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Leading Honesty Scholar Accused of Dishonesty

Peers say renowned Harvard researcher fudged data in multiple studies

(Newser) - Irony alert: A behavioral scientist at Harvard Business School who is considered to be one of the leading scholars on honesty has been accused of fabricating data in multiple studies, reports Science . Francesca Gino has been called out by three peers in behavioral science at the data investigation blog Data...

This Teen's Honesty Yields Next-Level Rewards

Emmanuel Tuloe's is a hero to many in one of the world's poorest, most corrupt places

(Newser) - In Liberia, where the gross national income per capita works out to just $530, it might have taken motorbike taxi driver Emmanuel Tuloe nearly a century to earn $50,000. One day last October, he found that amount in a plastic bag on a street. By then, the teen had...

New Homeowners Find Forgotten Cache of Rare Coins

South Carolina couple returned them to previous owner

(Newser) - New homeowners in South Carolina who found a forgotten cache of valuable coins decided to do the right thing instead of treating it as a buyers' bonus. James and Clarissa Munford, who are both retired from the Army and now own a catering business, made the find in a Columbia...

Lost Your Wallet? Pray That It Had Lots of Cash Inside

The more money in a 'lost wallet,' the more likely that people would return it, researchers found

(Newser) - If you recently found a cash-filled wallet belonging to Brett Miller, Connor Baker, or Brad O'Brien and made the effort to return it, you may have helped researchers restore a collective faith in mankind. The New York Times reports on a new study in the journal Science that tried...

Secret Messaging App Both Adored and Feared

Sarahah lets users send messages anonymously

(Newser) - Imagine being able to hear exactly what family, friends, and coworkers think of you without knowing who is behind each comment. It's enticing to the millions of people who've downloaded the massively popular new app Sararah since it was released in June. Adweek reports that it's currently...

When Car Salesmen Don't Lie: Oldsmobile Ad Goes Viral

'This car will last you at least ALL SPRING '17'

(Newser) - Car buyers who fear getting fooled into purchasing a lemon, take solace: There is at least one honest car salesman out there. An ad posted on Facebook Wednesday for a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero has gone viral, and the first line gives a taste as to why: "Nothing special or...

Girl Scout Sells Scads of Cookies With Honest Reviews
'Flavorless as Dirt': Girl Scout's
Honesty Leads to Big Sales
in case you missed it

'Flavorless as Dirt': Girl Scout's Honesty Leads to Big Sales

A Facebook video helped her sales skyrocket

(Newser) - Charlotte McCourt has sold more than 15,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in a manner so unconventional it's making news: The 11-year-old has been unflinchingly honest. Trefoils? "Kind of boring." Toffee-tastic? "As flavorless as dirt." Savannah Smiles? "Divine." (Not all were negative....

Curse Like a Sailor? Maybe You're Just Honest
Curse Like a Sailor?
Maybe You're Just Honest

Curse Like a Sailor? Maybe You're Just Honest

Study builds on the premise that swearing is linked to less filtering

(Newser) - When profanity goes up, so does integrity. Wait, what? That's what researchers from Stanford, Cambridge, and beyond report in a study they've titled, "Frankly, we do give a damn: The relationship between profanity and honesty," in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science . They ultimately found...

Study Suggests These Are the Least Honest Countries

Here's how the US did

(Newser) - China ranks as one of the least honest countries and the UK as one of the most, if a new study out of the University of East Anglia in the UK holds any weight. Presenting their findings at the London Experimental Workshop this week, researchers say they analyzed more than...

We're More Honest in the Morning
 We're More Honest 
 in the Morning 

We're More Honest in the Morning

As the day goes on, our scruples grow weary

(Newser) - Never trust anyone after lunch. People tend to be a lot more scrupulous in the morning, a new study from Harvard and University of Utah researchers suggests. In a series of experiments, people were asked to solve math problems—some of which were impossible—either in the morning or afternoon,...

Cabbie Returns Passenger's $222K

Vegas gambler pays him $2,000

(Newser) - Say you find $222,000 in your cab. What do you do? You get it back to the passenger who left it, right? That's what cabbie Adam Woldemariam did when he found a laptop case stuffed with the cash in his taxi last month. Woldemariam, 42, described as a...

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