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Temporary Rule Change Could End Tuberville's Blockade

Senate could vote on resolution next week, allowing passage of military promotions

(Newser) - Senators are trying to find a way around a one-man blockade that has thwarted more than 370 military promotions this year. Sen. Tommy Tuberville has been blocking promotions for nine months to protest the Pentagon's policy of paying for travel when a service member needs an out-of-state abortion. A...

2 Lawmakers to Meta, X: Crack Down on Fake AI Political Ads

As plethora of deepfakes spread, Klobuchar, NY rep ask execs to address 'serious concerns'

(Newser) - Deepfakes generated by artificial intelligence are having their moment this year, at least when it comes to making it look, or sound, like celebrities doing something uncanny. Tom Hanks hawking a dental plan. Pope Francis wearing a stylish puffer jacket. Sen. Rand Paul sitting on the Capitol steps in a...

Joni Mitchell Takes a Big, Deep Bow
Joni Mitchell
Takes a Big,
Deep Bow

Joni Mitchell Takes a Big, Deep Bow

Iconic singer, 79, was awarded the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song on Wednesday

(Newser) - Joni Mitchell is 79, a brain-aneurysm survivor, a cultural tour de force, and an American musical icon who got to take a bow among many of her contemporaries Wednesday night. The occasion was the awarding of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song to Mitchell, which basically consisted...

Amy Klobuchar: I Delayed Doctor's Visit, Then Got Cancer Diagnosis
Amy Klobuchar's
6-Month Follow-Up
Had Good News

Amy Klobuchar's 6-Month Follow-Up Had Good News

Minnesota senator is cancer-free

(Newser) - Update: Amy Klobuchar is cancer-free. The Democratic senator tweeted Wednesday that following her recent six-month "post-cancer" check-up, "everything was clear." After expressing gratitude to her family, friends, doctors, and nurses, she ended the post by reminding her followers to schedule their mammograms, USA Today reports. Our original ...

Pence Backs GOP Effort to Invalidate Biden's Win

Vice president, who will be presiding, 'welcomes the efforts' of congressional Republicans

(Newser) - The Republicans in Congress hoping to throw out President-elect Joe Biden's election victory this week still don't have enough votes—or evidence—to do that, but they'll evidently have the support of the official at the microphone. Vice President Mike Pence, who will be presiding over the...

Minnesota Decides to Free Myon Burrell
Minnesota Decides
to Free Myon Burrell
the rundown

Minnesota Decides to Free Myon Burrell

The 34-year-old was sentenced to life as a juvenile

(Newser) - A Black Minnesota man sent to prison for life as a teenager took his first steps of freedom Tuesday to the sound of ringing bells and cheering family members and supporters, hours after a pardons board commuted his sentence in a high-profile murder case. Myon Burrell's prosecution and harsh...

Klobuchar Withdraws From VP Consideration. Here's Why

She says Joe Biden should choose a woman of color

(Newser) - Now is not the time for Amy Klobuchar to be the vice presidential candidate. That's why the senator from Minnesota has officially pulled her name from consideration as Joe Biden's running mate, NBC News reports. "America must seize on the moment and I truly believe—as I...

Klobuchar: I Should Have Handled Police Cases Differently

As prosecutor, she passed on making decision on charges, sending cases to grand juries

(Newser) - With Joe Biden considering her for his running mate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar is being questioned about her record. That includes her tenure as a prosecutor in Minneapolis. In her seven years, Klobuchar handled cases not unlike the one tearing apart the city now. When presented with cases against police officers...

Not Klobuchar, Minority Activists Tell Biden

The senator, under consideration for VP, has little support from minority leaders or voters

(Newser) - Sen. Amy Klobuchar has many qualities Joe Biden is looking for in a running mate. She's experienced and aligned with the former vice president on the issues. They get along and didn't have any ugly clashes during the primaries and debates. But she won't help him beat...

'Invasive' Process for VP Vetting Has Apparently Begun

Amy Klobuchar has reportedly been asked to consent to the scrutiny

(Newser) - Joe Biden promised during a primary debate in March that he would pick a woman to be his running mate if he became the Democratic nominee for president. That "invasive" process—Biden's words—is reportedly about to begin in earnest. Sources tell CBS News that Minnesota Sen....

Biden's New Podcast Guest Raises VP Speculation
VP Pick
Democrats' Big
2020 Question
in case you missed it

VP Pick Illustrates Democrats' Big 2020 Question

Politico: Should Democrats focus on white, working class voters or push for minority vote?

(Newser) - For those still keeping track, chalk up another state victory for Joe Biden. The presumptive nominee won Wyoming's mail-in Democratic primary, the party said Sunday. Biden got 72% of the vote to Bernie Sanders' 28%, giving him 10 of the state's pledged delegates to Sanders' four, reports the...

Amy Klobuchar Makes a Lot of Sense as VP
Here's Why
Joe Biden
Should Pick
Amy Klobuchar

Here's Why Joe Biden Should Pick Amy Klobuchar

For one thing, she's 'ideologically simpatico'

(Newser) - Oddsmakers like Kamala Harris . Elizabeth Warren has made clear she'd be open to a spot on the ticket. But at the Washington Post , David Byler lays out the case for Amy Klobuchar to be Joe Biden's pick for vice president. Yes, an all-white ticket isn't ideal in...

Amy Klobuchar's Husband Has Coronavirus

He's hospitalized, and senator says she's not infected

(Newser) - The coronavirus has made its closest strike yet to the 2020 election. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, recently departed from the race , announced Monday that her husband has tested positive for the disease, reports the Hill . In an essay at Medium , Klobuchar said she herself is not infected. She and her husband,...

Amy Klobuchar Ends 2020 Run, Will Back Biden

Minnesota senator calls it quits

(Newser) - Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar ended her Democratic presidential campaign on Monday and will endorse rival Joe Biden in an effort to unify moderate voters behind the former vice president's White House bid, per the AP . She is flying to Dallas and plans to join Biden at his rally Monday...

Klobuchar Rally Nixed After Protest: She's 'Got to Go'

Minnesota senator still facing criticism about a murder case from 17 years ago

(Newser) - After a weekend in which Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg both dropped out of the 2020 race, Amy Klobuchar is hanging tough. But the Minnesota senator bowed out of a campaign rally in her home state at the last minute after protesters stormed the stage before it commenced, with the...

Winners, Losers From Democratic Debate
Winners, Losers From
the Democratic Debate

Winners, Losers From the Democratic Debate

Biden had the good night he needed, analysts say

(Newser) - Tuesday night's Democratic debate in Charleston, SC, was a raucous affair—so much so that Vox declares chaos to be the only true winner. In the last debate before the state's Saturday primary—and Super Tuesday—candidates desperate for speaking time talked over each other and shouted at...

Sanders Faces Onslaught in South Carolina Debate
Sanders Faces Onslaught
in South Carolina Debate

Sanders Faces Onslaught in South Carolina Debate

7 candidates clashed in fiery debate

(Newser) - Seven Democrats took part in a fiery debate in South Carolina on Tuesday night—one more than in last week's primary debate. Tom Steyer joined Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Michael Bloomberg in the Charleston debate, co-hosted by CBS News and the Congressional...

Klobuchar, Buttigieg Rivalry Is Getting Nasty

These 2 really seem to dislike each other

(Newser) - The rough night suffered by Michael Bloomberg has dominated post-debate coverage, but another aspect of the Democratic race is also coming into focus: Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg appear to genuinely dislike each other. The Minnesota senator and the former South Bend mayor clashed numerous times, and Klobuchar seemed to...

Winners, Losers From Democratic Debate
Debate Was a Brutal
Night for Bloomberg

Debate Was a Brutal Night for Bloomberg

Warren praised for standout performance

(Newser) - Viewers who watched the ninth Democratic presidential debate Wednesday night hoping to see fireworks would not have been disappointed. Anybody hoping for a strong performance from Michael Bloomberg, however, would probably have changed the channel before the end of the first hour. The billionaire made his presidential debate debut in...

Bloomberg a Major Target in Las Vegas Debate
Bloomberg a Major Target
in Las Vegas Debate

Bloomberg a Major Target in Las Vegas Debate

Sanders, Warren slam former mayor's record

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg was on a Democratic presidential debate stage for the first time Wednesday night and he became a major target in the Las Vegas debate from the opening minutes onward—more so than frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg also took part in...

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