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John Wayne Bobbitt Has Another 2 Amputations

Bobbitt's right foot is now short a couple of toes

(Newser) - John Wayne Bobbitt says he has undergone two more amputations, but ex-wife Lorena wasn't involved this time. Nearly 30 years after she sliced off his penis while he slept, Bobbitt had two toes amputated on his right foot amid a gruesome series of health woes. Bobbitt tells TMZ his...

Inventor of One of World's Grossest Drinks Dies at 89
Pour One Out
for the Inventor
of the 'Sourtoe'

Pour One Out for the Inventor of the 'Sourtoe'

Capt. Dick Stevenson, who created popular cocktail with a toe floating in it, dies at 89

(Newser) - "I'm pretty sure I'm the only daughter in history that has to, following my dad's will, make sure that his toes are removed and dried." Dixie Stevenson explains why to the CBC : Her late father, Capt. Dick Stevenson, would like his digits used in the...

Man Donates Amputated Toe to Hotel Bar

It's another 'gross' garnish for the Sourtoe Cocktail

(Newser) - Nick Griffiths is understandably sad to have lost the big toe of his left foot to frostbite in an extreme winter marathon in the Yukon last year. But it's not goodbye forever. Now recovering at home in Bolton, England, the ex-British commando has sent his amputated toe to the...

Thumbs-Up for What Doctors Did With Aussie Man's Big Toe

They replaced Zac Mitchell's severed thumb with his toe after farm accident

(Newser) - It was just another April day on a Western Australia farm for Zac Mitchell, until it suddenly wasn't. In a freak accident described by the ABC , the cattle worker was herding the animals in his charge when one bull "cleaned me up and kicked my hand up against...

'Drunken Fool' Returns Bar's Mummified Toe

'I was way too drunk and lost my mind'

(Newser) - Drinkers at a bar in Canada will no longer have to suffer through toe-less cocktails after the return of a missing mummified digit this week. The toe—used as a garnish in the signature "Sourtoe Cocktail" at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City—was first reported missing Sunday, UPI...

Egyptologists Examine 'Sensational' Discovery

Prosthesis could be one of oldest ever found

(Newser) - Think losing a toe in ancient Egypt meant you'd be forever without one? Not so, at least in one case. Egyptologists from Switzerland's University of Basel have since 2015 been studying what a press release calls an "ancient Egyptian elite cemetery" near Luxor, and one of its...

Jenna Bush Spills 'Wait, What?!' Secret on Grandma Barbara

Former first lady apparently only has 8 toes

(Newser) - If someone were to ever put together a biography on former first lady Barbara Bush entitled Everything You Never Knew (and Didn't Necessarily Want to Know) About Barbara Bush, it would now have to include a rather odd factoid supplied by her own granddaughter. The Hill reports that Jenna...

Getting Ready to Pull the Plug and Then ... a Wiggling Toe

Doctors were about to switch off Sam Hemming's life support for the final time

(Newser) - A chance glance and a big toe saved a 22-year-old woman's life in the UK, the London Times reports. Sam Hemming, a law school graduate of North Wales' Bangor University, was being driven home to Hereford by her boyfriend, Tom Curtis, in July when they got into an accident,...

Woman Says Pedicure Made Her Lose a Toe

A cut between her toes became infected: lawsuit

(Newser) - A woman is suing a nail salon in Santa Clarita, Calif., alleging a pedicure gone wrong caused her to lose a toe. Sonia Algara, who filed a negligence suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, says she warned workers at Dynasty Nails that she was diabetic and at a...

With Eyes Shut, We Can't Tell Our Toes Apart

Many people can't differentiate in new study

(Newser) - This little piggy went to market—or was it that little piggy? According to researchers at Oxford University, it may be hard for people to tell which toe is which if their eyes are closed and someone's touching their lower digits—a condition called agnosia, AFP reports. In a...

4Chan User May Have Chopped Off Toe for Site

Anonymous poster apparently decided to honor request

(Newser) - One of the day's strangest, and most gruesome, tales comes courtesy of Mike Pearl at Vice , who recounts how a 4chan user apparently cut off a significant part of one of his toes at the request of another user. Posts at 4chan, often on the dark side, don't...

12-Toed Runner: 'Hurts Every Time I Put My Shoes On'

Swapna Barman prepares for Asian Games

(Newser) - An 18-year-old heptathlete from West Bengal, India, is preparing for her first big international competition—and facing a challenge few competitors must address. Swapna Barman has six toes on each foot, and she hasn't been able to find a pair of shoes that works, Reuters reports. "Even after...

Drinker Guzzles Bar's Prized Toe

Yukon saloon seeks replacement to pickle

(Newser) - Rule No. 1 of a Yukon Territory bar's infamous "Sourtoe Cocktail" challenge is "The lips have gotta touch the toe" placed in the drink. But another, equally important rule is "Don't swallow the toe." An American who swallowed the pickled human toe in his...

Canada's Yukon Has a Dare: Drink Garnished With ... Toe

The 'Sourtoe Cocktail' has been served for nearly 40 years

(Newser) - Olives, limes, maraschino cherries, and pickled toes? That's right: In the Yukon Territory, one Dawson City saloon serves a drink garnished with a human toe. The tradition began in 1973, after a riverboat captain found a toe preserved in a pickle jar and decided it would be a good...

'Serial Foot Licker' Busted
 'Serial Foot Licker' Busted 

'Serial Foot Licker' Busted

Anthony Perri faces sex abuse charges

(Newser) - Gross Crime of the Day: A man was arrested yesterday after allegedly fondling and licking the feet of two children in an upstate New York library. Anthony S. Perri faces sex abuse and other charges; he is accused of taking off the children's shoes and then pressing their feet...

Cat With 26 Toes Helps Save Shelter

Daniel's odd feet has brought in $50,000 and counting

(Newser) - Daniel, an orange-and-white tabby cat, is doing everything he can to save the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, and he's doing it by showing off his bizarre feet. He has 26 toes. Donations of $26—one for each digit—are flooding into the nonprofit animal shelter , which was recently hit...

Toe Sucker Stalking Arkansas Women (Again)

Cops: We want him off the streets

(Newser) - What a heel. A sicko with a foot fetish is prowling the streets of an Arkansas town hunting for toes to suck. "We want him off the streets," said a Conway police spokesman. He rather aggressively removed the shoe of one elderly woman sitting on her porch and...

12 Craziest Plastic Surgery Procedures
 12 Craziest 
 Plastic Surgery 
get dimples like these

12 Craziest Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dimpleplasty, eyebrow transplants, and other wacky stuff

(Newser) - Think Heidi Montag, with her laundry list of plastic surgery procedures, is a wackadoo? Her boob job and brow lift may seem downright pedestrian compared to these 12 totally crazy kinds of plastic surgery, compiled by the Daily Beast :
  1. Dimpleplasty: It sounds just like what it is: a procedure that

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