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It's an Emotional Reunion for Damar Hamlin

At ESPYs, Bills safety honors staff who saved his life during cardiac arrest

(Newser) - Gearing up for his return to NFL play this fall, Damar Hamlin took a moment Wednesday to honor those who saved his life when he suffered a rare cardiac arrest triggered by a hit to the chest during a Monday Night Football game in January. Appearing on stage at the...

Pat Tillman's Widow: Leave My Husband Out of This

Marie Tillman responds to a presidential retweet

(Newser) - Part of President Trump's recent flurry of tweets about the NFL and the national anthem was actually a retweet that mentioned the late NFL-star-turned-soldier Pat Tillman. And his widow is none too pleased about it. "Pat's service, along with that of every man and woman's service,...

Runners Pause Mid-Race to Thank 95-Year-Old Vet

WWII vet Joe Bell was cheering them on

(Newser) - Runners in a San Jose race Sunday willingly added a few seconds to their time in order to thank a veteran, in a spontaneous and touching display that's garnered more than a little attention. The 408K Race is an 8-kilometer race benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation, which helps military...

'I Ask That You Live': Pat Tillman's Love Letters to His Wife

New book details correspondence over 11-year relationship

(Newser) - Before he was an NFL star, Army Ranger, and fallen war hero, Pat Tillman was just a guy who loved a girl. Tillman's high school sweetheart and widow, Marie, reveals snippets of that guy via the letters he wrote her over the course of their 11-year relationship in a...

Tillman Story: Finally, Truth

 Tillman Story: 
 Finally, Truth 


Tillman Story: Finally, Truth

Goes beyond death, cover-up to look at Tillman's remarkable life

(Newser) - The Tillman Story is a powerful documentary that takes a scathing look at the military's cover-up of the NFL star-turned-soldier's death by friendly fire in Afghanistan, critics say, but its real power lies in its look at Pat Tillman as the complex and remarkable man he was, instead of as...

Other Celebs' 'Indefinite Breaks'
 Other Celebs' 'Indefinite Breaks' 

Other Celebs' 'Indefinite Breaks'

Michael Jordan played baseball; Daniel Day-Lewis cobbled

(Newser) - With his plan for an “ indefinite break ” from golf, Tiger Woods isn’t the only celebrity to take some time out of the limelight for one reason or another. The Wall Street Journal lists some others:
  • Michael Jordan: The Tiger pal left to try baseball after winning three

10 Who Died Too Young
 10 Who Died Too Young 

10 Who Died Too Young

From Aaliyah to Tillman to Russert, they had more to offer

(Newser) - In looking back at the '00s, the sad tales of luminaries who died too young stand out. Newsweek asked friends and admirers for their reflections:
  • Randy Pausch, d. 2008: "Despite it all," JJ Abrams writes, the "Last Lecture" professor "was radiant, kind, and good-humored."
  • Tim

McChrystal Lied About Tillman's Death: Krakauer

New book draws attention to general's role in cover-up

(Newser) - A new book is dredging up some uncomfortable history for Stanley McChrystal at an inconvenient time. Just as the general's credibility is on the line in Afghanistan, Jon Krakauer’s paints McChrystal as the central figure in the cover-up of Pat Tillman’s friendly fire death. McChrystal says he made...

It's a Busy Fall for Books
 It's a Busy Fall for Books 

It's a Busy Fall for Books

Dave Eggers, Philip Roth, Jon Krakauer have new titles out

(Newser) - Hoping to salvage a miserable year, publishers are flooding the fall season with more hot tickets than normal. Some samples, from the Wall Street Journal:
  • Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, Sept. 1: The next in a series from the Da Vinci Code writer.
  • Nicholson Baker, The Anthologist, Sept. 8: A

Athletes Who Died Too Young

(Newser) - Thirty years after Yankees captain Thurman Munson died in a plane crash, the New York Daily News looks back at athletes "gone too soon": Roberto Clemente (Dec. 31, 1972): His plane went down while trying to deliver supplies to Nicaragua earthquake victims. Search parties never found Clemente's body....

Tillman Parents No Fans of New Afghan General

Blame McChrystal for covering up NFL star's death; call for vetting

(Newser) - Pat Tillman's parents say Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal helped cover up the circumstances of their son's death and they want his record carefully considered before he takes charge of the Afghan war, the AP reports. McChrystal approved a citation for Tillman stating he was killed "in the line of...

Wire Service's Objectivity Under Scrutiny

AP staffer's 'breezy' email to Rove opens can of worms

(Newser) - Deep in a House report on the circumstances of Pat Tillman's death is a juicy detail that has the chattering classes in a lather: the text of a 2004 email in which an AP reporter tells Karl Rove to “keep up the fight.” Coming on the heels of...

Rumsfeld Denies Role in Tillman Cover-Up

On Hill, ex-Pentagon chief rejects personal responsibility

(Newser) - Donald Rumsfeld took no responsibility today for the bungled handling of the reporting and investigation of Pat Tillman’s death, saying he always stressed honesty at the Pentagon. Before a House committee, the ex-defense secretary denied allegations he was involved in the military plot to claim the ex-NFL star was...

General Censured in Tillman Death
General Censured in Tillman Death

General Censured in Tillman Death

Chief misled probe after friendly fire cut down ex-NFL star

(Newser) - A retired three-star general has been censured for a "perfect storm of mistakes, misjudgments and a failure of leadership" following the friendly-fire death of ex-NFL star Pat Tillman, the AP reports. Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger misled investigators probing Tillman's death, which was initially said to be the result of...

General Faces Demotion in Tillman Probe

Six other officers will draw career-ending punishments

(Newser) - A retired three-star general who allegedly misled investigators about the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman in Afghanistan could be stripped of his stars and part of his pension, Pentagon officials told CNN. Retired Lt. Gen. Phillip Kensinger told inspectors he didn't know the Green Beret was killed by...

Brother Decries 'Calculated Lies' On Pat's Death

Kevin Tillman, Jessica Lynch testify on military myth-making

(Newser) - The military created an "utter fiction" around Pat Tillman's friendly-fire death, the brother of the former NFL star told a congressional panel today. The Army used his death as an opportunity to bolster support for the war, Kevin Tillman said, calling early reports that Pat had been killed in...

Tillman's Mom Wants Hearings On Cover-Up

"This was an attempt to dupe the public and to promote this war."

(Newser) - Congress should investigate the Army's cover-up of Pat Tillman's friendly-fire death, his mother told ESPN Radio yesterday. A military inquiry concluded Monday that nine high-ranking military officials would face "corrective action," not criminal charges, for their role in claiming Tillman was killed by enemy fire long after they...

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