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'Like Living in a Horror Film' After Minks Escape From Farm
'Like Living in a Horror Film'
After Minks Escape From Farm
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'Like Living in a Horror Film' After Minks Escape From Farm

As many as 8K were released Sunday morning in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - A week after an escaped murderer was finally captured in Pennsylvania comes a different kind of jailbreak and warning to residents in the state. "Unknown actor(s)" cut holes in a mink farm's fence early Sunday, providing a point of escape for between 6,000 and 8,000 minks...

After Mink Release, Plow Brought In to Clear Carcasses

Vandals released up to 40K of them from farm, and 10K remain unaccounted for

(Newser) - Vandals freed thousands of minks at a rural northwest Ohio farm, leaving an estimated 10,000 of the small carnivorous mammals unaccounted for Tuesday evening, the local sheriff said. So many minks were killed crossing a nearby road that a plow was brought in to help clear the carcasses away,...

4 People in Michigan May Have Caught COVID From Mink

New report suggests CDC was slow to alert public in 2020

(Newser) - A new report by National Geographic about an outbreak of COVID on a mink farm in Michigan in 2020 does not paint the CDC in a positive light.
  • 4 infections: The report says four people appear to have gotten infected—two who worked at the farm in Eaton County, and

An Unexpected New COVID Concern: Deer
An Unexpected
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An Unexpected New COVID Concern: Deer

Lots of deer appear to be infected, and they could provide a 'reservoir' for virus to mutate

(Newser) - A new study is throwing a COVID curveball: It seems that a surprisingly high number of white-tailed deer have the infection. And while the deer don't seem to get sick, they could function as a "reservoir" in which the virus can lurk, mutate, and perhaps jump back to...

Denmark Will Exhume Millions of Dead Mink

It'll wait until May, though

(Newser) - Denmark has confirmed it will indeed tackle the grim job of digging up millions of mink who were culled due to the coronavirus and buried in mass graves. Two of those graves, it turns out, are located near a drinking water source and swimming lake , respectively, leading to concerns that...

For First Time, a Wild Animal Found to Have Coronavirus

Wild mink in Utah found to be infected

(Newser) - Minks in Denmark have been a big problem during the pandemic, and 15,000 farmed minks have been killed by the coronavirus in the US so far. Now, the Department of Agriculture announced Monday that a wild mink in Utah has been found to have the coronavirus—the first confirmed...

Denmark Faces Calls to Dig Up Just-Buried Minks

Millions were culled in coronavirus measure

(Newser) - Just weeks after starting to cull millions of minks to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Denmark's government is under pressure to exhume them. One mass burial site is near a swimming lake, the other near a source of drinking water, the BBC reports. In addition, gases have caused...

'Zombie' COVID-Infected Mink Re-Emerging From Graves

Sounds like something out of a horror story, but this is real life in Denmark

(Newser) - Denmark is culling millions of minks to stop a dangerous mutated form of the coronavirus from spreading to humans , but some of those minks don't seem to want to stay in the ground. As USA Today reports, minks infected with the mutated COVID-19 strain are re-emerging after being buried...

Denmark Realizes No Law Allows Order to Cull Minks

Government urges farmers to go ahead anyway to protect humans from coronavirus

(Newser) - Now that it's begun to cull as many as 17 million minks, Denmark's government has conceded there's nothing in the law that permits the order. The decision was made after a mutated form of the coronavirus jumped to humans and fears arose that the effectiveness of vaccines...

Denmark Locks Down After Virus Mutates in Mink

'We must knock down completely this virus variant'

(Newser) - Denmark has strengthened a lockdown in the north of the country, where a mutated version of the coronavirus has spread from minks to humans . Starting Friday, bars, restaurants, and public transport will be shut down in seven North Jutland regions with a combined population of around 280,000, the BBC...

Denmark: COVID Mutation Has Spread From Minks to Humans

Country plans to cull 15M animals

(Newser) - Denmark says it plans to kill all farmed mink in the country, at least 15 million animals, rather than take any chances with a mutated version of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen warned Wednesday that according to a government report, a version of the virus spreading from minks to...

COVID Threatens to Wipe Out One Nation's Huge Mink Industry

Denmark will cull at least 2.5M animals because of a coronavirus outbreak on farms

(Newser) - Danish veterinarians and farmers have begun culling at least 2.5 million minks in Denmark after the coronavirus showed up in at least 63 farms. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is handling the culling of the infected animals, while breeders who have noninfected minks on a farm within 5...

Mink May Have Passed Infection to Humans

'This would be the first known cases of animal-to-human transmission'

(Newser) - Officials say they have detected the first likely case of the coronavirus jumping from an animal to a human—but so far the risk is limited to mink farms in Holland. The World Health Organization tells AFP that three workers infected on mink farms "would be the first known...

Animal Rights 'Nitwits' Raid Minnesota Fur Farm

40K mink were set free

(Newser) - An estimated 40,000 mink destined to become coats were freed from a central Minnesota fur farm in what the local sheriff calls an act of "domestic terrorism." Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundson says he believes animal rights "nitwits" freed the animals but didn't steal any...

2 Activists Accused of Freeing 5K Mink Caught

Authorities say couple went on cross-country road trip to farms

(Newser) - Two animal rights activists who authorities say went on an epic vigilante road trip across the US have been arrested and face jail time. Joseph Buddenberg, 31, and Nicole Kissane, 28, both of Oakland, are accused of freeing about 5,000 mink from various farms along with a slew of...

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