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Trump Responds to NYT Report on His Inheritance

'Very old, boring'

(Newser) - Those waiting for President Trump's response to the New York Times investigation into what it says was the $413 million inheritance (in today's dollars) he received and the alleged "dubious tax schemes" around it got it mid-morning. The president tweeted , "The Failing New York Times did... More »

69% of Americans Support Obama's Tax Deal

Even when confronted with deficit issues, support only drops to 62%

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders may not like President Obama's tax deal, but most of America supports it. A new ABC News /Washington Post poll shows 69% support the tax-and-benefits package and only 29% oppose it. Even when confronted with the fact that it could add $900 billion to the deficit, the level... More »

Steinbrenner Heirs Will Dodge Massive Estate Tax

Billionaire, 80, died the right year

(Newser) - It's an auspicious year for Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to die—at least for his heirs. They'll dodge massive estate taxes because the federal inheritance tax law has expired, leaving legacies largely untapped by Uncle Sam. Steinbrenner's estate is estimated at $1.1 billion. Had he died last year, his... More »

3 Stories