Catherine Kieu Becker

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Penis-Cutting Wife May Have Poisoned Hubby's Soup

Cheating may have led to attack

(Newser) - The California woman who allegedly cut off her husband’s penis may first have drugged his tofu soup. Catherine Kieu Becker’s husband’s dinner tasted odd, and remnants of it have been sent to a lab in an attempt to figure out which poison may have been used, a...

How to Replace a Penis That Catherine Kieu Becker Has Chopped Off
 How to Replace 
 a Severed Penis 

How to Replace a Severed Penis

Getting 'Bobbitted' isn't the end of your sex life

(Newser) - Note to guys: If your penis is ever chopped off, never fear. You can get a new one—and it'll still work, MyHealthNewsDaily reports. The ideal solution, says a doctor, is to reattach the original equipment. But if it’s been, say, put through a garbage disposal, as the...

California Woman Catherine Becker Arrested for Cutting Off Husband's Penis
Calif. Woman

Calif. Woman 'Bobbitts' Husband

Catherine Becker throws severed penis in garbage disposal

(Newser) - A Southern California woman prepared a drugged dinner for her estranged husband and then tied him to a bed, cut off his penis, and ground it up in the garbage disposal, police say. Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, was arrested after she called 911 and told police what she had done,...

3 Stories