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Bob Costas: Here's Why I Was Pulled From NFL Coverage

He says NBC wasn't happy about concussion remarks

(Newser) - Sportscasting legend Bob Costas has parted ways with NBC after 40 years—and he's got a few things to get off his chest. Costas tells ESPN that he was pulled from the network's NFL coverage after repeatedly speaking out about the concussion crisis and the league's handling...

Bob Costas: Football May Soon 'Collapse Like a House of Cards'

Bob Costas:
Football May Soon
'Collapse Like a
House of Cards'

Bob Costas: Football May Soon 'Collapse Like a House of Cards'

He says the 'fundamental' danger of football will likely be its undoing

(Newser) - Bob Costas says football, at least as we know it, may soon "collapse like a house of cards" because of one "fundamental fact": "This game destroys people's brains." USA Today reports the Emmy award-winning sports broadcaster and former host of Football Night in America called...

Bob Costas Was Right About Gun Control
Bob Costas Was Right
About Gun Control

Bob Costas Was Right About Gun Control

'Pathologies' of gun violence, domestic violence need addressing

(Newser) - Bob Costas has been heavily criticized for responding to Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide with a call for better gun control during halftime of Sunday's Eagles-Cowboys game. But in a culture awash in gun violence, Costas was clearly in the right, writes Amy Davidson in the New Yorker . She debunks...

Costas' Gun Control Call Stirs Hornet Nest

 Costas' Gun  
 Control Call  
 Stirs Hornet Nest 

Costas' Gun Control Call Stirs Hornet Nest

Halftime speech draws fierce criticism

(Newser) - Bob Costas' response to Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide ruffled a lot of feathers yesterday. Costas used his commentary segment during halftime of yesterday's Cowboys-Eagles game to call for increased gun control, quoting extensively from a column from Kansas City native and Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock. "Our current...

NBC Failed to Air Shocking Sandusky Footage

Bob Costas asked if Sandusky had 'classic MO of many pedophiles'

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky's openness in an NBC interview last November may give prosecutors an unexpected boost in the courtroom, Fox News reports. Talking to Bob Costas, the former Penn State assistant football coach all but admitted to having inappropriate relations with at least some underage boys. "I didn't...

Jon Stewart on Jerry Sandusky's Interview With Bob Costas: You Can't Even Lie Emphatically
 Sandusky 'Can't Even 
 Lie Emphatically' 

Sandusky 'Can't Even Lie Emphatically'

For a defensive coordinator, his defense sucks

(Newser) - Were you blown away by Jerry Sandusky’s excruciatingly awkward phone interview with Bob Costas ? So was Jon Stewart. “I’m no lawyer,” he said on the Daily Show last night, “but it seems to me that when you’re accused of one of the most...

Sandusky: 'I Shouldn't Have Showered With Those Kids'

Accused coach says he's innocent, and not a pedophile

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky admits he showered and played with young boys, but insists he is not a pedophile. "I say that I am innocent of those charges," Sandusky tells Bob Costas in an NBC interview airing tonight. Asked whether he is a pedophile, Sandusky says, "No." Currently...

NBC's Rah-Rah Coverage of Team USA Nauseates
NBC's Rah-Rah Coverage of Team USA Nauseates 

NBC's Rah-Rah Coverage of Team USA Nauseates

As anchors fawn, foreign athletes described with 'hoary cliches'

(Newser) - Shaun White may be introducing new tricks during these Games, but NBC’s coverage of him, and Team USA in general, remains an unchanged lesson in "network heavy breathing," writes Alessandra Stanley. “Hyped-up commentators” explain the action “often incomprehensibly,” but once the race is over...

Colbert Arrives, Buries Hatchet With Canada
 Colbert Arrives, Buries 
 Hatchet With Canada 

Colbert Arrives, Buries Hatchet With Canada

Pokes fun at Vancouver weather in taping Report

(Newser) - Comedian Stephen Colbert put his faux feud with Canada to rest today, taping his show in a Vancouver park to cheers from hundreds of locals. “This was a welcome that we could not have imagined … I take back everything I ever said about Canada,” said Colbert, who’...

Dan Patrick to Join NBC's Football Night

Move reunites him with former SportsCenter partner Olbermann

(Newser) - Dan Patrick will join NBC's Football Night in America this fall, in a move that reunites him with Keith Olbermann. The two men changed the field of sportscasting with their 1992 debut on ESPN's SportsCenter, writes Broadcasting & Cable. Patrick will keep his radio show and Sports Illustrated column while...

Author Uses Costas Show to Blast Bloggers
Author Uses Costas Show to Blast Bloggers

Author Uses Costas Show to Blast Bloggers

Irate writer's profane 'discussion' sweeps newfangled Interwebs

(Newser) - The déclassé world of sports bloggers infiltrates the vaunted mainstream media today with New York Times sports media expert Richard Sandomir's take on Tuesday's episode of HBO's Costas Now. The live "town hall" setting included a segment on sports bloggers that quickly devolved into a tirade by Pulitzer...

'Midget-Man' Costas Unfazed by Bonds' Dig

Broadcaster takes it on the chin after steroid program

(Newser) - Broadcaster Bob Costas insists he's not insulted that slugger Barry Bonds called him "a little midget man who knows [nothing] about baseball," AP reports. The dig came after an installment of HBO's "Costas Now," in which the broadcaster weighed in on Bonds' reputed steroid use. "...

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