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As Fire Bears Down, Residents of Lake Tahoe Told to Get Out

Evacuations ordered as 'Today, it let loose'

(Newser) - Fire officials ordered more evacuations around the Tahoe Basin as a two-week-old blaze encroached on the mountain towns surrounding glimmering Lake Tahoe. By nightfall, the AP reports that all residents on the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin were warned to evacuate, after fire officials had stressed for days...

For Wildland Firefighters, a New Crisis Is Growing

They're at higher risk of PTSD, suicide with wildfires only getting worse

(Newser) - They are, in the jargon of federal bureaucracy, "forestry technicians." To these "technicians," however, the job title is an insult. In reality, these are federal wildland firefighters who quite literally risk their lives every long day they're on the job, all for the reward of...

Russia Lets Scores of Fires in Siberia Burn

Blazes surpass combined size of all others worldwide

(Newser) - Russia is used to damaging wildfires. A Greenpeace study found that 4.7 billion trees in Russia were lost to fire last year, seven times the number planted. And this year is worse. The blazes burning now in Siberia are larger than all other wildfires around the world combined, the...

North Pole Tainted by Siberian Smoke in Grim First

Wildfires are consuming millions of acres in the Russian region

(Newser) - Siberia is on fire and the smoke has reached the Arctic. The region is known for its harsh, cold winters and short, chilly summers, but a recent heat wave and drought have led to massive wildfires, Gizmodo reports. At present, 8.4 million acres are burning in the Sakha region,...

Landmark Climate Report Is Bleak
Landmark Climate
Report Is Bleak
the rundown

Landmark Climate Report Is Bleak

Comprehensive UN study says things are guaranteed to get worse

(Newser) - The new week begins with grim reading from a landmark UN report about the state of the planet. The 3,000-plus page assessment of the climate concludes that while things are bad now—witness the extreme weather unfolding around the globe—they are certain to get worse in the coming...

Denver Tops Ranking for World's Worst Air

Wildfires send smoke east, affecting Salt Lake City, as well

(Newser) - Smoke from wildfires burning in the western US helped push Denver to the top of a global ranking this weekend—for world's worst air quality. The city edged out Johannesburg, 162-160, the Denver Post reports; on this scale, higher scores indicate worse air. The Colorado health department reported that...

Thousands Evacuated as Fires in Greece Rage On

Greek government seeks emergency help from EU

(Newser) - Wildfires rampaged through some of Greece’s last remaining forests for yet another day Saturday, encroaching on more inhabited areas after burning scores of homes, businesses, and farms during the country's worst heat wave in three decades. One of the massive fires threatened the Greek capital’s most important...

Pictures From a Planet That&#39;s on Fire
Pictures From a
Planet That's on Fire
the rundown

Pictures From a Planet That's on Fire

Fires are raging from Greece to Siberia to California

(Newser) - Writing for Time , Ciara Nugent doesn't pull any punches: "The World Has Been On Fire For the Past Month," reads her headline. But it's an assertion she backs up with photos from locations scattered across the northern hemisphere, from Greece and Italy to Siberia and our...

'My Heart Is Crushed,' Sheriff Says After Town Burns

Greenville, California is a 'moonscape' after devastating wildfire

(Newser) - Residents who heeded fire warnings and fled the picturesque California mountain town of Greenville are struggling to deal with the fact that there isn't much town to go back to. The wind-driven Dixie fire swept into Greenville from two angles Wednesday, destroying much of the town, including its downtown...

Fire Engulfs Entire Town in Northern California

'You MUST leave now,' sheriff's office told Greenville residents

(Newser) - A wind-driven wildfire tore through a northern California mountain town, leaving much of the downtown in ashes and crews braced for another explosive run of flames in the midst of dangerous weather. The Dixie Fire, swollen by bone-dry vegetation and 40mph gusts, raged through the northern Sierra Nevada town of...

Smoke From Western Wildfires Reaches East Coast

They've been sending columns of smoke 6 miles up in the air

(Newser) - Wildfires in the American West, including one burning in Oregon that's currently the largest in the US are creating hazy skies as far away as New York as the massive infernos spew smoke and ash into the air in columns up to 6 miles high. Skies over New York...

Couple Charged in Fire Sparked by Gender Reveal

Massive blaze killed California firefighter

(Newser) - A couple whose gender reveal ceremony sparked a southern California wildfire that killed a firefighter last year were charged with involuntary manslaughter, authorities announced Tuesday. The couple pleaded not guilty Monday to charges involving the El Dorado Fire, San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson announced at a news conference...

Bootleg Fire Is So Big 'It's Changing the Weather'

Extreme heat is leading to formation of towering cloud systems that vex firefighters

(Newser) - You can talk about acres burned, containment, or the number of firefighters engaged, but a quote from a state forestry official in Oregon might provide the best sense of just how big the Bootleg Fire has grown: “The fire is so large and generating so much energy and extreme...

Oregon's Bootleg Fire Is Just Enormous

Its size, relative impact underscores the vastness of the US West

(Newser) - The monstrous wildfire burning in Oregon has grown to a third the size of Rhode Island and spreads miles each day, but evacuations and property losses have been minimal compared with much smaller blazes in densely populated areas of California, the AP reports. The fire's jaw-dropping size contrasted with...

More Than 80 Major Fires Are Burning Across the West

Including one near Lake Tahoe that exploded Sunday

(Newser) - More than 80 major fires are burning across the West as it suffers a drought and high temperatures, including the Tamarack fire near Lake Tahoe, which exploded to 30 square miles Sunday. It first ignited two weeks ago due to lightning, the AP reports. Roads were closed and evacuations were...

Winds Whip Oregon Wildfire Bigger Than New York City

'Fire clouds' complicate the battle

(Newser) - Firefighters scrambled Friday to control a raging inferno in southeastern Oregon that's spreading miles a day in windy conditions, one of numerous wildfires across the West that are straining resources. Crews had to flee the fire lines late Thursday after a dangerous "fire cloud" started to collapse, threatening...

Wildfires Rage as Western Heat Wave Peaks

California fire covers 140 square miles

(Newser) - Dozens of wildfires burned across the torrid US West on Monday, but fire agencies reported progress in corralling the flames and forecasters predicted a gradual decrease in extreme temperatures. The fires have forced evacuations in numerous areas with dispersed properties and tiny communities where some burned homes and other structures...

Wildfires Rage as West Bakes
Wildfires Rage as West Bakes

Wildfires Rage as West Bakes

Firefighters battle extreme heat in California, Oregon, elsewhere

(Newser) - Firefighters were working in extreme temperatures across the West and struggling to contain wildfires, the largest burning in California and Oregon, as another heat wave baked the region. Details, via the AP :
  • The largest wildfire of the year in California—the Beckwourth Complex Fire—was raging along the Nevada state

Town That Recorded Highest Temperature Is Now on Fire

Mayor of Lytton, BC, orders evacuation

(Newser) - On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the village of Lytton, British Columbia, broke records for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada. By Wednesday, it was on fire. Mayor Joe Polderman says he signed an evacuation order around 6pm Wednesday as fire tore through the village of around 250 residents. "...

Arizona Fire Sends Smoke to Albuquerque

New Mexico has its own blazes to worry about

(Newser) - A wildfire in Arizona that had neighboring New Mexico breathing in smoke was one of several blazes scorching the drought-stricken Southwest, signaling what could be a devastating summer. Residents in New Mexico's largest city woke up Wednesday shrouded again in smoke from the Arizona fires, the AP reports. The...

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