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Disrupted Flight Gets Escort Back to London

Fighters' sonic boom alarms London area

(Newser) - Two RAF jets were scrambled to escort a plane heading to Turkey back to London, where a passenger was arrested on suspicion of assault and endangering an aircraft. Jet2, a British airline, described the 25-year-old woman as "an extremely disruptive passenger," per the Guardian . Police were swamped with... More »

Pilot Diverts Plane Thanks to Unruly Bachelor Party

The groom was among six men escorted off the plane

(Newser) - A handful of Brits from Southampton may be in for more than a hangover after the Ryanair flight they were on from London to Slovakia's capital was diverted to Berlin Friday night. According to the crew, half the members of a bachelor party "misbehaved so badly" that passenger... More »

American Airlines Jet Makes U-Turn Over Illness

One flight attendant 'literally just fainted'

(Newser) - An American Airlines flight bound for Los Angeles had to return to London on Wednesday after passengers and crew fell ill on board. One flight attendant "literally just fainted ... just fell forward, put her hand out and hit the floor," one of 188 passengers on board tells ABC... More »

PlayStation, XBox Services Hacked; Tweet Points to ISIS

Sony exec's plane diverted over threat

(Newser) - Multiple major gaming networks faced technical trouble this weekend, and reports suggest hackers are to blame. Sony's PlayStation Network was down yesterday; Microsoft's Xbox Live and Blizzard's Battle.net were among other services apparently affected, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, a Sony executive was threatened in the air:... More »

Birthday Prank Gets Flight Diverted

Happy 29th, Christopher Shell

(Newser) - A seriously ill-advised birthday prank may have resulted in a US Airways flight being diverted this morning. The flight took off for Dallas from Philadelphia but was diverted back to Philadelphia, where it was parked in a remote area of the airport and a man was taken off the plane... More »

Domestic Dispute Blamed in 'Bomb' That Diverted Flight

JetBlue flight lands after phone call indicating passenger was dangerous

(Newser) - A Boston-to-Chicago JetBlue Airways flight was diverted to Buffalo and a passenger detained today after the airline received a phone call indicating she may have posed a bomb threat. But the FBI now says there was no real threat, and that a domestic dispute was likely the root cause of... More »

Flight Diverted After 'Unruly' Duo Demands Champagne

German couple says they were never served food, drinks ... or even water

(Newser) - A Delta flight en route to Costa Rica was diverted to Florida last night, after a German couple allegedly became "unruly," demanding champagne and food. Officials say Peter and Gabriele Strohmaier, who had flown into the US from Germany earlier in the day, were first-class passengers and refused... More »

Crazed Flier Tries to Open Plane Door

Two flights diverted over security concerns

(Newser) - An apparently deranged passenger tried to open a door mid-flight yesterday on a Continental plane en route from Houston to Chicago. An air marshal tackled the flier when a flight attendant screamed, and the plane was immediately diverted to St. Louis. There were no other details about the passenger, but... More »

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