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Soccer Star Fined $3.3M for Illegal Mansion Lake

Part of that fine is because Neymar swam in it

(Newser) - Brazilian soccer star Neymar was fined more than $3.3 million for violating local environmental rules during renovations at his mansion outside Rio de Janeiro. The Mangaratiba City Hall said in a statement Monday night it had issued four fines after Neymar was accused of illegally building an artificial lake...

Nike Reveals Why It Dropped Soccer Star

Neymar refused to cooperate with sexual assault investigation

(Newser) - Nike has revealed why it cut ties with one of the world's biggest sport superstars when he had more than a year left on his contract. The company said in a statement to CNN Thursday that it dropped Brazilian soccer player Neymar because he "refused to cooperate in...

Neymar Accused of Rape
Neymar Accused
of Rape 

Neymar Accused of Rape

Soccer star says the accusation is an attempt at extortion, releases WhatsApp messages

(Newser) - "There was a relationship between a man and a woman between four walls," says Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar, who the New York Times reports is being accused of rape by a woman who's accusing him of paying for her to fly from Brazil to Paris, only to...

KFC Ad Seen as Mocking Neymar's Theatrics
KFC Ad Seen as Mocking
Neymar's Theatrics

KFC Ad Seen as Mocking Neymar's Theatrics

Shows a soccer player rolling and rolling and rolling ...

(Newser) - Neymar's histrionics on the soccer field have become legendary , but now they may also prove lucrative—at least for KFC South Africa, if its latest ad draws people into its restaurants. Fortune reports on the chain's minute-long spot , which shows a soccer player flailing and rolling after he...

Soccer Great Neymar Under Fire for 'Faking Injuries'

Critics say his play-acting is an 'embarrassment'

(Newser) - Brazilian soccer great Neymar is taking a lot of flak for one of the less appealing aspects of his style of play: his tendency to "thrash around like a harpooned dolphin," as Piers Morgan puts it, every time he makes contact with an opposing player. After Mexico lost...

ISIS Releases Threat Against Lionel Messi and Neymar

It's just the latest threat made against the upcoming World Cup

(Newser) - Two of the biggest soccer stars in the world are the target of a new threat from ISIS ahead of the World Cup this summer in Russia. Per AS , Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar appear in a photoshopped image released by the terrorist group this week....

'Beyond Insane': Inside a $263M Sports Deal

'Beyond Insane':
Inside a $263M
Sports Deal
The Rundown

'Beyond Insane': Inside a $263M Sports Deal

Neymar just became the most expensive soccer player in history

(Newser) - “The first word that comes to mind is insane. There’s no way that it makes any economic sense. It’s insane. It’s beyond insane.” That's how one sports business expert describes the record-shattering deal that will send Neymar—widely recognized as the third-best soccer player...

Who Beat Out LeBron for Most Famous Athlete

That would be Cristiano Ronaldo, per ESPN ranking

(Newser) - Tom Brady who? The all-star NFL quarterback might be a household name in the US, but he doesn't even make the top 20 of ESPN's list of the most famous athletes in the world, reports the Boston Herald . The 10 most well-known athletes, based on social media followers,...

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