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Trump Allegedly Told Nuclear Sub Secrets to Aussie Billionaire

Federal prosecutors have since interviewed Anthony Pratt

(Newser) - Former President Trump allegedly shared classified information about US nuclear submarines with a billionaire Australian businessman who then went on to share the information with more than a dozen other people, according to sources who spoke to ABC News and the New York Times . Anthony Pratt, a member of Trump'...

S. Koreans Are Nervous. Enter the 'Washington Declaration'

It reaffirms the US commitment to protect the country and deter the North

(Newser) - The US hasn't docked a nuclear ballistic missile submarine in South Korean waters since the 1980s. That's about to change under the "Washington Declaration," which President Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol are set to announce Wednesday. The agreement outlines stepped-up deterrence commitments the...

One of Australia's Own Calls Sub Deal 'Worst in All History'

Former PM is not a fan of AUKUS

(Newser) - China is peeved about Australia's new submarine deal with the US. France is miffed . A less expected entry on the thumbs-down list? A former Australian prime minister. Paul Keating on Wednesday launched a blistering attack on his nation’s plan to buy nuclear-powered submarines from the United States...

China Isn't Thrilled With US' Nuclear Sub Deal
China Isn't
Thrilled With
US' Nuclear
Sub Deal

China Isn't Thrilled With US' Nuclear Sub Deal

US and UK teaming up to provide nuclear subs to Australia in move to counter China in Indo-Pacific

(Newser) - Three Western allies came together Monday to announce details on what Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is calling the "biggest single investment in Australia's defense capability in all of its history." It's the AUKUS pact, a deal in which the US and Britain will provide Australia...

'Unusual Twist' in Sentencing of Submarine Secrets Couple

Diana Toebbe given longer sentence than her husband

(Newser) - The wife of the Navy engineer in the "submarine secrets" case got a longer sentence than her husband in what the New York Times calls an "unusual twist." Prosecutors had recommended three years behind bars for Diana Toebbe, but on Wednesday the federal judge in the case...

Biden Belatedly Commissions Nuclear Attack Sub Delaware

Delaware will improve national security, president says

(Newser) - In a public ceremony delayed two years by the pandemic, President Joe Biden on Saturday commissioned the USS Delaware, a nuclear attack submarine, saying it would enhance national security, though he made no reference to the global turmoil from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. "As the commander in chief,...

Engineer Pleaded Guilty in Spy Case. Now, His Wife's Plea

Diana Toebbe enters guilty plea days after Jonathan Toebbe in plot to sell sub secrets

(Newser) - A Maryland woman pleaded guilty Friday to her role in a plot with her husband to sell submarine secrets to a foreign country. Diana Toebbe entered the plea in federal court in Martinsburg to one count of conspiracy to communicate restricted data. Prosecutors said they'd seek a prison term...

US Nuclear Submarine Hits Something, Injuring 11
Navy: Our Nuclear Sub
Hit Underwater Mountain

Navy: Our Nuclear Sub Hit Underwater Mountain

USS Connecticut was in the South China Sea at the time

(Newser) - Update: The mystery over an accident involving a US submarine in the South China Sea has been solved: The USS Connecticut smashed into an underwater mountain that wasn't on the charts, reports CBS News . Eleven sailors were injured in the collision last month, and the sub had to sail...

Navy Engineer, Wife Arrested, Face Espionage Charges

DOJ says he hid data in a peanut butter sandwich

(Newser) - A Navy nuclear engineer and his wife are facing charges of trying to sell secrets to a foreign government. Jonathan Toebbe and his wife, Diana, are accused of agreeing to exchange data for thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency, the Baltimore Sun reports. The couple, who live in Annapolis, MD, were...

France Calls Off US Gala Amid Rift Over New Security Pact

They describe sub deal as a 'knife in the back'

(Newser) - While they haven't asked for the Statue of Liberty back, the French have made it very clear that they're not happy about being excluded from the new US-UK-Australia security pact . A Friday gala at France's Washington embassy to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the...

Biden Announces Huge Deal With 'That Fella Down Under'

President appeared to forget Australian PM's name during AUKUS announcement

(Newser) - President Biden announced a new Indo-Pacific security alliance with Britain and Australia on Wednesday, and in doing so, appeared to forget Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's name. "Thank you, Boris," he said to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the latter dialed in from London for the...

US, UK, Australia Form New Security Alliance
China Slams New
US-UK-Australia Pact

China Slams New US-UK-Australia Pact

Deal will give Australia its first nuclear subs

(Newser) - President Biden was joined via videolink by the leaders of Australia and the UK on Wednesday to announce AUKUS—a new security alliance between the three countries in the Indo-Pacific region. The pact, which includes a deal to equip Australia with its first nuclear-powered submarines, is widely seen as an...

In Deadliest US Sub Tragedy, 'No Cover-Up' Is Found

Retired Navy skipper sued for release of documents

(Newser) - The release of about 3,000 pages of documents delving into the deadliest submarine disaster in US history has not yielded any sinister effort to hide the truth, a retired Navy skipper says. Instead, documents show the Navy’s policies and procedures failed to keep pace with fast-moving technological advances...

A US Sub Was Lost in 1963. Now We Know Why

Declassified documents related to 1963 sinking of USS Thresher are released

(Newser) - From the 1970s on, the US Navy hasn't lost a single submarine. But in April 1963 it suffered its deadliest submarine disaster when the nuclear-powered USS Thresher sank off Cape Cod, killing all 129 people on board. The details of what led to that fate had been kept under...

Russia: Details on Sub Fire Are 'Totally Classified'

Officials won't say if vessel was nuclear-powered

(Newser) - Russia is remaining tight-lipped about a Monday fire that killed 14 sailors on a deep-sea submersible, claiming details are a state secret. "There is nothing illegal about this. It fully corresponds to the Russian law on state secrets," a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, describing information...

Heads Up, Florida: Report Alleges Misfire of British Missile

Theresa May under fire for reported cover-up

(Newser) - The US apparently has to worry not only about enemies abroad, but old allies as well. The Times of London reports that a British nuclear submarine test-fired a missile off the Florida coast last June that malfunctioned and "may have veered" toward the American mainland. Two good things prevented...

Sailor Who Took Photos on Nuclear Sub Is Headed to Prison

Kristian Saucier says he wanted to show his family what he did in the Navy

(Newser) - A Navy sailor was sentenced Friday to a year in prison for taking photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine while it was in port in Connecticut, the AP reports. Kristian Saucier pleaded guilty in May to unauthorized detention of defense information and had faced five to six...

Sailor Guilty of Spy Charge Cites Clinton Emails

Kristian Saucier asks for leniency over classified sub photos

(Newser) - A sailor who photographed classified areas inside a nuclear sub finds it deeply unfair that he's probably on his way to prison while Hillary Clinton might be on her way to the White House. Petty Officer 1st Class Kristian Saucier, 29, pleaded guilty in May this year to retaining...

Ship at Heart of 'Strangest' CIA Mission to Meet Its End

Ship was part of 'biggest and strangest' Cold War covert operation

(Newser) - More than 40 years after it was the centerpiece of what PRI calls "possibly the biggest and strangest covert operation" of the Cold War, a piece of CIA history is headed for the scrap heap. After the Soviet Union failed to find one of its nuclear submarines that sank...

How Howard Hughes Helped CIA Hunt a Sunken Sub

The public believed he was crazy enough to do it

(Newser) - Howard Hughes: billionaire, aviator, engineer … and CIA asset? Yep. Hughes once provided the necessary cover for a secret operation codenamed Project AZORIAN, in which the CIA tried to retrieve a Soviet sub from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean without anyone being the wiser, the Houston Chronicle reports. The...

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