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Pack Your Bags and Shout 'Aieee!'

Creepiest destinations have everything from ghosties to UFOs

(Newser) - Do you like scary movies? Then you may enjoy the real thing even more. The Discovery Channel finds 10 spots guaranteed to send your shorts to the dry cleaners.
  1. Lizzy Borden Bed-and-Breakfast, Fall River, Mass.
  2. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, Calif.
  3. Roswell, NM
  4. Salem, Mass.
  5. New Orleans
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Gore Makes Bloody Mess of Studios' Bottom Lines

Bored, oversaturated audiences flee horror flicks

(Newser) - Hollywood horror flicks are failing to rake in the cash at the box office, the LA Times reports, and some execs are starting to fear a spreading gore-phobia. Hollywood upped its horror output this year, banking on the films' relatively inexpensive production costs and traditionally stellar box-office performances to translate... More »

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