4Chan User May Have Chopped Off Toe for Site

Anonymous poster apparently decided to honor request
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 1, 2015 10:23 AM CDT
4Chan User May Have Chopped Off Toe for Site
The toes in this stock photo are still intact.   (Shutterstock)

One of the day's strangest, and most gruesome, tales comes courtesy of Mike Pearl at Vice, who recounts how a 4chan user apparently cut off a significant part of one of his toes at the request of another user. Posts at 4chan, often on the dark side, don't stick around, but Pearl has captured the photographic proof from the anonymous toe-chopper. (Head to the Vice link if you need to see.) It began when the user posted a photo of his toe with a minor scab and offered people a chance to comment. One responded "chop off the toe," and in the arcane rules of 4chan, this response happened to come up lucky in the equivalent of a dice roll.

Under this "Dubs Get" scenario, the original poster is supposed to honor the request— something that often doesn't happen, notes Pearl. But in this case, the poster appears to have actually done so, and the post is quickly attaining legendary status among 4chan members. "Sure, he can have the toe sewed back on, probably, but if he cut his toe off to satiate random people on the internet, he's probably much more likely to have it dipped in gold and wear it like a necklace," observes a post at NewMediaRockStars.com. (Last year, an alleged killer was accused of posting photos of his victim on 4chan.)

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