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Dishwasher May Have Saved Toddler in Earthquake

91 hours later, Ayda Gezgin was found in 'life triangle' amid rubble of collapsed building

(Newser) - Rescues continue after last week's powerful earthquake in Turkey, and a kitchen appliance may have helped save the life of the latest survivor to be found. A day after a 3-year-old girl was pulled out of the debris of a collapsed building in Izmir, another toddler was found alive...

COVID Forces a Lifestyle Change in India

Suddenly, long-unpopular dishwashers are a must-have product

(Newser) - COVID has brought an unexpected change to India: Suddenly, everyone seems to want a dishwasher in their kitchen. As a post at explains, the kitchen appliance has never been a big seller in the nation, in part because cheap domestic labor is so plentiful. But the pandemic has...

Blocked From Visiting Husband, Wife Gets Creative
Blocked From Visiting
Husband, Wife Gets Creative
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Blocked From Visiting Husband, Wife Gets Creative

Mary Daniel becomes part-time dishwasher at assisted living facility

(Newser) - She runs a small company that helps people navigate health care bills, but Mary Daniel is also now working as a part-time dishwasher. But hers isn't a story about a struggle to pay the bills—it's about her desire to see her ailing husband. As USA Today explains,...

Trump's Dishwasher Lament Generates Attention

'Now you press it 12 times. Women tell me ...'

(Newser) - President Trump gave one of his longest speeches to date Wednesday night, with ridicule of his impeachment in the House a big topic. But Trump also hit on a less consequential issue that's now generating headlines: dishwashers. As in, the machines in people's kitchens. "Remember the dishwasher?...

America's Lowest-Paying Job Isn't in Fast Food

Food service industry still dominates the top 10, though

(Newser) - The website 24/7 Wall St has determined the lowest-paying jobs in America, and it finds that women dominate 18 of the top 25 occupations on the list. It turns out that those in the laundry and dry-cleaning business make the least of all US workers. The site compiled the list...

Food Critic Gets Eye-Opener as Dishwasher for a Day

Scrub, scrub, scrub—and be wary of habanero oil

(Newser) - To be a dishwasher in a top restaurant, you need a "heroic" work ethic, says Tom Sietsema. That's just one thing the Washington Post food critic discovered after spending seven hours doing that very job. Taking a shift at Caracol, chef Hugo Ortega's 250-seat Mexican seafood restaurant...

Top Chef Names Dishwasher Co-Owner of Restaurant

Ali Sonko becomes partner in Noma in Copenhagen

(Newser) - The best chefs will tell you the success of a restaurant depends not on the chef, but on the entire staff, including the dishwashers. Chef Rene Redzepi is clearly among that group. When his Noma restaurant in Copenhagen received the first of four Best Restaurant in the World awards in...

Doing Dishes Relieves Stress— If You Do It Right

Mindfulness can be achieved through the most mundane everyday activities

(Newser) - Washing the dishes can be a calming activity, and not just because it's repetitive. Reporting in the journal Mindfulness , Florida State University researchers say that those who do it mindfully (i.e., really smelling the soap, sensing the water temperature) enjoy increased feelings of inspiration and decreased nervousness. Not...

Study Suggests You Give Up the Dishwasher
 Study Suggests You 
 Give Up the Dishwasher 
in case you missed it

Study Suggests You Give Up the Dishwasher

Kids in homes where dishes are hand-washed have lower allergy rates

(Newser) - You may think you're keeping your family healthy by sanitizing every dishload in a leave-no-bacteria-behind dishwasher, but a new study suggests good old-fashioned hand-washing may lessen kids' chances of developing allergies, the New York Times reports. As per a study published in Pediatrics, scientists studied more than 1,000...

Now You're Cooking With ... a Dishwasher?

Latest food fad is poaching salmon and washing your dishes at the same time

(Newser) - For those too lazy or cheap for a microwave, NPR looks at the fabled art of ... cooking in a dishwasher. Yes, this is an actual thing that people actually do, and apparently it's growing in popularity. The "traditional method," writes Michaeleen Doucleff—who says her mother has...

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