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Stars Come Out to Back Depardieu
Stars Come
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Stars Come Out to Back Depardieu

Some 56 French luminaries write essay defending actor in wake of sexual misconduct accusations

(Newser) - More than 50 French performers, writers, and producers published an essay Tuesday defending film star and national icon Gerard Depardieu amid growing scrutiny of his behavior toward women during his five-decade career. And, as the AP reports, advocates for sexual abuse victims expressed dismay at the outpouring of support. Depardieu...

Macron Slammed for 'Despicable' Remarks on Depardieu

French president said he opposes 'manhunt' over sexual assault allegations

(Newser) - Gerard Depardieu is facing a growing number of rape and sexual assault allegations but the French actor appears to have a powerful ally: President Emmanuel Macron. The French president is being strongly criticized for defending Depardieu in an interview with broadcaster France 5 on Wednesday, the Guardian reports. Asked about...

Depardieu Accuser Dies as Documentary Emerges

French actor Emmanuelle Debever was 60

(Newser) - One of several women to accuse actor Gerard Depardieu of sexual misconduct died Tuesday in Paris at age 60, just as a TV documentary about the allegations aired, reports USA Today . Fellow actor Emmanuelle Debever jumped into the Seine river, and her death is classified as a suicide, per the...

Depardieu on Rape, Sexual Assault Claims: It 'Gets to Me'

In open letter, French actor insists 'I have never, ever abused a woman'

(Newser) - Gerard Depardieu is facing down rape and sexual assault claims that stretch back years, and he's remained mostly reticent about the accusations. Now, the 74-year-old French actor has penned an open letter pushing back on the allegations and insisting that "I finally want to tell you my truth,...

Kremlin Fires Back After Depardieu Slams 'Crazy' Putin

French actor has praised Russian leader in the past

(Newser) - The friendship between Gerard Depardieu and Vladimir Putin has become yet another victim of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The French actor, who has praised Putin in the past and received a Russian passport and a hug from the leader in 2013, has strongly denounced the invasion. "The Russian...

Steven Seagal Banned From Ukraine

Country says he's a security threat

(Newser) - Steven Seagal spends a lot of time in the nations that used to make up the USSR, but one of them has now declared him persona non grata. Ukraine has slapped the actor with a 5-year ban from the country, labelling him a threat to national security, the Guardian reports....

Why Cannes Showed That Awful FIFA Movie

Gerard Depardieu lobbied, 'a lot,' says Cannes director Thierry Fremaux

(Newser) - Actor Gerard Depardieu personally intervened to persuade the Cannes Film Festival to show the FIFA-funded movie United Passions, which earned $607 in its US debut and reviews that branded it "pure cinematic excrement." Cannes director Thierry Fremaux said he initially rejected the movie, thinking it unworthy of the...

I Was a Male Prostitute, Grave Robber: Depardieu

Actor's autobiography also says his mom tried to abort him with knitting needles

(Newser) - Gerard Depardieu—known most recently for scootering while intoxicated , defecting to Russia , and peeing on an airplane floor —apparently can't resist upstaging himself. In his new autobiography, That's the Way It Was, excerpted in the Daily Mail , the French actor ventures into what's probably TMI territory,...

Depardieu in Trouble After Drunk Scooter Fall

Banned from driving for 6 months

(Newser) - The latest of Gerard Depardieu's misadventures : A scooter incident from last year has gotten the French actor banned from driving for six months. Depardieu fell off his scooter in November, hurting his elbow, and he was discovered to have been three times over the legal alcohol limit at the...

Russia Rolls Out Red Carpet for Depardieu

What 75% tax? Russia offers tax-dodger a free apartment

(Newser) - Things are looking up for Gerard Depardieu: Not only is the French actor a newly minted Russian , he's already broken bread with Vladimir Putin, gotten a hero's welcome, and scored a free apartment. Depardieu grabbed his shiny new Russia passport from Pooty-Poot last night over dinner in Sochi,...

Putin to Depardieu: You Are Now Russian!

No word on whether actor, upset over French tax plan, accepts the offer

(Newser) - Gerard Depardieu, who has waged a battle against a proposed super-tax on millionaires in his native country of France, has been granted Russian citizenship. A brief announcement on the Kremlin website revealed that President Vladimir Putin, who had previously expressed solidarity with Depardieu , signed the citizenship grant today. A representative...

France Council Blocks 75% Tax on Millionaires

Government plans to resubmit plan soon

(Newser) - French President Francois Hollande's controversial plan to levy a 75% tax on income above 1 million euro ($1.3 million) has been rejected by a constitutional council, reports Reuters . The tax had been set to go into effect in 2013, despite the protests of many the nation's high...

Ben Affleck for Senate? He Won't Say

Plus, Putin offers Depardieu a Russian passport

(Newser) - John Kerry is likely to leave his Massachusetts Senate seat to become secretary of state, and the rumor mill has now churned out one Ben Affleck to add to the list of his possible replacements. Affleck was actually meeting with Kerry and other lawmakers in DC yesterday to talk about...

'Pathetic' Depardieu Quits France in Tax Rage

Trades barbs with PM, turns in passport after he moved to Belgium

(Newser) - For those American liberals who threaten to move to France should a presidential election not go their way, Gerard Depardieu is noisily heading in the opposite direction and burning his bridges as he goes: The actor is publicly surrendering his French passport and lambasting socialist PM Jean-Marc Ayrault, who had...

Gerard Depardieu to Play Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Director Abel Ferrara plans to probe 'rich, powerful' in film

(Newser) - French actor Gerard Depardieu has been tapped to play Dominique Strauss-Kahn in an upcoming film about the sex scandal that cost the former head of the IMF his job and a shot at the French presidency. Isabelle Adjani will play his wife, Anne Sinclair, US film director Abel Ferrara revealed...

Depardieu Spoofs Peeing Incident

And yes, those are braids on his head

(Newser) - What's a man to do after peeing on the floor of a plane, getting laughed at by Anderson Cooper for a full minute, and informing the entire world that you have a prostate problem ? Option one: Crawl under a rock. Gerard Depardieu went with option two: Don braided...

14 Celebs Misbehaving on Planes

Fights, stinky burritos, and yes, more urine

(Newser) - What is it about celebrities and airplanes? In honor of Gerard Depardieu's recent peeing mishap , the Frisky rounds up 13 more celebs who have behaved quite badly while flying the friendly skies.
  • Josh Duhamel: Fergie's hubby got escorted off a plane when he refused to turn off his

Gerard Depardieu Peeing-on-Plane Incident Caused by 'Prostate Problems,' Says Pal
'Prostate Problems' Caused Depardieu Pee Mishap
says pal

'Prostate Problems' Caused Depardieu Pee Mishap

And Gerard 'offered to clean up,' says pal

(Newser) - Ah, well, that explains it: Gerard Depardieu suffers from prostate problems, which are to blame for his little peeing mishap earlier this week, claims a friend. In a statement released by one of his traveling companions on his behalf, the friend explains that the health issues are "very worrying...

Cooper Totally Loses It Over Depardieu Peeing Incident

Plus: Depardieu apologizes. Sort of.

(Newser) - Newser wasn't the only media outlet making elementary-school-level puns at Gerard Depardieu's expense after his peeing-on-a-plane incident came to light yesterday: Anderson Cooper went on what had to be a record-setting roll last night that must be seen to be believed. But one line proved to be too...

Passenger: Depardieu Peed on Plane

To be fair, he did warn flight attendants first...

(Newser) - Just call him Gerard Depard-ewwwww: A fellow passenger on the French actor's Paris-to-Dublin flight says the plane was delayed almost two hours after Depardieu urinated on the floor before takeoff. Depardieu looked drunk and said "I need to piss, I need to piss," the woman told France'...

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