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Red Cross Sitting on a Third of Sandy Donations

$110M remains unspent

(Newser) - The Red Cross was the top recipient of donations after Superstorm Sandy, bringing in $303 million to help victims. But as of mid-April, $110 million of that remained unused, the organization says. Though the Red Cross—and some disaster relief experts—says that's a good move, allowing it to...

Gitmo Hunger Strikers Forced Into Single Cells

US troops battle prisoners in pre-dawn raid

(Newser) - Over two months into their hunger strike , detainees at Guantanamo Bay today clashed with US forces who moved them from communal cell blocks to maximum security single cells. "Some detainees resisted with improvised weapons, and in response, four less-than-lethal rounds were fired," the prison camp said in a...

As Hunger Strike Grows, Red Cross Heads to Gitmo

31 detainees now refusing food: military

(Newser) - The latest Guantanamo Bay hunger strike has expanded to at least 31 of 166 people, according to the military, and the International Committee of the Red Cross is hurrying its efforts to address the situation. The plan had been to send representatives next week, the BBC notes; instead, a doctor...

Another Loser in Sandy's Wake: the Red Cross

Its slow reaction has left some victims fuming

(Newser) - Despite massive fundraising efforts , the Red Cross' response to Hurricane Sandy has left many victims unsatisfied, reports Reuters in a lengthy look at the group's efforts. It finds several factors fueling the disappointment:
  • In advance of the storm, the Red Cross set up five staging areas in places it

Red Cross on Syria: We 'Can't Cope'

Its operation is increasing in scope, but the situation is worsening

(Newser) - The situation in Syria has deteriorated to the point that the International Committee of the Red Cross "can't cope," its president announced today. "The humanitarian situation is getting worse despite the scope of the operation increasing," said Peter Maurer, who outlined the obstacles, as per...

Phony Relief Worker Busted in NYC

He posed as Red Cross volunteer to break into homes

(Newser) - A New York City criminal who spied opportunity after superstorm Sandy struck has been arrested for allegedly posing as a Red Cross worker to break into evacuated homes, the New York Daily News reports. The 49-year-old, who has a criminal record going back decades, was arrested after cops spotted him...

Romney Bought Prop Donations for Relief Event

Red Cross says it's grateful, but would really rather have money, blood

(Newser) - When Mitt Romney's campaign made the hasty decision to transform yesterday's planned Ohio campaign event into a Hurricane Sandy disaster relief rally, they were afraid no one would get the message in time to bring donations, hence ruining the photo-op. So campaign aides ran to Walmart the night...

Record 100K Fled Syria Last Month: UN

And that's just the registered asylum seekers

(Newser) - Not only was August Syria's deadliest month yet , it was also the month that saw the highest number of refugees fleeing the country since the uprising began. Some 103,416 people "sought asylum in neighboring countries" last month, according to the UN, bringing the total number of registered...

Red Cross: Syria Now a Civil War

Move comes as regime denies using heavy weapons on civilians

(Newser) - The International Committee of the Red Cross says it now considers the conflict in Syria a civil war, meaning international humanitarian law applies throughout the country. The Geneva-based group's assessment is an important reference that helps parties in a conflict determine how much and what type of force they...

UN Team: Syria Targeted Rebels in Tremseh

But the massacre violated Syria's commitment to peace

(Newser) - A visiting UN mission said today that Syria's assault on the village of Tremseh targeted mostly activists and rebels, not civilians, as some reports had claimed. But the attack did violate Syria's peace commitment to the UN and the Arab League by using heavy weapons such as artillery...

British Doc Beheaded in Pakistan

Body found in orchard near Quetta, four months after kidnapping

(Newser) - A British doctor working for the Red Cross in Pakistan has been found beheaded after being kidnapped in January, reports the Guardian . The body of Khalil Rasjed Dale was found in an orchard just outside of Quetta, with a note saying he had been killed by the Taliban. Dale was...

Russia to Syria: Stop Fighting— Temporarily

Red Cross needs humanitarian corridor to help the wounded, Russia says

(Newser) - Russia said today that Syria's government and rebels should halt their fighting once a day to give the Red Cross access to the wounded and that jailed protesters should be allowed to have visitors. The call from Russia, an important ally of Syria's, came after its officials met...

Syria Shells Homs, Blocks Red Cross

Civilians stranded without fuel or food in cold conditions

(Newser) - Syrian forces continued to pound the city of Homs today and blocked the Red Cross from reaching civilians who are enduring cold weather without fuel or food, Reuters reports. Syria is exacting revenge on Homs for harboring rebels who pulled out this week , according to a human rights group: "...

Red Cross Begins Evacuations in Syria

At least seven wounded people taken to hospital in Homs

(Newser) - A small measure of progress in Syria: The Red Cross managed to convince Syrian troops and opposition forces to allow ambulances into a hard-hit area in the city of Homs. Seven injured people were rescued and brought to a hospital, reports AP . It's unclear whether two wounded foreign journalists—...

Syrian Troops Surround Rebel City, Fire on Damascus Protesters

Red Cross pleads for humanitarian truce

(Newser) - Syrian troops are massing outside the rebellious city of Homs, and human rights groups fear that one of the bloodiest crackdowns of the 11-month uprising is imminent. The district of Baba Amr is an opposition stronghold, and residents aim to fight until "the last person," an activist tells...

Red Cross Offers Flood Aid as Pyongyang Parties

Massive flooding destroys 2,900 homes, but Arirang Games go on

(Newser) - With torrential rains causing flooding and extensive damage to North Korea, the South Korean Red Cross has offered $4.7 million in aid, reports Yonhap News . Record storms that overwhelmed South Korea last week and killed scores of people also hit the North, killing dozens, destroying 2,900 homes, and...

Show-Off Mistress Tips Chinese to Red Cross Graft

Charity accused of embezzling public donations

(Newser) - One young woman's online boasting will likely derail the gravy train for a lot of people involved with the Red Cross Society of China. After the 20-year-old vamp's posts on China's equivalent of Twitter showed her with luxury cars and designer goods and identified her as a...

Japan Earthquake: How You Can Help

Seven ways to donate and spread awareness

(Newser) - If the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has you feeling helpless, turn to Mashable . The site rounds up seven ways you can do something—even if you’re broke:
  • Like a page: For each person that “likes” the “Dog Bless You” Facebook page for search and rescue

US May Allow Gay Men to Donate Blood Again

1985 ban out of date, advocates argue

(Newser) - A quarter-century after the US started barring gay men from donating blood, Department of Health and Human Services experts are deciding whether to lift the lifetime ban, HealthDay News reports. The policy was instituted in 1985, as public consciousness of HIV/AIDS grew. "There was good reason for it, based...

As Help Scales Up, So Does Haiti's Nightmare

Survivors increasingly desperate for aid

(Newser) - The staggering scope of Haiti's nightmare came into sharper focus yesterday as authorities estimated 200,000 dead and 1.5 million homeless in the quake-ravaged heart of this tragic land. In one step to reassure frustrated aid groups, the US military agreed to give aid deliveries priority over military flights...

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