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Girls Soccer Team Overcomes 'Sniggers,' Dominates the Boys

Bournemouth's under-12 Queens Park Ladies wrap up undefeated season in boys league

(Newser) - An under-12 girls soccer team in England had to convince officials they were capable of playing against boys this season. As one player tells the New York Times , "They definitely underestimated us." The Queens Park Ladies of Bournemouth, the only girls team in a boys league, won their...

Ryan Reynolds' Soccer Team Is Hitting His Bank Account

Wrexham may be in debt, but its prospects are looking up

(Newser) - Owning a soccer club is hitting Ryan Reynolds in the wallet. Wrexham, the Welsh team bought by Reynolds and fellow actor Rob McElhenney in 2021, released its accounts for the latest financial year on Thursday and reported that the amount owed to the celebrities has risen to nearly $11.4...

Ryan Reynolds Watches His Soccer Team Score Epic Win

Wrexham AFC team poised for promotion after penalty kick saved in final moments

(Newser) - When actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought fifth-tier Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC in 2021, they frankly stated their main goal was promotion—meaning elevation to a higher division. On Monday, "the Hollywood stars moved a big step closer to their dream" as the team moved to the...

Coach Trapped in Cave Apologizes to Boys' Parents

He and the boys write that they are doing well

(Newser) - The 12 boys trapped in a Thailand cave have been able to write their first note to their families in two weeks. Their message: We're fine. Hungry, but fine. "Don't worry, everyone is strong," says the handwritten message brought out by a rescue diver, reports the...

KFC Ad Seen as Mocking Neymar's Theatrics
KFC Ad Seen as Mocking
Neymar's Theatrics

KFC Ad Seen as Mocking Neymar's Theatrics

Shows a soccer player rolling and rolling and rolling ...

(Newser) - Neymar's histrionics on the soccer field have become legendary , but now they may also prove lucrative—at least for KFC South Africa, if its latest ad draws people into its restaurants. Fortune reports on the chain's minute-long spot , which shows a soccer player flailing and rolling after he...

Elon Musk's Idea to Save Thai Boys: Make a 'Bouncy Castle'

SpaceX CEO says he's sending engineers over to see if his Boring Company can assist

(Newser) - Initial elation at finding 12 boys and their soccer coach in a Thai cave has since turned to concern at not being able to immediately extract them, and sadness after a diver bringing supplies died during his exit . Now, per the BBC , renewed hope joins those emotions after Tesla and...

Report Suggests Health Waning for Some of Boys in Cave

CNN references a new medical assessment

(Newser) - Reports on the 12 boys trapped in a cave in Thailand along with their soccer coach have generally quoted officials as describing the group as in good health . CNN is changing that narrative somewhat, referencing a new doctor's report that described the coach and two boys as experiencing exhaustion...

12 Missing Boys Found Alive in Thai Cave After 9 Days

Search teams also find their coach; now, the actual rescue will need to begin

(Newser) - A remarkable twist to a story that was shaping up to be a tragedy: All 12 boys missing in a cave in Thailand for nine days, along with their coach, have been found, reports the BBC . Rescuers had been zeroing in on a spot in the Tham Luang Nang Non...

Amid Frantic Search for Thai Soccer Team, More Rain

'We still have hope. All agencies are trying their best.'

(Newser) - Heavy rainfall stymied efforts to rescue a youth soccer team trapped in a cave in northern Thailand by flooding underground passages faster than water can be pumped out. Muddy water rising to the ceiling of one of the chambers has prevented Thai navy SEAL divers from progressing farther into the...

Fresh Footprints Bring Hope for Team Lost in Cave

'The kids are athletes, and they have skills'

(Newser) - The search for a youth soccer team lost for three days in a cave in Thailand resumed Tuesday with a message of hope. "We are still optimistic they are all alive," Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said, adding, "even though they may not have anything to eat,...

Youth Soccer Team Missing in Flooded Cave

Authorities have been searching for 2 days in Thailand for 13 missing people

(Newser) - The images on Thailand TV are ominous: Bikes, sneakers, and backpacks left outside a well-known—and dangerous—cave. They belong to 12 boys on a youth soccer team and their coach, who have all been missing since entering the cave system on Saturday afternoon, reports the AP . The boys, ages...

Plane Carrying Soccer Team Crashes in Colombia
76 Dead in Crash of Plane
Carrying Soccer Team

76 Dead in Crash of Plane Carrying Soccer Team

Brazilian team's dream season ends in nightmare

(Newser) - A chartered plane with a Brazilian first division soccer team on board crashed in a mountainous area near Medellin while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament, killing 76 people, Colombian officials say. Five people survived, including three players, reports Reuters . Aviation authorities say the British Aerospace...

Another Men's Sports Team in Hot Water at Harvard

This time, the cross-country team ranked female athletes, sometimes lewdly

(Newser) - When Harvard suspended its men's soccer team last week for the rest of the season due to an "appalling" system of ranking female players, one of the reasons the school gave for its harsh punishment was the fact that team members weren't exactly communicative and cooperative at...

Soccer Team Jerseys Drop Sponsor, Add Paris Tribute

'Je Suis Paris' to temporarily take place of Emirates Airline on Paris team's shirts

(Newser) - The Paris Saint-Germain soccer team wanted to show the world that its thoughts are with its home city and the victims of the recent terror attacks —so it has (temporarily) ditched a major sponsor from its jerseys and replaced it with a message of solidarity instead, reports For the...

Hookers Sponsor Greek Soccer Team

Brothels fork over bucks made playing the field

(Newser) - When an amateur Greek soccer team was hard up for cash, they turned to the world's oldest profession for help. Now members of the Voukefalas club wear hot pink practice jerseys reading "Villa Erotica," one of two brothels the team recruited as sponsors amid drastic sports budget...

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