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PETA Says It 'Rescued' 3 of King Charles' Racing Pigeons

Group says it bought birds at auction to save them from 'cruel' industry

(Newser) - PETA says it has bought three royal racing pigeons from King Charles' Sandringham estate—and their racing days are over. A spokesperson for the group tells the Washington Post that the birds were bought for around $1,900 at a January auction and taken to a sanctuary in Wales. PETA...

After 8 Months, Cops Release This Suspicious Bird

Pigeon caught in May near port in Mumbai, India, had been suspected of spying for China

(Newser) - Indian police cleared a suspected Chinese spy pigeon after eight months' detention and released it into the wild Tuesday, reports the news agency Press Trust of India. The pigeon's ordeal began in May when it was captured near a port in Mumbai with two rings tied to its legs,...

Tokyo Taxi Driver Charged With Killing Pigeon

He could get up to a year in prison for driving into flock of birds at green light

(Newser) - A taxi driver in Tokyo ran afoul of the country's strict wildlife laws when he deliberately drove into a flock of pigeons, killing one, police say. The driver, 50-year-old Atsushi Ozawa, allegedly accelerated and drove into the flock last month after a traffic light turned green, the Mainichi reports....

Cops Looking Into Death of Pigeon Dyed Pink

NYPD is on the case of death of 'Flamingo,' who may have been dyed for a gender reveal

(Newser) - The sad news of the death of Flamingo , the white king pigeon found in Manhattan last month dyed pink, has now attracted the attention of local law enforcement. The New York Times reports that the NYPD's animal cruelty unit has opened an investigation into what happened to the bird,...

NYC Pigeon May Have Been Dyed Pink for Gender Reveal
Pigeon That Was
Dyed Pink Doesn't Make It

Pigeon That Was Dyed Pink Doesn't Make It

Animal rehab group believes toxins in pink dye killed 'Flamingo'

(Newser) - A pink pigeon found in Manhattan last week has died, apparently from the toxins in the dye that was used on it. "We don't know why this bird was dyed pink, although many of our followers have speculated that it was for a gender reveal party," Catherine...

US Leg Band Is Pigeon's Saving Grace in Australia

Well, the fact that it was counterfeit, that is

(Newser) - A pigeon in Australia can coo in peace after his marking as an American almost got him killed . The emaciated pigeon, spotted Dec. 26 in Melbourne, was wearing a leg band that identified it as a racing pigeon who'd left Oregon in October. Australian authorities therefore assumed the pigeon—...

Australia to Kill US Pigeon That Made It Across the Pacific

It considers the racing pigeon a quarantine threat

(Newser) - A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 8,000-mile Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia. Now authorities consider the bird a quarantine risk and plan to kill it. Kevin Celli-Bird said Thursday he discovered that the exhausted bird that arrived in his...

This Is an Expensive Pigeon
This Is an Expensive Pigeon

This Is an Expensive Pigeon

New Kim brings record $1.89M in Belgian auction

(Newser) - After a flurry of bidding in the last half-hour, a Belgian racing pigeon sold Sunday for a world record $1.89 million—a gravity-defying bid that's more than anyone expected, Reuters reports. "These record prices are unbelievable, because this is a female," said Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, chief executive...

Vegas' Latest Show: Pigeons in Cowboy Hats
The 'Birds Have
Hats On, Bro!'

The 'Birds Have Hats On, Bro!'

Odd sighting of pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats is latest mystery in Las Vegas

(Newser) - "Who did this?" That's the question KTNV is posing after a "witness" spotted a group of pigeons hanging out near a dumpster in Las Vegas, which normally wouldn't be of note—except a couple of the birds were wearing miniature cowboy hats. Bobby Lee was the...

Indiana Fire Kills Nearly 2K Racing Pigeons

'Greatest modern-day pigeon disaster,' says an expert

(Newser) - A devastating fire in Wanatah, Indiana, left nearly 2,000 competitive racing pigeons dead over the weekend. The 2019 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar One Loft Race, which Newsweek calls "one of the most important events in the world of competitive pigeon racing," was going on at the time,...

Pigeon Poops on Politician Griping About Pigeon Poop

CBS Chicago reports on the city's 'Pigeon Poop Station'

(Newser) - It's known as "Pigeon Poop Station," so perhaps it should come as no surprise that as a lawmaker gave an interview there griping about the pigeon poop problem ... he got pooped on by a pigeon. State Rep. Jaime Andrade was talking to CBS Chicago at the city'...

Meet Armando, the $1.4M Pigeon
Meet Armando,
the $1.4M Pigeon

Meet Armando, the $1.4M Pigeon

Racing bird likely to spend his next years making babies

(Newser) - Someone just paid $1.4 million for a pigeon—but not just any pigeon. Armando is the "best Belgian long-distance pigeon of all time," according to auction house Pipa , which oversaw a bidding war between two buyers from China, where pigeon racing is popular among the wealthy . The...

Birds Kill Man Who Cleaned Pigeon Poop

Pigeon allergy, pneumonia claim life of 72-year-old

(Newser) - A man who came in contact with pigeons but didn't much like them has died in an unexpected way—from a pigeon allergy. Peter Willoughby of Hampshire County, England, cleaned bird droppings at a Ford factory for 25 years and let a friend store pigeons in his garden, the...

4 Animals With Crazy Abilities
 4 Animals With Crazy Abilities 

4 Animals With Crazy Abilities

Sierra Club list includes tigers, thanks to their whiskers

(Newser) - How does a tiger know when its prey is dead? It uses its ultra-sensitive whiskers to detect a pulse, or lack thereof. So says the Sierra Club in rounding up four animals with "superhero" abilities. Those whiskers have sensitive nerve endings, and after a tiger takes down its prey,...

Has 'Unbreakable' WWII Message Been Cracked?

 Has 'Unbreakable' 
 WWII Message 
 Been Cracked? 
in case you missed it

Has 'Unbreakable' WWII Message Been Cracked?

Canadian man says WWI codebook was the key

(Newser) - A recently discovered coded message from World War II may have been cracked. A British intelligence agency took the 27 blocks of text, found attached to the remains of a pigeon discovered in a UK chimney, to the public last month after its codebreakers had no luck. Now, a Canadian...

WWII Message's Code May Be Unbreakable

Experts seek help decoding newly discovered missive

(Newser) - While renovating his chimney, a UK man discovered a long-lost coded message from World War II attached to the remains of a pigeon. Now experts are trying to figure out what the message said—and so far, they're at a loss, the BBC reports. A British intelligence agency is...

Bird 'Bermuda Triangle' Claims Hundreds of Pigeons

British pigeon racers distraught

(Newser) - There's a new Bermuda Triangle—but this one's for the birds. Racing pigeons, who are supposed to rush home when released far away, are disappearing in northern England, the Telegraph reports. Just 13 of 232 birds released in North Yorkshire last weekend made it to their destinations, and...

Pigeons Have Their Own GPS

Study shows how they navigate using Earth's magnetic field

(Newser) - It's no wonder pigeons are renowned for their sense of direction: Their brains function like biological GPS units, say two researchers. As Nature explains, scientists already knew that pigeons used the Earth's magnetic field to get around, but the new study shows for the first time how specific...

World's Most Expensive Pigeon Sells for $328K

Chinese tycoon snaps it up for racing

(Newser) - Who knew? A pigeon, apparently a very fast pigeon, has sold for a record $328,000, notes the Wall Street Journal . A Chinese tycoon named Hu Zhen Yu bought the Dutch bird in an online auction run by the company Pipa. It will presumably be a rock star in the...

Pigeons Ace Math Tests
 Pigeons Ace Math Tests 
study says

Pigeons Ace Math Tests

Perform as well as monkeys at abstract number quiz

(Newser) - Don't let those blank stares fool you: Pigeons, it seems, are the math nerds of the bird world. Researchers found that the creatures can do more than count—they can handle numbers in the abstract sense, an ability never before seen outside primates, the New York Times reports. Pigeons...

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