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Daughter of Hank Williams Jr. Dies in Crash

Katherine Williams-Dunning was driving; her husband was also injured

(Newser) - The 27-year-old daughter of country singer Hank Williams Jr. was killed Saturday night in a car crash. Katherine Williams-Dunning was driving an SUV that was towing a boat on a Tennessee highway when it crossed the median and rolled over around 7:45pm, WKRN reports. Williams-Dunning's husband, 29-year-old Tyler...

'Iconic' Voice Returning to Monday Night Football

But not everyone is excited to see Hank Williams Jr. in ESPN fold again

(Newser) - "Are you ready for some football," with the singer whose "iconic" voice left Monday Night Football six years ago? The Tennessean reports that Hank Williams Jr. has returned to ESPN's good graces, with his signature opening and music video for a reworked "All My Rowdy...

Man Dies at Hank Jr. Concert After Horseplay Goes Wrong

Victim's son doesn't blame teen who allegedly pushed him

(Newser) - Robert Kobe, 55, was enjoying a Hank Williams Jr. concert with a friend and the friend's 15-year-old son Sunday night when something went terribly wrong. The teen allegedly shoved Kobe, who fell and hit his head on concrete at the theater 40 miles outside Detroit; the Michigan man died...

Hank Williams Jr: Obama a Muslim, 'We Hate Him'

Country scion again rips into president

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr. might have lost his Monday Night Football gig over, and even apologized for , comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler , but apparently he's still no fan of the current occupant of the White House. Seems the country music scion played Iowa on Friday night, and as Steve...

Hank Hits Back at Fox, ESPN —in Song

Country artist claims his words were twisted

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr. is hitting back at the media—how else?—in song. The country artist’s Monday Night Football intro was dumped by ESPN after he compared President Obama to Hitler on Fox News (or Williams did the dumping himself, depending on who you ask). And now he’s...

ESPN: We Fired Hank Hank: Yeah Right, I Quit

He said, she said ... either way, Hank Williams Jr. is out

(Newser) - Did ESPN dump Hank Williams, Jr., or did the country artist ditch ESPN? Either way, the two have gone their separate ways. ESPN initially removed Williams' famous Monday Night Football intro ("Are you ready for some football?") after the singer compared President Obama to Hitler , but that appeared...

Hank Williams Jr. Sorry for 'Dumb' Obama Comments

Thought of politicians golfing 'made me boil over,' singer says

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr. has apologized—again—for comparing President Obama to Hitler during an appearance on Fox and Friends . The country singer, who was pulled from ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast after saying Obama playing golf with John Boehner "would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu,"...

ESPN Yanks Hank Williams After Obama-Hitler Rant

Last night, no 'Are you ready for some football?'

(Newser) - You may have noticed something missing from Monday Night Football last night: namely, Hank Williams Jr. asking, "Are you ready for some football?" as he's been doing for more than 20 years. ESPN pulled the country star's iconic song from the broadcast after Williams compared President Obama...

Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama, Hitler
 Hank Williams Jr. 
 Compares Obama, Hitler 
bizarre interviews

Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama, Hitler

Bizarre 'Fox and Friends' interview getting some attention

(Newser) - Hank Williams Jr.'s Fox and Friends interview got weird right off the bat this morning, as he sat back with sunglasses on and arms crossed and dourly noted, "I'd rather be up there looking at Gretchen [Carlson]." But things got even weirder when Carlson asked...

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