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Soaring Candy Sales Sweeten Hard Times

Confectioners' profits rise as people seek comfort

(Newser) - Tough times don’t seem to be trickling down to inexpensive candy shops, where adult customers are flocking for a sugar-coated escape from their troubles, the New York Times reports. “People may indulge themselves a little bit more when times are tough,” says an analyst. And indulge they... More »

Kraft, Mars, Cadbury Hit by Chinese Tainting Scandal

Melamine concerns prompt recall, probe

(Newser) - Kraft and Mars are investigating claims by the Indonesian government that products including Oreos, M&Ms, and Snickers imported from China are tainted with melamine, PerthNow reports. The company notes that the products tested melamine-free elsewhere in Asia, and suggests that they could be counterfeit. Still, the firms are supporting... More »

EU Probes Chocolate Price Fixing

Hershey, Mars, others suspected of conspiracy

(Newser) - The European Commission suspects candy giant Hershey of conspiring with other chocolate and candy manufacturers in an industry-wide price-fixing scheme, AP reports. Both Hershey and rival Mars recently received requests for information from the commission after some 50 civil lawsuits in the US have alleged price fixing. The two companies... More »

Chocolate Makers Face Sticky Probe

US and Canada investigate possible price-fixing

(Newser) - Following a similar investigation in Canada last month, the Justice Department has launched a probe into possible price-fixing in the US chocolate industry. The suspects form a rich, creamy lineup: M&M maker Mars acknowledged it has been contacted by the DOJ, the Wall Street Journal reports. Nestle, too, says... More »

Corporate Buyers Muscle In on Private Equity Deals

Credit squeeze puts business-as-usual on hold

(Newser) - Corporations have the upper hand over private equity firms in acquisitions for the first time in years because of chaos in the debt markets, the Wall Street Journal reports. Private equity firms are stalled until the credit situation stabilizes and they can sell off some of their debt. Corporate buyers... More »

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