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Surviving Paris Attacker Gets France's Toughest Sentence

Historic Bataclan trial ends with 20 guilty verdicts

(Newser) - This story has been updated with sentencing details. The biggest trial in France's modern history has concluded after nearly 10 months, with all 20 defendants found guilty of charges related to the 2015 ISIS attack on the Bataclan theater and other Paris locations that killed 130 people. Salah Abdeslam...

Surgeon Tried to Sell Bataclan Survivor's X-Ray as an NFT
Bataclan Survivor 'Shocked' to
Find Out What Her Surgeon Did
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Bataclan Survivor 'Shocked' to Find Out What Her Surgeon Did

France's Emmanuel Masmejean is accused of trying to sell patient's X-ray as an NFT

(Newser) - All kinds of things have been turned into non-fungible tokens , or NFTs, but the craze has taken a disturbing turn that has a French doctor now facing legal action. AFP reports that Emmanuel Masmejean, a senior orthopedic surgeon at Paris' Georges Pompidou public hospital, is accused of trying to sell...

US Survivor of Paris Attacks Delivers Wrenching Testimony

Helen Wilson says boyfriend died in her arms

(Newser) - Clarisse Faure told a Paris court Wednesday that she was there "for those who cannot do it today, for those who never left the Bataclan." She was among many survivors who delivered emotional testimony at the trial of 20 suspects accused of involvement in the 2015 terror attacks...

Paris Attack Suspect: 'I Know My Statement May Be Shocking'

Salah Abdeslam says it was 'nothing personal'

(Newser) - The key defendant in the 2015 Paris attacks trial said Wednesday that ISIS was simply attacking France, and that the deaths of 130 people was "nothing personal." Wearing all black and declining to remove his black mask, Salah Abdeslam was the last of the 14 defendants present in...

After Paris Terror Suspect's Outburst, 'You Bastard' Is Heard

'We suffered 130 deaths, you bastard,' somebody said from back of courtroom

(Newser) - The trial of 20 men accused of involvement in the 2015 Paris terror attacks got underway Wednesday —and it was soon disrupted by an outburst from the main suspect, Saleh Abdeslam. The Guardian reports that Abdeslam, believed to be the only survivor of the group that carried out the...

Biggest Trial in France's Modern History Begins
Biggest Trial in France's
Modern History Begins
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Biggest Trial in France's Modern History Begins

It involves 20 men accused in ISIS' 2015 attacks in Paris that killed 130

(Newser) - A trial that the BBC reports is regarded as "the biggest in France's modern history" began Wednesday in Paris over the 2015 ISIS attacks that killed 130 people, 90 of them inside the Bataclan concert hall . What you need to know about the trial, which the AP reports...

18 Months After Theft, Banksy Piece Found in Attic

Authorities recover mural dedicated to Bataclan victims

(Newser) - Italian authorities on Thursday unveiled a stolen artwork by the British artist Banksy that was painted as a tribute to the victims of the 2015 terror attacks at the Bataclan music hall in Paris. The L'Aquila prosecutors' office said the work was recovered Wednesday during a search of a...

France Outraged by Trump's NRA Remarks

Hollande calls comment on terror attack 'despicable'

(Newser) - Former French President Francois Hollande has two words for President Trump's claim that gun-toting Parisians could have thwarted ISIS attackers at Paris' Bataclan concert hall: "indecent and despicable." French anger erupted over the weekend at Trump's comments to the National Rifle Association —and especially at...

He Survived Bataclan Attack, Calls Parkland Kids 'Vile'

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes doesn't mince words

(Newser) - One might think Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, who famously survived the 2015 attack on the Bataclan in Paris, would be a champion of the Parkland kids. One would be very wrong. The Guardian reports Hughes, who previously argued that France's tighter gun-control laws didn't get...

White House Releases List of 'Underreported' Terror Attacks
White House Lists 78
'Underreported' Terror Attacks

White House Lists 78 'Underreported' Terror Attacks

It includes San Bernardino, Paris

(Newser) - President Trump accused the "very, very dishonest press" Monday of not wanting to report ISIS attacks in Europe. "They have their reasons, you understand that," he said, speaking to troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, the headquarters of US Central Command. The White House later...

A Year Later, Paris Remembers
A Year Later,
Paris Remembers

A Year Later, Paris Remembers

City of Lights honors those killed in horrific coordinated attacks at Bataclan, soccer stadium

(Newser) - On Nov. 13, 2015, Paris saw the music, food, sport, and revelry of a normal Friday night dissolve into screams, suicide bombs, gunfire, terror, and a staggering amount of death as Islamic State terrorists targeted various locations in the City of Light: Cafes, a soccer stadium, a concert hall. On...

US Rocker at Paris Massacre Wants Guns for Everybody

'I've never seen anyone that's ever had one dead,' says Jesse Hughes

(Newser) - The lead singer of the California band playing at Paris' Bataclan theater when terrorists stormed the building says everybody should have a gun. In an interview with French TV station iTele , Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal argues that restrictions on gun ownership in France have helped rather than...

Paris Attacker's Father Would Have Killed Own Son

He says he didn't even know his son was back in France

(Newser) - The father of newly identified Paris attacker Foued Mohamed-Aggad says he didn't know his son had returned to France—and if he had known what he was planning, he would have killed his own son to prevent it. "I would have killed him myself beforehand," Said Mohamed-Aggad...

3rd Bataclan Gunman IDed as Frenchman

He left country for Syria in 2013

(Newser) - The third attacker who terrorized Paris' Bataclan concert hall before being killed there has been identified as a Frenchman who left for Syria in 2013, two French officials said Wednesday, heightening fears of what increasingly appears to be an entirely homegrown European plot. Foued Mohamed-Aggad left Strasbourg for Syria in...

Obama Lays Single Rose at Paris Massacre Site

Bataclan was his first stop after arrival

(Newser) - President Obama landed in Paris just before midnight Sunday and his motorcade took an unexpected route along the Seine. The president, who's in France for climate change talks, rode past the Eiffel Tower, the French Assembly building, and the Bastille before arriving at the famed Bataclan concert hall, site...

Eagles of Death Metal Give 1st Interview on Paris Horror

'At first I thought it was the PA cracking up'

(Newser) - The band that was on stage at Paris' Bataclan when it was attacked on Nov. 13 has given its first emotional interview on what happened that night. Vice founder Shane Smith opens the video, released late Wednesday, by explaining that Eagles of Death Metal has worked with Vice "many...

Pregnant Woman Reunites With Bataclan Rescuer

Man pulled her up from window ledge; both escaped

(Newser) - One of many terrifying images from Friday's Paris attacks was of a pregnant woman dangling from a window of the Bataclan. Now, a friend of the unidentified woman says she survived and has been in touch with the man who helped save her. A man identified only as Sebastien...

Survivor Has Chilling Account of Concert Massacre

'You never think it will happen to you,' she writes

(Newser) - A 22-year-old survivor has written a chilling—and moving—account of the Bataclan concert massacre in Paris. In a Facebook post that has been shared more than 700,000 times, Isobel Bowdery tells of the horror that unfolded at what started out as a happy Friday night at a rock...

Paris Hunting This Suspected Attacker

Public warned 'Do not intervene yourself' if Salah Abdeslam spotted

(Newser) - French police put out a photo of a fugitive in the Paris attacks on Sunday, saying the suspect is on the run and too dangerous for anyone outside law enforcement to engage directly. Police identified the man suspected of renting the car that delivered attackers to the Bataclan concert hall...

Pianist Plays Imagine for Crowd Outside Paris' Bataclan

At least 80 people were killed inside the concert venue Friday

(Newser) - As mourners lined up to leave flowers and candles outside Paris' Bataclan, where at least 80 people were killed during a terrorist attack Friday, a solitary man played John Lennon's Imagine on a piano, the Guardian reports. According to the BBC , a small crowd gathered to listen to Davide...

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