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Iowa Has a New Front-Runner

Bernie Sanders holds a firm lead in new poll

(Newser) - With only nine days to go in Iowa, a New York Times /Siena College poll of likely caucusgoers has a new frontrunner—and he's no moderate. The survey of 1,689 registered Iowa voters puts Bernie Sanders in the lead at 25%, ahead of center-left hopefuls and a high-profile... More »

Now in 2 States, a 'No-Excuse Option' for Dems Voting in Caucuses

DNC mandate in Iowa, Nevada aims to boost voter participation by allowing for phone voting

(Newser) - Democrats in the early presidential contest states of Iowa and Nevada will be able to cast their votes over the telephone instead of showing up at their states' traditional neighborhood caucus meetings next February, per plans unveiled by the state parties. The tele-caucus systems, the result of a mandate from... More »

Cruz, Trump Each Win 2; Trump Tells Rubio to Fold

'I want Ted one on one'

(Newser) - Ted Cruz picked up two double-digit victories against Donald Trump Saturday night with wins in Kansas and Maine, though Trump won much tighter contests in Louisiana and Kentucky. Trump will retain a sizable overall lead in delegates, but the Cruz wins show "there's no quick end in sight... More »

Get Ready for 'Hell No' Senate Liberals

Dems prepared to fight 'god-awful' Republicans on environment, campaign finance

(Newser) - Yesterday's Keystone pipeline fail in the Senate may have disappointed one notable Democrat—Louisiana's Mary Landrieu —but it appears to have lit a fire under a whole bunch of others. Liberal Democrats are poised to fight "tooth and nail," as Politico puts it, against the... More »

Romney Wins Washington State Caucuses

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum each lose by 13 points

(Newser) - Mitt Romney rolled to a double-digit victory in Washington state's Republican presidential caucuses tonight, his fourth triumph in a row and a fresh show of strength in the run-up to 10 campaign contests being held all across America on Tuesday. The 10 primaries and caucuses coming up on so-called... More »

Santorum Could Grab Wins, Momentum Today

Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri all weigh in on Republican primary field

(Newser) - Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri will all get a chance to weigh in on the Republican presidential nomination today, in a day that might just change the momentum for Rick Santorum's campaign. Here's what to watch for:
  • Santorum's surge: If Santorum is going to make a move, now'
... More »

Plouffe: This Was About Obama

Still ostentation averse, Plouffe credits teamwork and focus

(Newser) - Stepping out from behind the curtain where he directed Barack Obama's earth-shaking campaign, David Plouffe quietly professes pride in the historic achievement to Lloyd Grove in Portfolio, and talks about a race where stability and consistency won the day and "Clinton might have won the nomination if she had... More »

Obama Backer Sees Red Over Role in Clinton Phone Ad

Teen shocked to see herself in Hillary spot

(Newser) - A teenager who supports Barack Obama was stunned to see herself in the controversial "red phone" advertisement for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The spot that helped give Hillary a boost before the last primaries uses stock footage of a sleeping child that the teen made as an extra years... More »

Obama Wins 7 Delegates in Wyo.

Clinton Scores 5, blasts rival for lacking Iraq pullout plan

(Newser) - Barack Obama easily won the Wyoming caucuses today and added 7 delegates to his tally, Chris Cillizza reports in his Washington Post blog. Obama won 61% of the vote and Hillary Clinton won 38%, scoring 5 delegates. Obama campaign chief David Plouffe called the victory "a very important win"... More »

Wyoming Democrats in the Spotlight

Only 12 delegates at stake, but candidates pull out the stops

(Newser) - This is what the 2008 presidential election has come to: even the least populous state in the Union gets to be the center of the political universe for its 15 minutes. Wyoming Democrats caucus today after being wooed as never before, the Los Angeles Times reports. And the Dems—all... More »

Obama Claims Texas Caucus Win

Caucuses tip Lone Star delegate advantage

(Newser) - With caucus results still coming in last night, Barack Obama's camp projects a victory for their candidate in Texas delegates. While Clinton won the Tuesday primary by a thin margin, netting her 65 delegates to Obama’s 61, Obama appears to have prevailed in the caucuses later that night, giving... More »

Accusations Fly During Texas Two-Step Tussle

Obama lawyer hijacks Clinton camp's 'dirty tricks' conference call

(Newser) - The two-step voting process in Texas caused Democratic tempers to flare last night, the Washington Post reports. Both sides accused each other of trying to hijack the evening caucus which followed the day's primary vote. The Clinton campaign held a  conference call with reporters to level some dirty-tricks accusations at... More »

Clinton Trying to Undercut Texas Vote: Obama

Clinton camp denies report that it will sue over caucus system

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s camp yesterday accused Hillary Clinton of unfairly slamming the upcoming Texas primary-caucus vote, McClatchy Newspapers reports. The issue arose over a report that Clinton may sue over caucus voting numbers being reported early. “I think they’re afraid of what the caucus results might be,”... More »

Hillary Superdelegates Hold Firm

Dem leaders worried insiders could snatch nomination from popular vote

(Newser) - House Democrats who support Hillary Clinton appear to be rejecting calls to switch their support to Barack Obama if circumstances give the super delegates the deciding votes, the Hill reports. Despite charges that it would be anti-democratic to defy voters in their home states, many who talked to the Hill ... More »

Poll Sees Texas Dead Heat, Slight Clinton Lead in Ohio

Races close ahead of March 4 primaries

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running neck and neck in Texas, while Clinton holds a significant but tenuous lead in Ohio, according to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll. Heading into the crucial March 4 primaries, Clinton leads Obama 48% to 47% in Texas, and 50% to 43% in Ohio... More »

Anti-Obama Asians Accused of Racism

They vastly prefer Clinton, but bigotry charge sparks outrage

(Newser) - Barack Obama's low support among Asian-Americans is sparking cries of racism, Time reports. "On a gut level my reaction is that at least some Asian-Americans are uncomfortable voting for a black candidate," one analyst said. But some Asians resent the charge: A recent CNN show on the topic... More »

Clinton's Texas Roots—Are They Too Old?

Young voters, arcane system may rob her of decisive win

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's deep Texan ties may win her next month's primary, but only if young voters feel the same bond, the Washington Post reports. Her romance with the state dates back 35 years and has won her a base “broader than in any other state that I can think... More »

Clinton's Black Allies Defecting

John Lewis may switch vote; another House member already has

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is starting to lose the support of prominent black leaders—and superdelegates— who previously backed her. Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat who carries great influence in Congress, says he's now tilting toward Barack Obama. Another Georgia Democrat, David Scott, already switched, the AP reports. “Something is... More »

Maine Caucus Hardly Vision of Democracy

Tough sledding for ill, elderly in process Times scribe sees as ungainly

(Newser) - In order to vote in the South Portland, Maine, caucus Sunday, Democrats had to squat for three hours on high-school gym bleachers, braving speeches by local candidates and on behalf of presidential contenders before they could dash to their candidate’s corner. The New York Times’ Gail Collins hung in... More »

Huck Refuses to Concede Washington

Claims voting 'irregularities,' is sending in lawyers

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee's campaign is crying foul after Washington Republicans called the state's GOP caucus for rival John McCain with 87% of the vote counted—and stopped counting the rest. The impact of calling an election before all votes are counted is "seismic," said a statement from the Huckabee... More »

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