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Wonka Debacle Is Being Made Into a Horror Flick

Its villain, 'The Unknown,' will star

(Newser) - Glasgow's unfortunate Wonka experience is coming back to haunt us, only this time in the form of a feature-length film. If you missed the story, the Scottish city experienced the children's version of Fyre Fest in February when parents forked over $45 per ticket to what was billed...

Here Are the 10 Best Horror Movies Ever

Be prepared to scream (or at least hide under the covers)

(Newser) - In between those Halloween calisthenics of jumping up from the sofa to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, you might want to squeeze in a horror flick or two to get into the holiday spirit. Time Out has some recommendations, thanks to its writers and "horror experts" who compiled a...

'No-Boo' Necklace at Horror Attraction Gets Booed

Preview of the 50th anniversary edition of Knott's Scary Farm was met with cheers, too

(Newser) - Each fall, California theme park Knott's Berry Farm transforms into Knott's Scary Farm for its beloved Halloween event. It's so beloved that hundreds of people attended a live preview of the event last week in Buena Park, though not all fans were happy with what they saw....

In Times of Pandemic, Horror Park Gets Creative

Brazil's Hopi Hari park is now a drive-thru

(Newser) - A large Ferris wheel with red lights illuminates a gloomy path at a horror theme amusement park in Brazil. A line of cars carrying spectators moves slowly as actors dressed up as werewolves and witches approach the vehicles with outstretched arms. Another apocalyptic scene appears on the sidewalk: two zombies...

Mystery of Elisa Lam Still Haunts Internet Sleuths

Clear-cut to some, others are not convinced we have all the facts

(Newser) - When 21-year-old Canadian college student Elisa Lam checked into the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, she never checked out. With known bouts of depression that kept her from completing much course work at all in her first three years of college, the Canadian also left behind traces of inner turmoil...

America Is Home to 96 Norman Bateses

Other popular horror-themed names: Michael Myers, Stephen King

(Newser) - If your real name happens to be Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, or Norman Bates, you probably really love Halloween or you really hate it. But at least you're not alone, according to the Whitepages directory service , which has compiled a list of the 13 most popular horror-themed names in...

Scientists Back Up Frankenstein Moon Tale

Author Shelley could have been inspired by moonlight, as she said

(Newser) - Literary critics have long doubted Mary Shelley's claim that the idea for Frankenstein came to her one night in a vision of sorts, when she woke up and saw moonlight streaming through her shutters. But now researchers have proven that Shelley was telling the truth—or at least possibly...

Wes Craven Picks Top 10 Horror Flicks

Selected by a man who knows what's scary

(Newser) - Need some suggestions for a scary movie to watch this weekend? None other than the horror master himself, Wes Craven, offers up his 10 favorites in the Daily Beast :
  1. Don't Look Now (1973): A "pretty moving work of art as well" as a horror film, this movie is a

Saw Series Ends With a Whimper

 Saw Series Ends 
 With a Whimper  

Saw Series Ends With a Whimper

Gore galore but not much makes sense in 'final chapter'

(Newser) - Saw 3D, the seventh installment in the gory horror franchise, will be the final one, according to its producers, and most critics are hoping they stick to their word.
  • The use of 3D is effective but "a lack of multi-dimensional flying body parts wasn't this series' problem," Geoff

'I'm in love with my grandson and we're having a baby' - New Idea Magazine - Yahoo!Xtra Lifestyle
 Hooks Up 
 With Grandson 
they want a baby

Grandma Hooks Up With Grandson

Put your breakfast aside, then finish reading this

(Newser) - Pearl Carter, 72, is in love and having a baby—with her 26-year-old grandson. Oh, but it’s not gross, because Pearl gave Phil’s mom up for adoption when she was a baby, so grandma and grandson didn’t meet until 2006! Pearl was freaked out when she found...

Inside the Terrifying World of Neil Gaiman
 Inside the 
 Terrifying World 
 of Neil Gaiman 

Inside the Terrifying World of Neil Gaiman

Author has cult-following, is 'nobody's bitch,' was raised Scientologist

(Newser) - Hey, have you heard of this guy Neil Gaiman? That’s basically the gist of a meandering New Yorker profile on the prolific fantasist. Gaiman, for the uninitiated, is a wildly popular writer of comics, novels, screenplays, and, lately, terrifying children’s books. Though mainstream critics sometimes neglect his work,...

Courteney Cox Excited for Scream 4
Courteney Cox Excited
for Scream 4

Courteney Cox Excited for Scream 4

Friends star predicts character will have 'lots of kids'

(Newser) - Courteney Cox will return to the long-running Scream franchise with its fourth installment and says she's excited to return to horror, especially considering that she'll be working with husband David Arquette. Cox and Arquette began their relationship while filming the original Scream in 1996. Asked about a rumor the pair...

Stylish Horror Revived in House of the Devil

Homage to old-school horror films builds tension masterfully

(Newser) - Babysitter-in-danger flick House of the Devil does a delicious job of reproducing the atmosphere of classic horror flicks from the '80s, say critics, and its slow-burn tension is a refreshing change from splatter-fests like Saw.
  • Director Ti West has "crafted a film that beautifully reproduces the look and texture

Stephen King Bites Into Vampire Comic

Horror maestro to lend hand on Vertigo's American Vampire

(Newser) - Stephen King is truly sinking his teeth into his official comic book debut, writing half of the first five issues of Vertigo’s upcoming American Vampire. The brainchild of King buddy Scott Snyder, the series tells the stories of a line of uniquely American blood suckers. King will be writing...

Halloween II a Gory Dud
 Halloween II a Gory Dud 
movie review

Halloween II a Gory Dud

Critics yawn over Rob Zombie's horror remake

(Newser) - Dimension Films refused to screen Rob Zombie's Halloween II for critics—which is looking like a wise move based on the reviews coming out:
  • "Creatively comatose, even by the standards of a sequel to a remake," writes Rob Nelson in Variety. "Zombie's hatchet job on the series

Zombies Work in Latest Jane Austen Spinoff
Zombies Work
in Latest Jane
Austen Spinoff

Zombies Work in Latest Jane Austen Spinoff

Somehow, style lends itself to the undead ... aliens ... vampires ...

(Newser) - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has been so well received that one must question “why these silly, campy things work so well,” Monica Hesse writes in the Washington Post. She suggests that it’s not simply because Jane Austen and vampires sell—as the author of the forthcoming...

Scariest Flicks for Halloween
 Scariest Flicks for Halloween 

Scariest Flicks for Halloween

Critics counts down Hollywood's best-liked and most-feared horrors

(Newser) - It's Halloween, so grab the popcorn and scare yourself silly. Salon counts down ghoulish classics guaranteed to do the trick.
  • The Exorcist (1973): Despite the years and the hype, this tale of diabolical possession is still Hollywood's most ominous venture into the supernatural.
  • Halloween (1978): The movie that spawned countless

Tales From Crypt Casts Palin

Tales From the Crypt takes a swipe at censorship with Palin cover

(Newser) - Pop culture can’t get enough of Sarah Palin right now: The vice-presidential candidate will grace the cover of Tales From the Crypt’s next issue, reports the New York Daily News. In a swipe at Palin's book-banning inquiries as Wasilla mayor, she brandishes a hockey stick at three of...

'The Fly' Morphs Into Opera
 'The Fly' Morphs Into Opera 

'The Fly' Morphs Into Opera

Cronenberg classic debuts in Paris

(Newser) - David Cronenberg’s horror classic The Fly has metamorphosed into something new: an opera. This new, unholy horror-opera hybrid was unleashed on Paris last night, garnering at least somewhat enthusiastic applause, Bloomberg reports. Intact were all the things that made the movie memorable: its tragic love plot, hideous monster and,...

Best Small-Screen Frightfests Ever

EW lists its top 16, from Twilight Zone to X-Files

(Newser) - Who says the small screen can't scare up big fear? NBC’s new horror anthology, Fear Itself, has sparked Entertainment Weekly to list its top TV scare-fests of all time:
  1. The Twilight Zone: The geography may be fuzzy (fifth dimension? parallel universe?) but fright fans have memorized every episode.

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