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Plane Debris Apparently From 9/11 Found in NYC

NYPD says part of landing gear was wedged between two buildings

(Newser) - Surveyors in lower Manhattan have found what appears to be one more piece of plane debris from the 9/11 attacks, reports DNA Info and AP . The NYPD thinks it's a piece of landing gear from one of the two hijacked planes—it even has a Boeing identification number. It...

Number Protesting 'Ground Zero Mosque' Opening: Zero

Well, that was anticlimactic

(Newser) - The definition of anticlimactic: Following almost two years of clashes between those who planned the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” and those who protested it, the Park51 Islamic cultural center opened its first exhibition in New York yesterday without incident. Spectators, not protesters, viewed an exhibit featuring photos of New...

'Ground Zero' Imam to Tour US to Promote Islamic Center

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says he doesn't mind controversy

(Newser) - Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf—of the infamous Cordoba House, or “Ground Zero mosque”—has planned a national speaking tour to promote the planned community center and mosque and foster inter-faith dialogue. Wait, you’re thinking, won’t that just reignite the controversy around the project? “Controversy has...

Whoopi, Behar Storm Off O'Reilly Interview

Shouting match erupts over 'Ground Zero mosque'

(Newser) - Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar became so upset with Bill O’Reilly that they stormed off the set of The View today, Mediaite reports. The View hosts were in the midst of a debate with the Fox personality over the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” when Goldberg declared “this...

Ground Zero Imam, Wife Getting Death Threats: Police

Cops confirm Daisy Khan's statement yesterday

(Newser) - Hours after Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's wife told ABC's This Week she and her husband had received death threats, police confirmed that the couple behind the Park51 Islamic center (or " ground zero mosque ") have indeed been threatened. It "began several weeks ago," a police spokesperson...

Mosque Developer Owes Rent
Mosque Developer 
Owes Rent

Mosque Developer Owes Rent

Man behind Cordoba House evicted from Manhattan office

(Newser) - The developer behind the not-quite-at-Ground Zero mosque is being evicted from his office space over back rent. Sharif El-Gamal, who runs Soho Properties from an office at 552 Broadway in Manhattan, is said to owe $39,000 in back rent, reports the Daily News . El-Gamal, whose rental agreement expires October...

Stewart Skewers Fox Mosque Hysteria

'Daily Show' host compares media to distractable dogs

(Newser) - Jon Stewart took on everyone's favorite controversies last night : would-be Koran-burner Terry Jones, and the imam behind the so-called "Ground Zero mosque." (Or, as Stewart called it, the "community center of death.") He noted that when the imam issued his warning that moving the Islamic...

It's Time for Us to Reject Hatred
 It's Time for Us to Reject Hatred 
kathleen parker

It's Time for Us to Reject Hatred

Kathleen Parker apologizes to the 'Muslim World'

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker pens a letter to the “Muslim World” in the Washington Post , calling herself “an American citizen who is deeply embarrassed by current events in my country.” When it comes to “so-called pastor” Terry Jones , “please ignore” him. “What we hope you understand...

Mosque Supporters Rally at Ground Zero

Quiet rally on eve of September 11

(Newser) - Candlelight, songs, and prayers drifted near Ground Zero last night, reports the Washington Post, as hundreds rallied not to remember those lost nine years ago today, but in support of the proposed mosque two blocks away. Organizers said they staged the event on September 10 so as not to detract...

Trump Offers to Buy Out Mosque Investor
Trump Offers
to Buy Out

Trump Offers to Buy Out Mosque Investor

But lawyer quickly rejects $6M offer

(Newser) - Donald Trump wants to buy out the major stakeholder in the Manhattan building where a controversial Islamic center is planned, the New York Post reports. Trump offered Egyptian businessman Hisham Elzanaty a cool $6 million in cash—25% more than what he paid last year—for his stake in the...

Koran Burning Is Not the Same as Mosque Building

But conservatives disagree

(Newser) - Gail Collins isn't impressed with the new line of argument that equates the burning of Korans with the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero. "This is under the theory that both are constitutionally protected bad ideas," she writes in the New York Times . "In fact, they’re...

Two-Thirds of Americans Oppose Mosque

And nearly half have a negative view of Islam

(Newser) - The proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero—and the entire religion of Islam, for that matter—get little love in a new Washington Post-ABC poll :
  • Two-thirds oppose the construction of the center and mosque, with most of those (82%) saying it's because of the location.
  • 49% have an unfavorable view

9/11 Widow: Why I Want the Mosque
 9/11 Widow: Why 
 I Want the Mosque 


9/11 Widow: Why I Want the Mosque

Alissa Torres believes 'we've missed the patriotic message entirely'

(Newser) - Alissa Torres, who lost her husband on 9/11, learned about the Park51 Islamic center when a reporter emailed her looking for family members who thought the mosque was "a bad idea." "I always thought journalists were supposed to be objective, and yet, here we were, the 'victims...

Ban Glenn Beck From Ground Zero
Ban Glenn Beck From
Ground Zero 

Ban Glenn Beck From Ground Zero

Fox host said in 2005 he 'hated' 9/11 families

(Newser) - The argument against the Park51 project—the so-called Ground Zero mosque—hinges on the idea that an Islamic symbol near the site of the 9/11 attacks is offensive to the families of the victims. One of the loudest voices opposing the project has been Glenn Beck, writes Cenk Uygur for...

'Great Communicator' Not That Great at Communicating

Mosque flap reveals Obama's mediocre political instincts

(Newser) - The flap over Park51 reveals a truth about Barack Obama: the "great communicator" often has problems communicating, writes David Kuhn for Real Clear Politics . Remember how he handled the Skip Gates circus? AIG? BP? The mosque issue shouldn't have become a mess, writes Kuhn: Obama clearly supports the project,...

Local Strippers Totally OK With Ground Zero Mosque

Dismiss 'hallowed ground' claims

(Newser) - Plans to build a mosque near the Ground Zero site in lower Manhattan have stirred outrage far and wide, but for many who work in the neighborhood, it's live and let live. "I don’t know what the big deal is," a stripper from the nearby New York...

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