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Dog Raises the Alarm After Teen Has Stroke

Outcome would probably have been much worse without Axel's intervention, doctors say

(Newser) - A teenager in Spring, Texas, who had a stroke in August would probably be in much worse shape today if it wasn't for Axel, a 1-year-old border collie who raised the alarm, doctors say. Amanda Tanner tells that Axel, adopted from a rescue group last year, was...

Dog Escapes Crash, Tries His Dream Job

Tilly is found more than a mile away on a farm, herding sheep

(Newser) - Where do you find a missing collie? On a farm, herding sheep, of course. KHQ reports on the amazing story of Tilly, a 2-year-old dog who was ejected from the family car after an accident on Saturday in Rathdrum, Idaho. Tilly was uninjured but apparently a little freaked out from...

Woman Quits Job, Seeks Lost Dog for 57 Days

Carole King was crying and losing hope until she got a lucky break

(Newser) - Carole King was crushed. "It was devastating," she tells the Spokesman-Review . "I got sick to my stomach." The Montana woman and her husband had returned to their hotel room in Flathead County—where they were staying in July for a short trip—when they saw that...

'World's Smartest Dog' Dead at 15
Smartest Dog'
Dead at 15

'World's Smartest Dog' Dead at 15

Chaser the border collie knew 1,022 nouns

(Newser) - A border collie that has been called "the world's smartest dog" died Tuesday at age 15. Chaser, a black-and-white pup given to Dr. John W. Pilley by his wife when the dog was 8 weeks old, learned to recognize 1,022 nouns thanks to Pilley's training. The...

Dog's Wild Ride on Tractor Causes Traffic Jam

Don the border collie had a more exciting morning than usual in Scotland

(Newser) - The old joke postcard about traffic jams in rural Scotland and Ireland pictures sheep cramming narrow country lanes, but this morning it was a different critter to blame altogether: It seems Don the border collie was out with his human, Tom Hamilton, on their sheep farm in Abington, Scotland, when...

How Border Collies Ward Off E. Coli

Researchers train them to keep gulls off beaches

(Newser) - A new defense against the nastiness of an E. coli infection during summer has four legs and a wagging tail. Researchers at Central Michigan University trained border collies to keep seagulls away from Lake Michigan beaches, a feat that in turn reduced the amount of infected droppings from the birds,...

How My Dog Learned a Toddler-Level Vocabulary

 How My Dog 
 Learned a 
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How My Dog Learned a Toddler-Level Vocabulary

Patience and play helped Chaser learn 1K words: John Pilley

(Newser) - Chaser the border collie knows about 1,000 words, and if you believe a Duke researcher, she may be "the most scientifically important dog in over a century." But her skills aren't necessarily out of your dog's reach, writes Chaser's owner, John Pilley, in Time...

Missing Dog Found 2 Days Later, Up a Tree

Owner thinks he probably chased a squirrel

(Newser) - A 7-year-old border collie who was missing from his Iowa home for a few days didn't get very far—he only went up. Laddy the dog was found yesterday morning stuck up a tree two blocks from his Davenport home, the Quad-City Times reports. His owner says she believes...

For Bad Border Collies, a Solution: Rented Sheep

How to keep an antsy city herder happy

(Newser) - Sue Foster knew just what to do when her antsy border collie Taff got naughty: Rent him some sheep. Now Foster owns a herd of sheep, some land in Washington state, and two more border collies. "I never dreamed it would go this far," Foster tells the Wall ...

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