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High School Coach Suspended After 92-4 Win: 'No Mercy'

Conn. girls basketball coach Jason Kirck slammed for unsportsmanlike conduct

(Newser) - If your basketball team is winning by, say, 30 points, it's usually considered unsportsmanlike to keep making fast breaks and shooting three-pointers. Jason Kirck is finding out the hard way what happens when you violate that often-unspoken sports etiquette to the extreme. The coach was handed a suspension after...

High School Coach Blasted for Letting Team Run Up 106-0 Win

'Classless move,' opposing California football coach says

(Newser) - Justyn Martin, a student at California's Inglewood High School, has committed to playing for UCLA when he graduates, but he had one more thing to accomplish last week before taking off his secondary school cleats for good. Martin threw 13 touchdowns during Friday's game against Morningside High School,...

High School Runner's Sweet Move Is Praised

Ben Boardley of Indianapolis helps a fallen rival to the finish line

(Newser) - A classy move by a high school runner is getting some national attention. As the Indianapolis Star reports, it happened Saturday during a state cross-country meet in Terre Haute. As Ben Boardley approached the finish line, he noticed a fellow runner from another school, Faizan Khan, had fallen and was...

With One Team Bumped From Big Tourney, Ireland Does 'Right Thing'

Ireland's lacrosse team gives up spot in World Games to Native American team

(Newser) - Native Americans are said to be the inventors of lacrosse —it's the modern-day version of the indigenous game of baggataway—so a recent gesture by Ireland's lacrosse team is not only a generous one, but a nod to the sport's history. Only eight international lacrosse teams...

Teen Runner Slows to Help an Injured Competitor

Indiana teen Axel Aleman celebrated for helping opponent finish ahead of him

(Newser) - When high school senior Axel Aleman got home from his cross country race on Saturday, he told his stepmom only that he hadn't produced one of his better times—which shows he has as much modesty as sportsmanship. Aleman, competing in the 5K Southwestern Small School Invitational in Shelbyville,...

Opposing Players Huddle to Help a Foe
to Help a Foe

Opposing Players Huddle to Help a Foe

Sportsmanship on display in footage out of Jordan

(Newser) - A viral video clip from a soccer match is warming hearts. Players on Jordanian women's club Shabab Al Urdon had just stripped an opposing player of the ball when the Amman player's hijab slipped, exposing her hair. The woman immediately stopped and bent over to adjust the hijab....

One Team Had No Cleats. Their Opponent Fixed That

Israeli women's team surprises Kenyan team with a gift

(Newser) - Lacrosse isn't a well-known sport in Kenya, notes Nairobi News , which might help explain how a Kenyan women's team showed up at a world tournament in Canada without the proper footwear—they had no cleats. Israel defeated the team soundly in their first match in the Women's...

The Win Was His. He Opted for 'True Sportsmanship'

High schooler praised for assisting blind race runner

(Newser) - Some cross-country coaches might hope to forget a race that saw a runner lose by a hair. For coach Jason Hyatt of New York's Cazenovia High School, the final stretch of Saturday's boys junior varsity race in Auburn "will be a memory I'll carry with me...

Iditarod Racer Saw Dogs' Ears Perk Up. Then He Saw His Friend

Scott Janssen awarded for helping save stranded racer Jim Lanier

(Newser) - Scott Janssen hoped to win the world's most famous sled-dog race across Alaska. Instead, the 56-year-old took home a sportsmanship award for spending a chilly night with a friend in a sleeping bag he feared would become a body bag. Some 45 miles from the Iditarod finish line, Janssen...

After the Race Came the Real Sportsmanship

Japanese speedskater consoles South Korean rival after beating her in 500-meter race

(Newser) - To the victor goes the gold, but to the heartbroken second-place finisher in Pyeongchang's women's speedskating race went the grand gesture. Japan's Nao Kodaira clocked in at 36.94 seconds in the 500-meter race on Sunday—good enough for her first gold medal, her country's second...

He Missed a Huge Field Goal, Then Found a Lesson

Navy's Bennett Moehring inspires fans, teammates with how he handled crushing loss

(Newser) - Bennett Moehring hadn't even turned 21 when he suffered one of the most crushing disappointments of his life, live in front of nearly 70,000 people in "swirling snow," per the AP . But the New York Times details the very adult way in which the Navy junior...

High School Student Carries Marathoner Across Finish Line

Ariana Luterman's act of sportsmanship has gone viral

(Newser) - In just 24 hours, her face and name have become world famous for what's seen as a supreme act of sportsmanship. Dallas-area high school student Ariana Luterman was finishing the anchor leg of a girls' relay in Sunday's Dallas Marathon when she saw the legs of the women'...

Honest Golfer Wins Praise After Breaking Rule

Christopher Crawford's sportsmanship is talk of US Amateur

(Newser) - For the first time in five attempts, amateur golfer Christopher Crawford looked poised to qualify for the 64-player match-play tournament at the United States Amateur Championship in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Then his game went, well, downhill. While preparing for a shot, 23-year-old Crawford realized his caddie was using the...

NZ, US Runners Win Fair Play Awards
NZ, US Runners Win
Fair Play Awards

NZ, US Runners Win Fair Play Awards

D'Agostino, Hamblin helped each other finish race

(Newser) - One of the most touching moments of the Rio Olympics has been rewarded with this year's Fair Play Awards. American runner Abbey D'Agostino and New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin, who helped each other finish the race after falling during a women's 5,000-meter heat, were given the...

HS Students Defend Right to Vocally Shame Opponents

Wisconsin sportsmanship email is an airrrr balllll

(Newser) - The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is receiving some taunting of its own after it attempted to crack down on unsportsmanlike chants at high-school basketball games last month, the New York Times reports. According to an email sent out to schools in December, some of the disrespectful chants the WIAA frowns...

Stripping French Runner Loses Gold Medal

Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad punished for showboating

(Newser) - Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad has shown the world how you can be top of your game and still be a loser: As he approached the finish line in the 3,000m steeplechase at the European championships in Zurich, the French runner stripped off his vest, jammed it in his mouth, and waved...

Canadian Coach Gives Ski to Stricken Russian
Canadian Coach Gives Ski
to Stricken Russian

Canadian Coach Gives Ski to Stricken Russian

'You can't just sit there,' Justin Wadsworth says

(Newser) - A touching Olympic moment in Sochi: Canada's cross-country ski coach Justin Wadsworth came to the rescue yesterday as Russian Anton Gafarov tried to drag himself off the course with a broken ski. The coach, whose athletes had already been eliminated, hustled over with a spare ski so the Russian...

Schools Forbid Postgame Handshakes: Too Many Fights

Handshake lines turning violent in Kentucky

(Newser) - Sportsmanship seems to be struggling in Kentucky: The governing body for high school sports in the state has told schools to stop having organized handshakes after games because the practice has led to dozens of fights over the last few years, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. Students can still shake hands...

High School Runner Helps Fallen Rival to Finish Line

Meghan Vogel gets first place in sportsmanship

(Newser) - Meghan Vogel finished last in her 3,200-meter race at the state high school championships, but she's still the toast of Ohio. With about 20 meters to go, the girl in front of her collapsed. Instead of scooting by her, Meghan helped up Arden McMath and carried her to...

The 25 Worst Sore Losers in Sports

Steinbrenner, Canucks fans, and LeBron make the list

(Newser) - Losing stinks, but being a gracious loser is always more honorable than throwing a tantrum. Bad sportsmanship, however, did not stop these people—the 25 biggest sore losers in sports history, according to Bleacher Report . A sample:

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