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Toddler to Release First Album, Recorded While Still a Fetus

Luca Yupanqui's 'Sounds of the Unborn' comes out on April 2

(Newser) - If Nirvana hadn't named its final studio album In Utero, Luca Yupanqui may have had the perfect name for her own debut. Instead, the US toddler will have to settle for the slightly wordier Sounds of the Unborn when her album drops on April 2, the results of her...

In Possible World First, Heart Surgery Saves Baby in Womb

Doctors in Canada perform in utero balloon atrial septoplasty

(Newser) - Doctors in Canada are patting themselves on the back after what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind heart surgery that saved the life of an unborn child. Halfway through her pregnancy, Kristine Barry of Barrie, Ont., learned her unborn son had a heart defect in which the two main arteries...

Potential Key to Fertility Spike: Womb 'Scratch'

Researchers see women's chances of conception more than double, but urge caution

(Newser) - A modern version of a procedure that used to be done after a miscarriage may dramatically boost fertility rates. An endometrial "scratch" more than doubles a woman's chances of getting pregnant, researchers report in a press release , but they also urge caution because their findings are based on...

Mother and Her Child Were Born From the Same Womb

Woman's mom donated her uterus

(Newser) - More than three decades after she was born out of her mother's womb, a Swedish woman gave birth to a child of her own—a child who was also born out of that same womb. The new mom, whose baby is now nine months old, lost her uterus to...

Woman Born Without Womb Has Twins

Hayley Haynes, 28, has IVF after growing womb

(Newser) - A London woman born with no womb has undergone a near-miraculous medical process and given birth to healthy twin girls, the Telegraph reports. Hayley Haynes, 28, was devastated at 19 to learn she had no Fallopian tubes, ovaries, or womb, thanks to a condition known as androgen insensitivity syndrome (which...

First Womb Transplant Baby Could Be on Its Way

Patient receives embryo via IVF

(Newser) - After nine womb transplants in Sweden, the world's first baby from the procedure may be on its way: Doctors successfully placed an embryo into the transplanted womb of one of the patients last week. Now, "the best scenario is a baby in nine months," says team leader...

Swedish Doctors Pull Off 9 Womb Transplants

But procedure is dangerous for donors, say critics

(Newser) - A team of Swedish doctors may have just pulled off the first successful womb transplant in history—or even the first nine. In a controversial new procedure, nine women have successfully received wombs from living relatives since September 2012, the doctor at the helm of the surgeries has revealed. The...

Woman With Transplanted Womb Loses Baby

Derya Sert had to terminate pregnancy

(Newser) - A sad ending to the story of the first woman to get pregnant with a transplanted donor womb : Derya Sert has had the pregnancy terminated, according to the Akdeniz University Hospital. The Turkish woman's eight-week pregnancy was terminated because the fetal heartbeat had stopped. Sert, who was born without...

Woman With Transplanted Womb Is Pregnant

Turkish transplant patient will have a C-section

(Newser) - A medical breakthrough from Turkey: The world's first recipient of a womb from a dead donor has become pregnant and appears to be healthy, Sky News reports. Derya Sert, 22, was born without a uterus and deemed a "medical miracle" when she received her transplant in 2011. Eighteen...

Mother, Daughter Prepare for 1st Womb Transplant

Daughter could carry children in womb that carried her

(Newser) - Doctors in Sweden are preparing for what they hope will be the first successful womb transplant. The likely candidates: a mother, 56, and her 25-year-old daughter, who was born with no uterus. If the transplant from Eva Ottosson to daughter Sara is successful, Sara could end up carrying a child...

Scientists Move Closer to Womb Transplant

Successful rabbit test means human test could be 2 years away

(Newser) - British doctors have performed successful uterus transplants in rabbits, meaning they could try the procedure on a human woman in as little as two years. Researchers say they’ve solved the blood supply problems that have until now bedeviled uterus transplants; a Saudi woman tried the procedure in 2000, but...

Moms Can Pass Cancer to Kids In Utero

Mutation makes cancer cells 'invisible' to fetus' immune system

(Newser) - Mothers pass myriad things to their unborn babies via the placenta, and scientists have found that cancer is among them. Researchers studied the case of a mother who died of leukemia soon after she gave birth, and whose child was diagnosed with cancer months later. Though the baby’s cancer...

Ex Wants Custody of Baby Who Was Cut From Womb

(Newser) - A man who says he is the father of a baby who was cut from her slain mother's womb wants custody of the baby girl. Roberto Rodriguez, the estranged boyfriend of slain mother Darlene Haynes, said outside a Massachusetts court today that he wants custody of the baby and of...

2 Uteri, 2 Babies: Woman Has 1-in-5M Birth

Doctor explains how rare condition produced 1-in-5M birth

(Newser) - What’s more impressive, having eight babies, or having two—one from each womb? Sarah Reinfelder, whom the New York Post has tastefully dubbed “Womber Woman,” did the latter, thanks to a condition called uterus didelphys, or double uterus. One in every 2,000 women has didelphys, it...

Baby Cut From Mother Released From Hospital

Pa. mom allegedly murdered by woman obsessed with infants

(Newser) - A baby who was cut from his mother's womb in a brutal murder has left a Pennsylvania hospital, reports the AP. Police say 18-year-old Kia Johnson was bound with duct tape and viciously attacked last week by 38-year-old Andrea Curry-Demus, who had a history of mental illness and obsession with...

Baby Born 'Again' After Tumor Operation

Doctors perform surgery in after 4 months of pregnancy

(Newser) - A Texas baby is faring well after doctors pulled her from the womb, cut off a tumor, and put her back in to be born 4 weeks ago, CBS News reports. Doctors noticed Macie McCartney's tumor 4 months into pregnancy and identified it as fatal—so they pulled out her...

Pregnancies Outsourced to India
Pregnancies Outsourced to India

Pregnancies Outsourced to India

Western couples 'renting' wombs of Indian women

(Newser) - A town in India, where more than 50 women are currently pregnant with the children of Western couples, has hatched a booming industry in commercial surrogacy, dubbed "wombs for rent." The women in Anand have been impregnated with the sperm and eggs of US, British and other couples...

Hospitals Build 'Womb Rooms' for Preemies

Environments are designed to replicate qualities of the womb

(Newser) - With preterm births soaring—and tinier preemies surviving—many hospitals are redesigning their neonatal units to provide environments closer to those babies experience in utero, the New York Times reports. The new rooms are darker and quieter, and provide space for skin-to-skin contact with parents (not to speak of places...

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