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That Viral Glitter Bomb Video Was Fun While It Lasted

Inventor apologizes for misleading viewers

(Newser) - A work of "revenge art" got the internet buzzing with excitement this week—but now, after some online detectives got to work, it seems the video wasn't all it was cracked up to be. BuzzFeed News reports that Mark Rober's "Magnum Opus," a contraption that... More »

Artists' Feud Over 'Blackest Black' Escalates

The guy hoarding it somehow got his hands on 'pinkest pink'

(Newser) - Ever since British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor was granted exclusive rights to the color "Vantablack," the world's blackest black that was developed by tech firm Nanosystems and can absorb more than 99% of light, other artists have been up in arms. One paint fight actually broke out between... More »

Lawmaker's Office Glitter-Bombed

Accompanying note to Jeff Fortenberry read: 'Mind your own uterus'

(Newser) - If Rep. Jeff Fortenberry had been in his Lincoln, Neb., office instead of on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, he would have been in serious danger of getting covered in glitter and confetti. Instead, it was his aides who took the brunt of the "glitter bomb" apparently sent by an... More »

Glitter-Shipping Website Sells for $85K

ShipYourEnemiesGlitter has a new owner

(Newser) - Not a bad Internet success story: Step one: A 22-year-old creates a goofy website that allows you to have glitter sent to "people you hate." Step two: It explodes in popularity, so much so that Australian Mathew Carpenter stops taking orders and pleads with people to please, God,... More »

Woman Glitter-Bombs Ex-Boss's Office, Gets Arrested

Samantha Lockhart allegedly used her swipe card to get in

(Newser) - It may not seem like such a terrible idea to glitter-bomb your former boss's office after your last day at work—after all, it's not like they can fire you, right? Well, no, but they can have you arrested. That's what Samantha Lockhart found out the hard... More »

Glitter-Bomb Site Founder Wants to Quit

Surprise: After 24 hours, Mathew Carpenter is sick of glitter

(Newser) - The founder of the obscenity-filled would really like to stop shipping your enemies glitter. Yes, after an intense 24 hours that saw thousands of orders and a million people visit his website—which crashed under all the clicks, Fast Company reports—Australian Mathew Carpenter says he's ready... More »

For $8, Site Will Send Glitter Bomb on Your Behalf

Go ahead, mail your enemies envelopes full of glitter

(Newser) - Anyone who has ever opened a glittery birthday card from a well-meaning friend knows what a pain the stuff can be to clean up. Hence the appropriately named (and obscenity-littered) , which will do exactly what the name implies, Gizmodo reports: For about $8 (that's $9.99 Australian... More »

Glitterbombed LiLo Headed Back to Rehab

Lindsay Lohan gets probation in plea deal

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan struck a plea deal in her lying-to-police case today, and was sentenced to two years' probation, including 90 days in a locked rehab facility, 30 days of community labor, and 18 months of psychological counseling, TMZ reports. The sentence also includes a mandatory five days in jail, but... More »

Santorum Glitter-Bombed in Tacoma

Police haul protesters away

(Newser) - Speaking in Tacoma, Wash., last night, Rick Santorum was met with loud protests from young people in the front row. The candidate's speech—given near an Occupy Tacoma site—competed with chants of "right-wing bigot" and "go away" for an hour. After Santorum's speech, one protester... More »

Now He's Arrived: Romney Gets Glitter-Bombed

Also, he sings again

(Newser) - What a day for Mitt Romney. First he set off a brouhaha with his "I'm not concerned about the very poor" remark, then he got glitter-bombed (twice), and finally, he sang. Again. The first glitter-bombing took place at a stop in Minnesota, when a gay rights activist tossed... More »

Santorum Gets Glitter-Bombed

Gay-rights activists, Occupiers storm primary night rally

(Newser) - Adding insult to his third-place injury , protesters crashed Rick Santorum's South Carolina primary party last night, chanting "Rick, Rick, Rick, bigot, bigot, bigot" and glitter-bombing the candidate. As Santorum closed out a speech in which he hailed family values, gay-rights activists and members of Occupy Charleston shouted "... More »

Bachmann Latest to Get Glitter Bombed

Sparkly attack largely misses its mark

(Newser) - Add Michele Bachmann to the list of GOP presidential hopefuls who have been "glitter bombed" by gay rights supporters, reports Politico . Bachmann was leaving the stage after a 40-minute speech yesterday in Minneapolis when a young woman approached the stage and threw glitter, but largely missed the congresswoman. “... More »

Tim Pawlenty Glitter Bombed

CODEPINK punks presidential candidate

(Newser) - Do we sense a shiny new protest trend? A pair of CODEPINK activists dumped a manila envelope full of glittery hot pink confetti on Tim Pawlenty yesterday during a signing of his book Courage to Stand in San Francisco. "Where's your courage to stand for gay and reproductive... More »

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