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Nation's Top Meat Company Joins Meatless Bandwagon

Tyson Foods is coming out with nuggets made from pea protein instead of chicken

(Newser) - In a sign of just how fast the meat-substitute market is growing, Tyson Foods said Thursday it will be coming out with nuggets made from pea protein instead of chicken. This is the same Tyson Foods that killed 2 billion chickens last year as the nation's biggest meat company,... More »

New Dairy Alternative: Pea Milk

It's coming to stores soon

(Newser) - A new alternative to cow milk comes from a source you wouldn't expect: peas. Ripple Foods is about to roll out the product nationally, first at Whole Foods and then at Target, reports . "It's creamy, sweet, and—don't worry—tastes nothing like peas,"... More »

Internet Freaks Out Over NYT Guacamole Recipe

Nobody's willing to give peas a chance

(Newser) - "Add peas to your guacamole. Trust us," the New York Times tweeted yesterday, to which the Internet responded emphatically, "Hell, no." In what Consumerist calls a stern lesson that "guacamole should not be despoiled by the likes of the pea," commenters urged the NYT... More »

Pea Plant Grows in Man's Lung

Mass. man survives after half-inch pea sprout removed

(Newser) - Massachusetts man Ron Sveden had been coughing for months and was braced for bad news when doctors told him they'd discovered a growth sprouting in his lung. Weeks of tests, however, revealed that it wasn't cancer, but a pea plant that had sprouted after apparently being swallowed the wrong way.... More »

4 Stories