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Alabama Mom Sues Hospital, Blames Ransomware for Death

Nurses coping with computer outages and missed signs of fetal distress

(Newser) - Nicko Silar was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. She suffered brain damage and died nine months later. Her mother, Teiranni Kidd, is suing the hospital, claiming Nicko’s death was preventable. Her own doctor, obstetrician Katelyn Parnell apparently agreed that the baby’s birth injury could...

Russian Ransomware Gang Disappears From Dark Web
Ransomware Gang's
Sites Go Dark

Ransomware Gang's Sites Go Dark

Suspects include the US, Putin, and REvil itself

(Newser) - The REvil ransomware gang's latest message is: "A server with the specified hostname could not be found." That's what appeared on the Russian hackers' sites on the dark web Tuesday, CNBC reports. The group's sites had been active and were used in negotiating with its...

White House: Biden Called Putin With a Warning

President said US will take 'any necessary action' to stop Russian hackers

(Newser) - President Biden called Vladimir Putin on Friday to deliver a warning about cyberattacks, reports Axios . Biden told Putin the US is poised to retaliate after another ransomware incident blamed on Russian hackers, according to a White House statement. “Biden reiterated that the United States will take any necessary action...

Biden Says Putin Will Get Message on Cyberattacks

Latest attacks will test his vow for consequences for Russia

(Newser) - President Biden said Wednesday he would "deliver" a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the latest ransomware attacks targeting American businesses, setting up a test of Biden's ability to balance his pledge to respond firmly to cyber breaches with his goal of developing a stable relationship with...

Hackers Behind Latest Cyberattack Name Their Price

Group REvil wants $70M to end attack hitting small businesses

(Newser) - Hackers behind the latest ransomware attack to paralyze businesses around the world have named their price: The Russian-language group known as REvil wants $70 million in Bitcoin to make things right again, reports the Washington Post . The full scope of the attack that hit just before the weekend is still...

Ransomware Attack Spreads to Hundreds of Companies

US software supplier is hit first, with fallout reaching Sweden

(Newser) - An unchecked ransomware attack on a US software company has spread rapidly to companies and organizations elsewhere, even closing hundreds of grocery stores in Sweden. Cybersecurity experts called it one of the biggest criminal ransomware attacks in history, NBC reports. Kaseya, which manages programs for companies that handle internet services...

'They Do Not Care': Hackers Love Hospitals as Targets

Security is lax and the stakes are high, explains Wall Street Journal in an investigation

(Newser) - Last week, the FBI chief put the threat posed by ransomware on par with the 9/11 attacks. If that seemed like hyperbole, an investigation by the Wall Street Journal might shed some light on his thinking. The newspaper catalogs 235 attacks on hospitals and psychiatric centers in the US since...

JBS Made 'Very Difficult' Decision After Cyberattack

Meat processing company was the victim of a ransomware attack last month

(Newser) - The world’s largest meat processing company says it paid the equivalent of $11 million to hackers who broke into its computer system late last month , the AP reports. Brazil-based JBS SA said on May 31 that it was the victim of a ransomware attack, but Wednesday was the first...

Feds Seize Payment Made to Pipeline Hackers
Feds Seize Payment
Made to Pipeline Hackers

Feds Seize Payment Made to Pipeline Hackers

FBI led operation to recover Colonial Pipeline ransom payment from crypto wallet

(Newser) - The hackers who targeted the operator of a vital US pipeline system in a ransomware attack have lost most of their ill-gotten gains, the Justice Department says. Officials said Monday that a new FBI ransomware taskforce led an operation to recover ransom paid in cryptocurrency by Colonial Pipeline, the AP...

After 'Exhaustive Search,' a Reveal on Colonial Pipeline Breach

Cybersecurity expert: Compromised password was plugged into dormant VPN account to gain access

(Newser) - It all came down to one password. That's the finding of a cybersecurity expert commissioned by Colonial Pipeline to find out how hackers were able to shut down the nation's largest fuel pipeline, reports Bloomberg . According to Charles Carmakal of Mandiant, part of the FireEye cybersecurity firm, hackers...

FBI Chief: Ransomware Is Our New 9/11

Christopher Wray sees parallels, says the scope of the problem is massive

(Newser) - The shutdown of the Colonial oil pipeline . The crippling of one of the nation's biggest meat producers. If it seems like ransomware attacks are growing more frequent and more threatening, know that the head of the FBI agrees. And in an interview with the Wall Street Journal , Christopher Wray...

2nd-Biggest US Meat Producer Recovering From Cyberattack

JBS says it has made 'significant progress' in getting back online

(Newser) - The world’s largest meat processing company is getting back online after production around the world was disrupted by a cyberattack just weeks after a similar incident shut down a US oil pipeline. Brazil’s JBS SA said late Tuesday that it had made "significant progress" in dealing with...

Colonial Pipeline CEO Confirms Ransom Was Paid

'It was the right thing to do for the country'

(Newser) - The CEO of Colonial Pipeline has confirmed that he made the "highly controversial decision" to pay ransom to hackers who breached the company's systems , causing major problems with the East Coast's gas supply. "I didn’t make it lightly. I will admit that I wasn’t...

Granholm: Gas Lines Should Be Back to Normal Quickly

Biden official urges drivers not to hoard though fuel pipeline is back in business

(Newser) - US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says the nation is "over the hump" on gas shortages following a ransomware cyberattack that forced a shutdown of the nation’s largest gasoline pipeline. Problems peaked Thursday night, and service should return to normal in most areas by the end of the weekend,...

Pipeline Attackers: We're Closing Down

DarkSide says it lost access to its servers and money, though experts warn it could reappear

(Newser) - The criminal enterprise that's responsible for the long gas lines in the southeastern US has logged off, saying it lost access to the infrastructure it needs to run its operation. "Servers were seized (country not named), money of advertisers and founders was transferred to an unknown account,"...

Ransomware Attack Causes 'Critical Emergency' in Ireland

Country's health service has shut down IT systems

(Newser) - Ireland's health service shut down its IT systems on Friday after being targeted in what it called a "significant ransomware attack." The Health Service Executive said the move was a precaution, and appointments for coronavirus vaccinations were not affected. "We’ve taken a precautionary measure to...

Colonial Paid Ransom to Hackers: Bloomberg

Drivers in Southeastern states can expect 'headaches' for another week or longer

(Newser) - Colonial Pipeline said this week it had no intention of paying ransom to the hackers who crippled its fuel shipments . So how did the company manage to begin restoring operations on Wednesday? As it turns out, Colonial paid a ransom after all, reports Bloomberg . The outlet says the company shelled...

Clock Is Ticking on Pipeline After Cyberattack
Clock Is Ticking on Pipeline
After Cyberattack
the rundown

Clock Is Ticking on Pipeline After Cyberattack

If Colonial system isn't back up in a few days, gasoline prices are likely to rise

(Newser) - The operators of the biggest US fuel pipeline were scrambling Monday to resume operations after a cyberattack forced a shutdown on Friday. The Wall Street Journal reports that because of existing gasoline inventories, the impact shouldn't be too dire if Colonial can confine the outage to less than five...

Cyberpunk 2077 Maker on Hackers' Extortion: We Will Not Negotiate

Ransomware creators steal, threaten to release source code from CD Projekt Red

(Newser) - "You have 48 hours to contact us." That was the ransom note left Monday after a cyberattack against Cyberpunk 2077 maker CD Projekt Red, which has posted the note online and said it's not in the mood for negotiations. The hackers' message indicated that they stole the...

An 'Unprecedented' Ransomware Assault Is Underway

Hospitals are being attacked, US agencies and experts say

(Newser) - Federal agencies warned that cybercriminals are unleashing a wave of data-scrambling extortion attempts against the US healthcare system designed to lock up hospital information systems, which could hurt patient care just as nationwide cases of COVID-19 are spiking, the AP reports. In a joint alert Wednesday, the FBI and two...

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