Barkley Marathons

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She Finished Notorious Race on 3 Minutes of Sleep

Jasmin Paris talks about her feat

(Newser) - That Jasmin Paris managed to do what no woman and only 19 men have ever done was widely reported. But how the 40-year-old Scottish veterinarian managed to finish the notorious Barkley Marathons in Tennessee last month is the arguably more interesting story. The 100-mile race sees nearly 55,000 feet...

A Female Ultrarunner Finishes Grueling Event for First Time

Jasmin Paris completes Barkley Marathons with 99 seconds to spare

(Newser) - For the first time, a woman has completed the notorious Barkley Marathons in Tennessee, one of the most difficult such events in the world. Britain's Jasmin Paris fell to the ground with exhaustion after finishing Friday 1 minute, 39 seconds before the 60-hour cutoff, the BBC reports. Four other...

They Have 60 Hours to Run 100 Miles. It's Nearly Impossible

Only 15 people have managed to get to the end of the Barkley Marathons in time in 36 years

(Newser) - We've written about the Barkley Marathons in the past and can't resist an update. The punishing 100-mile race is eye-poppingly difficult, so much so that no runners managed to finish in 2022—or many of the previous years. Since its 1986 founding, only 15 have managed to complete...

The Ludicrous Barkley Marathons Will Break You
The Ludicrous
Barkley Marathons
Will Break You

The Ludicrous Barkley Marathons Will Break You

Fewer than 20 people have completed the race in 31 years

(Newser) - To complete Tennessee's Barkley Marathons, runners only need to average 2mph for 60 hours. Easy, right? Not so much, Esquire reports in a must-read piece that simultaneously makes the race seem like heaven and hell on Earth. The Barkley Marathons comprises five loops through Frozen Head State Park. There'...

Inside the 'Most Brutal Race on Earth'

100-mile Barkley Marathons in Tennessee might be the weirdest, too

(Newser) - To call the Barkley Marathons quirky would be accurate—the entry fee for first-timers to the 100-mile race is a license plate from their home state; the race dates aren't posted (entrants have to just figure it out); there are hidden checkpoints, and GPS devices aren't allowed; and...

5 Stories
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