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Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake Senate in 2014
Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake
Senate in 2014

Karl Rove: GOP Can Retake Senate in 2014

But the party will need 'quality candidates'

(Newser) - If the Todd Akins and Richard Mourdocks of the world keep their distance, Republicans have a chance of retaking the Senate in 2014, writes Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal . To do so, they would would need a net gain of six seats. It sounds steep, but Max Baucus...

Fight for the Senate: Can GOP Flip 4 Seats?
 Democrats Keep Senate: 
 Warren, McCaskill Win 
election 2012

Democrats Keep Senate: Warren, McCaskill Win

Tim Kaine, too; Democrats coast as Mourdock, Akin, McMahon lose

(Newser) - Democrats had a banner night in the Senate, starting with Elizabeth Warren knocking off GOP incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Tim Kaine beat George Allen in Virginia, and Chris Murphy did the same to Linda McMahon for Connecticut's open seat—despite her huge personal influx of cash . It...

Clutch Senate Races to Watch Tomorrow

From Maine to Montana, here are the ones that could come down to the wire

(Newser) - The presidential race isn't the only one that will be decided tomorrow. Nearly as important is the fierce battle for control of the Senate. When the campaign season began, a GOP takeover there seemed assured, but now Democrats appear favored to remain in control, Real Clear Politics reports. Here...

GOP Donors Rally Behind Mourdock in Indiana

But new poll shows Democratic challenger with lead

(Newser) - After Todd Akin made his controversial "legitimate rape" comments in August, he quickly became a pariah in the Republican party. Indiana's Richard Mourdock, on the other hand, is seeing a rush of GOP support, despite his own controversial rape and pregnancy comments , reports Politico . The final days will...

Larry Flynt to Mourdock: $1M for Proof 'God Intended'

He wants to see transcripts of Mourdock's convos with God

(Newser) - Millionaires are sure throwing around their millions: Larry Flynt ran a full-page ad in today's Indianapolis Star offering to put his money where Richard Mourdock's mouth is. In exchange for any "verifiable transcript of your personal conversations with God," including texts, letters, or emails, that say...

Gaffes Squash GOP Bid to Rule Senate—Again

Akin, Mourdock stumbles reminiscent of 2010 struggle

(Newser) - In 2010, the GOP looked poised for a potential Senate takeover—but losses by Tea Party favorites to Democrats in Nevada, Delaware, and Colorado helped Democrats maintain control. Now, a similar scenario is playing itself out, notes the AP . Once again, Republicans should have had the Senate locked up this...

GOP Mainstream Wants to Ban Abortion for Rape Victims

It's not just Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock: William Saletan

(Newser) - Don't be fooled: It's not just the fringes of the Republican party that oppose abortion rights for rape victims. In fact, at least 12 of the 28 nonincumbent Republican Senate candidates would ban abortion, even in cases of rape, writes William Saletan at Slate . "That’s a...

Obama Hits Mourdock: 'Rape Is Rape'

Issues Roe v. Wade warning in Leno appearance

(Newser) - President Obama slammed Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's rape comments on the Tonight Show last night. "I don't know how these guys come up with these ideas," Obama said. "Let me make a very simple proposition. Rape is rape. It is a crime." He noted...

Mourdock Apologizes: 'God Abhors Rape'

But the fallout continues

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, Richard Mourdock and the Republican Party are experiencing quite a bit of fallout from the Indiana Senate candidate's comments last night at a debate, in which he said "God intended" pregnancies from rape to happen . The latest:
  • The Democratic National Committee was quick to jump all

GOP's Mourdock: God Intended Pregnancies From Rape

Indiana Senate hopeful under fire for debate remarks

(Newser) - The GOP is on damage control duty after controversial comments on rape from another one of its candidates. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said that pregnancies resulting from rape are "something that God intended to happen," when answering a question on abortion in a debate in Indiana last night,...

YouTube Misfire Embarrasses Senate Hopeful

Richard Mourdock posts reactions to health care ruling, before it's happened

(Newser) - The GOP Senate candidate who knocked Dick Lugar out of the running last month got a bit too, er, efficient, with YouTube last week. Indiana hopeful Richard Mourdock's team accidentally posted four different reactions to an event that hasn't occurred yet: the Supreme Court's health law decision....

Warner Swats 'Wacky' Mourdock
 Warner Swats 
 'Wacky' Mourdock 
Talk Show Roundup

Warner Swats 'Wacky' Mourdock

Thinks Senate candidate's views on bipartisanship are skewed

(Newser) - Mark Warner minced no words today in describing GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's definition of bipartisanship: "I think what Mr. Mourdock said is wacky," Warner told CNN , referring to Mourdock's earlier comments that "bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of...

In Epic Statement, Lugar Rips Foe, Congress

Calls opponent Richard Mourdock an 'unrelenting partisan'

(Newser) - Dick Lugar isn't going quietly into the sunset. The newly deposed Indiana senator has released a scathing 1,425-word statement lambasting his party, his opponent, and Congress in general, Politico reports. Lugar says he wants opponent Richard Mourdock to win because he wants to see a GOP majority for...

Longtime Senator Dick Lugar Loses in Indiana

Conservative Richard Mourdock easily defeats him; Romney cruises

(Newser) - No miracles for Dick Lugar tonight: The six-term incumbent lost the GOP Senate primary in Indiana to Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock, reports NBC News and CNN . The 80-year-old Lugar has been in the Senate since 1976, and he has ruled out running as an independent in November. He conceded...

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