La Guardia Airport

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Passenger Who Slid Out of Moving Plane Explains

'I have panic attacks,' says man on Delta flight

(Newser) - The passenger who allegedly slid out of a moving Delta Air Lines plane via the emergency exit slide explained his side of the story at an arraignment hearing Tuesday. Antonio Murdock, 31, said he was afraid he would lose control if he didn't get off the Atlanta-bound flight Monday,...

A 'Freak Out,' Then 2 Passengers Slide Out of Taxiing Plane

Oh, and their dog was with them, too

(Newser) - A passenger apparently suffering from PTSD symptoms forced his way out of a moving plane Monday, along with a female companion and a service dog. Passengers onboard Delta Air Lines flight 462, which was taxiing at New York's La Guardia airport preparing to depart for Atlanta, say the group...

In Airplane Bathroom, a Grisly, Tragic Find

Cleaning crew found a dead fetus on American Airlines plane at La Guardia

(Newser) - American Airlines and New York authorities are investigating after a fetus was found in the lavatory of a plane that arrived at LaGuardia Airport from Charlotte, NC, on Monday. The plane was parked overnight before a cleaner discovered the fetus around 5am Tuesday, report CNN and Time . "As we...

3 Stories