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Oregon's Governor Resigns Amid Scandal

John Kitzhaber's fiancee is accused of shady financial dealings

(Newser) - Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber finally took the hint . He says he will resign amid allegations that his fiancee used her relationship with him to enrich herself—a stunning fall from grace for the state's longest-serving chief executive. The decision capped a wild week in which Kitzhaber seemed poised to... More »

Oregon Democrats to Gov: Resign Already

Plus Kitzhaber's would-be successor describes 'bizarre' meeting

(Newser) - With things looking worse for Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber by the minute, staff members appear to be dropping like flies. A source tells KATU that Kitzhaber's chief of staff, Mike Bonetto, and his legislative liaison, Dmitri Palmateer, will step down today. The Oregonian reports Kitzhaber himself planned to resign... More »

Scandals Pile Up for Oregon's First Couple

The Oregonian calls on John Kitzhaber to resign

(Newser) - First, Oregon's first lady admitted to an "illegal" previous marriage , then to planning a marijuana grow operation and running a consulting business out of the governor's mansion. Now, Gov. John Kitzhaber's fiancee Cylvia Hayes faces claims that she was paid consulting fees to influence her future... More »

Ore. First Lady Planned Pot-Growing Operation in '90s

Cylvia Hayes says marijuana operation 'never materialized'

(Newser) - The good news for Oregon's first lady as her colorful past continues to trickle out? She did not take the proceeds from her illegal green-card marriage and buy a pot farm in secluded Washington state near the Canadian border. The bad news? A retired real estate broker tells the... More »

Oregon First Lady Admits to 'Illegal' First Marriage

Cylvia Hayes says Gov. John Kitzhaber didn't know she had married immigrant

(Newser) - Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber knew his fiancee had been married before when they got engaged this summer after a 10-year relationship. The only problem is, he didn't know Cylvia Hayes had had three previous marriages, not two—and that the third one was to an Ethiopian immigrant looking to... More »

Selfless Mom, Thoughtful Cop Make Headlines

Week's uplifting stories also include a fast-acting governor

(Newser) - Life-saving and life-shaping gestures by Good Samaritans highlight this week's list of the most uplifting stories:
  • Mom Breaks Back in 3-Story Jump to Save Baby : When a fire trapped Christina Simoes in a bedroom of her third-story apartment with her 18-month-old son, she did the only thing she could:
... More »

Oregon Governor Stops Car to Aid Woman

She's expected to survive after former ER doctor gives her CPR

(Newser) - On his way to dinner in Portland yesterday, Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber spotted a woman unconscious along the roadside—so he halted his driver, "jumped out of the vehicle," and hurried over, a spokesperson tells the Oregonian . Making use of skills from his days as an emergency-room doctor,... More »

Oregon Governor Declares Execution Moratorium

Kitzhaber says system is 'compromised and inequitable"

(Newser) - John Kitzhaber has declared that there will be no more executions in Oregon as long as he remains governor. "It is time for Oregon to consider a different approach,” the Democrat said at a news conference. “I refuse to be a part of this compromised and inequitable... More »

John Kitzhaber Wins Oregon

Democrat defeats ex-NBA player Chris Dudley for governor

(Newser) - It was too close to call until late yesterday, but former standout NBA shot blocker Chris Dudley couldn't block Democrat John Kitzhaber from winning a historic third term as Oregon governor. Kitzhaber, whose last term ended 7 years ago, will replace Gov. Ted Kulongoski, AP reports. The Democratic governor is... More »

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