, and “we feel he needs serious psychological help.” Jason London tells People , “Jeremy’s behavior right now is indicative of whenever he's back...

No One Believes Crazy Jeremy London Story

Plus: Another weird story about apparently broke actor

(Newser) - Poor Jeremy London: First he was kidnapped and forced to smoke dope ; now no one believes him. Friends of Brandon Adams, who has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping London, say Adams would totally do drugs with someone—but would never force anyone to do drugs. “Brandon probably was doing...

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