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Swift on Being Maxim's 'Hottest': Nice Compliment

She's this year's Hot 100 top pick

(Newser) - Continuing her apparent quest to Win All The Awards , Taylor Swift has been named the No. 1 pick on Maxim 's annual Hot 100 list. Among the reasons why: Swift is "deeply unconcerned with whether or not you consider her attractive, which of course only makes her more...

Maxim Explains Why Miley Is Hottest

In case you were wondering...

(Newser) - If you were scratching your head as to how on Earth Miley Cyrus ended up being deemed the hottest woman on, well, Earth by Maxim magazine, mystery solved: Executive Editor Patrick Carone tells Fox News there were a "variety of reasons" behind the pick. First, you apparently wanted her...

No. 69 on Maxim's Hot 100: Manti Te'o's Fake Girlfriend

She looks great in a bikini, the magazine points out

(Newser) - The No. 1 pick for this year's Maxim Hot 100 is no surprise, since Miley Cyrus just couldn't contain her excitement and spilled the beans over the weekend —but No. 69 is definitely an amusing surprise. It's Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend, as Mashable noticed,...

Miley Cyrus Spoils Maxim Hot 100 List

Claims No. 1 spot via Twitter

(Newser) - For former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus, dreams really do come true—especially if those dreams include being ranked by your hotness in a lad mag. Maxim still hasn't released its annual Hot 100 list for 2013, but Cyrus just couldn't contain the news that she's taken the...

Things Walmart Deems Less Acceptable Than Guns

The Bushmaster AR-15 can stay, but pregnant barbie has to go

(Newser) - Despite a public outcry, Walmart is still selling "modern sporting rifles" (read: assault rifles), reportedly including the Bushmaster AR-15, the model used in the Newtown shooting. But there are some items too controversial for Walmart. The Huffington Post helpfully compiled a few of the things that Walmart apparently believes...

Amanda Knox Makes Maxim's Hot 100

No. 1 spot goes to Bar Refaeli

(Newser) - Bar Refaeli is No. 1 on this year's Maxim Hot 100 , but No. 92 is arguably more interesting: It's Foxy Knoxy herself, Amanda Knox. She's probably the most controversial entry, but the list also contains a cartoon character (Family Guy's Lois Griffin) and a man (Stephen...

I Spy Anna Chapman Nude in Playboy
I Spy: Anna Chapman
Nude in Playboy

I Spy: Anna Chapman Nude in Playboy

Former boyfriend delivers saucy shots

(Newser) - Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is still thumbing her ... nose ... at the US and is appearing in all her seductive glory completely nude in Playboy. She didn't sit for a Playboy photo shoot, however—the photos were provided by a former boyfriend, reports the New York Daily News. Not that...

Katy Perry Is Maxim 's Hottest
 Katy Perry Is Maxim's Hottest 
the 2010 hot 100

Katy Perry Is Maxim's Hottest

Singer replaces last year's No. 1, Olivia Wilde

(Newser) - Katy Perry tops Maxim’s Hot 100 this year, causing a few bloggers to say, “Really?” The mag justifies its somewhat uncharacteristic choice by explaining that Perry “is the best friend you suddenly realize you’ve loved your whole life. The rad chick who taught you how to...

18-Year-Old's YouTube Plea Yields Dream Prom Date

'Better than my own,' says Maxim model

(Newser) - While YouTube is full of requests from fans for their celebrity crushes, reality isn’t exactly full of said requests being granted—so extra props to a Denver-area high school senior for landing his dream prom date, in the form of Maxim model and Ultimate Fighting Championship eye candy Arianny...

First Fox: Michelle Hits Maxim's Hot 100 List

(Newser) - First lady Michelle Obama has joined the rarefied ranks of Maxim’s 100 hottest women in the world, AFP reports. Obama, who comes in at 93 on the list, is described in the lad mag as the “stimulus package America really needs.” She's the first first lady to...

Speechwriter's Gal Has Roots in Reality TV

Gawker dishes the dirt on White House hottie

(Newser) - It’s apparently been quite the journey for Alejandra Campoverdi, the pinup girl who’s now dating hotshot White House speechwriter Jon Favreau, Gawker reports. The farm worker’s stepdaughter is now a deputy chief of staff’s assistant, having appeared in a reality TV show (oh, and that Maxim...

Meet Obama Speechwriter's New Squeeze

White House aide posed for Maxim

(Newser) - The legion of fans swooning over President Obama’s 27-year-old speechwriter will surely be disappointed to hear that he’s hooked up with another White House hottie, Gawker reports. Jon Favreau is said to be seeing Ali Campoverdi, an aide and former campaign intern who once appeared in her skivvies...

Duff: I Never Actually Claimed I Was a Virgin

Tween star says she was misquoted in '06 report

(Newser) - Hilary Duff is growing up, but that doesn’t mean that she’s any less tight-lipped about her personal life, Fox News reports. “I was quoted saying I was a virgin” in 2006, “but I absolutely did not say that,” the starlet tells Maxim. So, she’s...

Maxim Ranks 100 Hottest
 Maxim Ranks 100 Hottest 

Maxim Ranks 100 Hottest

American supermodel Miller takes top honors, Lohan crashes to ninth

(Newser) - La Lohan's fall from grace isn't just a cinematic one: Maxim's annual Hot 100 list is out, and Victoria's Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Marisa Miller leads the pack, pushing Lohan from her numero uno spot. Move over starlets, it's "the official return of the all-American supermodel,...

Black Crowes Squawk at Sham Maxim Review

Magazine gives 2.5 stars to an album it never heard

(Newser) - Pick a number, any number: Maxim's 2.5-star rating—out of 5—for the Black Crowes' latest album was little more than a guess, the magazine admitted yesterday. No advanced copies were released, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, but that didn't stop Maxim's critic from decreeing in the March issue...

'Spore' to Finally Debut in Fall
'Spore' to Finally Debut in Fall

'Spore' to Finally Debut in Fall

It's for real this time, EA assures gamers

(Newser) - EA said that its “Spore” videogame, long in development, would be released September 7, Marketwatch reports. The company is expecting the game, designed by “Sims” and “SimCity” creator Will Wright, to generate big revenues, given the near-mythical status its long gestation time and solid-gold pedigree have endowed...

Penthouse Buys Swinger Social Network Sites

Mag, video company sees sex-related content moving online

(Newser) - Stung by the blow that free videos have dealt to the sex-related entertainment industry, Penthouse Media Group is investing $500M in social networking sites. Penthouse has acquired Various Inc., whose flagship site, adultfriendfinder, is a self-described personals community for swingers and sex, the New York Times reports.

Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys
Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys

Israel: Land of Milk and Honeys

Maxim flap exposes Jerusalem's risque pitch

(Newser) - As if it didn't have anything else to do, the Israeli parliament is embroiled in a flap over an American skin mag. Maxim is about to publish an article on "the Women of the Israel Defense Force," featuring the Hebrew hotties in stages of undress some back home...

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