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Meta Slammed for 'Stupid, Dangerous' Canada News Ban

Move has made it harder for people to share information about wildfire evacuations

(Newser) - Meta has banned Canadians from sharing news content on Facebook and Instagram amid an ongoing dispute with the federal government—and experts say that with wildfire evacuations underway, the timing couldn't be worse. Residents of Yellowknife, capital of the Northwest Territories, have been told to get out by noon...

Maui Official Who Declined to Deploy Emergency Sirens Steps Down

Herman Andaya resigned citing health reasons

(Newser) - Outdoor alert sirens on Maui stayed silent as a ferocious fire devastated the seaside community of Lahaina last week. The head of the Maui Emergency Management Agency said he had no regrets about not deploying the system as a warning to people on the island. A day after making that...

Maui Fire 'Was Not Only Predictable, It Was Predicted'

Lawsuits say Hawaiian Electric knew of wildfire risks but failed to act promptly

(Newser) - The deadliest US wildfire in more than a century "was not only predictable, it was predicted" by Hawaiian Electric and "anyone else who bothered to look into the issue," says Mikel Watts, the lead attorney in a lawsuit filed against the company Wednesday. The lawsuit accuses the...

Residents of Canadian City Told to Get Out by Friday

Wildfires are threatening Yellowknife, capital of Northwest Territories

(Newser) - Air evacuations are to begin Thursday to move residents in the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories out of the path of wildfires that are nearing the city of 20,000 people. People in the four areas of Yellowknife at highest risk should leave as soon as possible and residents...

Lahaina Residents Fear Rebuild Will Shut Them Out

The median price of a Maui house already is $1.2 million

(Newser) - Richy Palalay so closely identifies with his Maui hometown that he had a tattoo artist permanently ink "Lahaina Grown" on his forearms when he was 16. But a chronic housing shortage and an influx of second-home buyers and wealthy transplants have been displacing residents like Palalay who give Lahaina...

Opening, Closing of Highway Angers Maui Residents
Opening, Closing
of Highway Angers
Maui Residents
the rundown

Opening, Closing of Highway Angers Maui Residents

Officials say people are breeching barricades and entering dangerous areas

(Newser) - A chaotic scene developed Saturday on Maui as residents trying to return to their homes and businesses in Lahaina after the wildfires grew frustrated by the repeated opening and closing of the main highway to the community. Steven and Giulietta Daiker told CNN that after three hours, they had almost...

Report: Maui Officials Didn't Use Sirens to Alert Lahaina

Communications efforts are now under scrutiny after wildfire that has left at least 80 dead

(Newser) - In the hours before a wildfire engulfed the Hawaiian town of Lahaina, Maui County officials failed to activate sirens that would have warned the entire population of the approaching flames and instead relied on a series of sometimes confusing social-media posts that reached a much smaller audience. Power and cellular...

Amid Maui Destruction, the 'Heartbeat of Lahaina' Endures

Historic 150-year-old banyan tree is scorched but still standing—for now

(Newser) - The wildfire that's been tearing across the island of Maui has proven devastating, with people forced to leap into the ocean to escape the smoke and flames and a growing death toll of more than 50 . The city of Lahaina, once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, was especially...

Survivors in Maui Kept Running Because 'the Fire Didn't Stop'

Death toll climbs and will rise again, governor says

(Newser) - The official death toll in the wildfire that swept through the Hawaiian island of Maui rose to 53 on Thursday, and Gov. Josh Green said it will go higher. "I'll tell you, by the time this disaster is all described, I'm sure there will be dozens of...

Death Toll Hits 36 in Maui Fires
Death Toll Hits 36 in Maui Fires

Death Toll Hits 36 in Maui Fires

'All of Lahaina is burnt to a crisp. It's like an apocalypse'

(Newser) - At least 36 people have died in wildfires in Hawaii, officials say, making the Maui fires one of the deadliest disasters in the state's history. The office of Maui Mayor Richard Blissen confirmed the death toll Wednesday night and said it is likely to rise, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports....

At Least 6 Dead in Hawaii Fires
At Least 6 Dead in Hawaii Fires

At Least 6 Dead in Hawaii Fires

Nonessential travel to Maui restricted

(Newser) - The wildfires raging on Hawaii's second-largest island have killed at least six people and seriously injured several others, officials confirmed Wednesday. Maui Mayor Richard Blissen said at a press conference Wednesday that he didn't know where on the island the six had died. He said the injured people...

Hawaii Wildfires Force People Into the Ocean
Hawaii Wildfires Force
People Into the Ocean
the rundown

Hawaii Wildfires Force People Into the Ocean

The scene is described as 'apocalyptic' on the island of Maui

(Newser) - Add Hawaii to the locales battling raging wildfires in the summer of 2023. But in this case, Hawaii's unique geography has led to an unreal consequence: Some people have had to literally jump into the ocean to escape the flames. Coverage:
  • On Maui: The Coast Guard tweeted that it

In California, Crews Battle Fire Tornadoes

State's first big wildfire of the year erupted Friday, is still 0% contained

(Newser) - After a slow start to the wildfire season, California is feeling the heat with its biggest blaze of the year. First spotted Friday in the New York Mountains area of the Mojave National Preserve in eastern San Bernardino County, the York Fire had burned thorough 77,000 acres as of...

Plane Fighting Greek Wildfire Crashes

Both pilots were killed in island crash

(Newser) - A Greek air force water-dropping plane crashed while diving into a wildfire in southern Greece on Tuesday, killing both pilots, as authorities battled blazes that have been raging for days across the country amid a return of heat wave temperatures. Summer wildfires blamed on climate change have also struck other...

Huge New Mexico Wildfire Was Sparked by ... Forest Service

Prescribed burns got out of control; latest report was a wildfire that almost burned Los Alamos

(Newser) - Sometimes it takes fire to fight fire, and sometimes it takes fire to make fire. The US Forest Service, in service of the former instead achieved the latter, and may as well have stayed home and left New Mexico alone last year. As the Santa Fe New Mexican reports, the...

Those Summer Vacations in Europe Aren't Going So Well

Wildfires and heat waves are making things really uncomfortable in Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Italy

(Newser) - Officials warned residents and tourists packing Mediterranean destinations on Tuesday to stay indoors during the hottest hours as the second heat wave in as many weeks hits the region and Greece, Spain, and Switzerland battled wildfires. In Italy, civil protection workers monitored crowds for people in distress from the heat...

It Was 100 Degrees Near the Arctic Circle on Saturday

In Northwest Territories, 'the hottest temperature recorded that far north in Canada'

(Newser) - Last week saw four straight days of record high temperatures . Over the weekend, yet more heat records were being set in Canada's Northwest Territories, which are experiencing what the BBC calls an "unprecedented" heat wave. Saturday's temperature of 37.4 degrees Celsius (99.3 Fahrenheit) in Fort...

Forecasters: Only Relief From Smoke Will Be Heat

Canadian wildfire season is now the worst on record

(Newser) - Smoke from Canadian wildfires has brought terrible air quality to cities in the US once again, with conditions expected to worsen in New York City on Thursday—and forecasters say a "stuck" weather pattern means that for people in the East and Midwest, the only relief from the smoke...

New York, Get Ready for More Wildfire Smoke

Though it's not expected to get as bad as it did earlier this month

(Newser) - Canadian wildfire smoke is currently enveloping the Midwest, with Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee reporting some of the worst air in the US . But that doesn't mean it's done with New York: The smoke is expected to return to the state this week, authorities warned. Smoke from the Canadian...

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Is Causing Problems Again

Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee have some of the worst air in the country

(Newser) - Drifting smoke from the ongoing wildfires across Canada is creating curtains of haze and raising air quality concerns throughout the Great Lakes region and in parts of the central and eastern United States. The Environmental Protection Agency's AirNow.gov site showed parts of Illinois, lower Michigan, and southern Wisconsin...

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