Golden State Killer

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'Golden State Killer' Welcomed to His New Home

Joseph James DeAngelo, 74, arrived at Calif. state prison Tuesday

(Newser) - A former police officer who eluded authorities for years as the "Golden State Killer" arrived in state prison Tuesday to begin serving multiple life sentences for rapes and murders that terrorized much of California in the 1970s and 1980s. Joseph James DeAngelo, 74, arrived at North Kern State Prison,...

Golden State Killer: 'I'm Truly Sorry'
Golden State Killer
Is Sentenced

Golden State Killer Is Sentenced

Joseph DeAngelo says he is 'truly sorry'

(Newser) - Joseph DeAngelo, better known as the Golden State Killer , won't be getting out of prison. The 74-year-old received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole on Friday for his decades-long string of murders and sexual attacks, reports NBC News . DeAngelo, a former police officer in California, told...

Victims Curse 'Subhuman' Golden State Killer

'He truly is an evil monster with no soul'

(Newser) - Victim after victim lined up on Tuesday to describe Joseph DeAngelo as a "sick monster,” "horrible man," and “subhuman” who stole their innocence and changed their lives during a more than decade-long reign of rape and murder that earned him the nickname Golden State Killer....

DeAngelo Admits He Is the Golden State Killer

He pleads guilty to California murders, kidnappings

(Newser) - Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. has confessed that he is the Golden State Killer who terrorized California with a long and sadistic series of crimes in the 1970s and 1980s. In a courtroom set up in a Cal State Sacramento ballroom, the 74-year-old uttered his first guilty plea Monday in a...

Looks Like the Golden State Killer Has His Plea

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. will make his plea Monday

(Newser) - Forty years after a sadistic suburban rapist terrorized California in what investigators later realized were a series of linked assaults and slayings, a 74-year-old former police officer is expected to plead guilty Monday to being the elusive Golden State Killer, the AP reports. The deal will spare Joseph James DeAngelo...

Suspect in Golden State Killings Reaches Plea Deal

DeAngelo would avoid death penalty, wouldn't have to stand trial

(Newser) - Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. has agreed to plead guilty to 13 murder and rape charges this month, avoiding any chance of receiving the death penalty or a trial. The 74-year-old is accused of being the Golden State Killer, who committed 12 slayings and at least 45 rapes throughout California in...

Golden State Killer Suspect Wants to Plead Guilty

But he wants the death penalty taken off the table, lawyers say

(Newser) - After allegedly murdering at least 13 people, former police officer Joseph DeAngelo is now trying to save his own life. Lawyers for the alleged Golden State Killer say he has offered to plead guilty to the 26 charges against him as long as he receives a life sentence instead of...

Couple to Live in Suspected Golden State Killer's Home

The 1,500-square-foot property sells for $320K

(Newser) - The California home of a man suspected of being the notorious "Golden State Killer" was sold last month to a couple who intend to live there. Joseph DeAngelo's 1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath ranch home in Citrus Heights was sold for $320,000, a price near the bottom of...

Prosecutors Want Death Penalty for Alleged Serial Killer

Golden State Killer suspect accused of murders in 5 California counties

(Newser) - Prosecutors want the Golden State to kill the Golden State Killer. Prosecutors from four California counties—Sacramento, Orange, Ventura, and Santa Barbara—announced Wednesday that they will seek the death penalty for alleged serial killer Joseph James DeAngelo, the Sacramento Bee reports. The 73-year-old ex-cop is accused of 12 murders...

The Golden State Killer Was Elusive. Then She Came Along

Barbara Rae-Venter never expected to be an amateur sleuth

(Newser) - Barbara Rae-Venter isn't exactly a household name—but the 70-year-old retired attorney and genealogist was a key factor in the Golden State Killer investigation, the San Jose Mercury News reports. "Her expertise proved to be invaluable," says Paul Holes, a retired inspector who's been credited with...

Golden State Killer Suspect Faces Slew of New Charges

James DeAngelo will be tried in Sacramento

(Newser) - Charges are piling up for Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., the suspected Golden State Killer . In addition to 13 counts of murder, DeAngelo will face 13 charges of kidnapping to commit robbery, prosecutors announced Tuesday. The 72-year-old will be tried in Sacramento County, the Los Angeles Times reports. The announcement of...

How Suspect's Car Door Handle Hurt Him in Golden State Killer Case

Detectives retrieved pivotal DNA clue in Hobby Lobby parking lot

(Newser) - After four decades of hunting for the Golden State Killer, a pivotal piece of evidence that may have sealed the case was DNA evidence secretly lifted from the suspect’s car door at a Hobby Lobby parking lot in Roseville, Calif., reports the Los Angeles Times . Newly released court documents...

Golden State Killer Suspect Charged With 4 More Murders

DeAngelo accused of killing 2 Santa Barbara couples

(Newser) - A man who prosecutors say was one of California's most elusive serial killers was charged Thursday with four additional counts of murder, leaving him now facing a dozen murder charges across the state. Joseph James DeAngelo, a 72-year-old ex-cop, was charged in connection with four slayings in 1979 and...

Cops Have Surprise Plan to Identify the Zodiac Killer

Police hope new DNA technology will help

(Newser) - First, the Golden State Killer—now the Zodiac Killer? With DNA evidence possibly pointing to the former , police say the same method could help identify the long-sought Zodiac Killer, NBC News reports. Police in Vallejo, Calif., say they sent two envelopes from the Zodiac Killer to a private lab for...

Golden State Killer Suspect: You Can't Take My DNA

Joseph DeAngelo's lawyer fights effort to collect possible evidence

(Newser) - The former policeman accused of being the Golden State Killer heads back to court Thursday to fight prosecutors' efforts to collect more of his DNA. Joseph DeAngelo, 72, was scheduled to appear in a Sacramento courtroom connected to the county jail where he's being held. His public defender, Diane...

To Find Golden State Suspect, Cops Went Back 200 Years

They first found his great-great-great grandparents

(Newser) - In 1977, at a public forum about a series of rapes in Northern California, a man expressed doubt that a serial rapist could assault a woman in front of her husband without him retaliating. Months later, the man's wife was raped while he was home. "I can't...

Serial Killer Case Highlights Concern of DNA Websites

Privacy advocates say people's health and family histories are vulnerable to prying eyes

(Newser) - Investigators who used a genealogical website to find the ex-policeman they believe is a serial killer and rapist who terrified California decades ago call the technique groundbreaking. But others say it raises troubling legal and privacy concerns for the millions of people who submit their DNA to such sites to...

Killings Paused After Golden State Suspect Had Daughter

Life changes, including marriages, shown to impact serial killers

(Newser) - With an arrest in the case of the dormant Golden State Killer, the New York Times looks at what makes serial killers tick and, contrary to what you might think, it's not usually an insatiable thirst for blood. As forensic psychologist J. Reid Meloy explains, "These are not...

DNA on a Genealogy Website Helped Snare Golden State Killer

Distant relative of suspect submitted sample

(Newser) - A distant relative of Joseph James DeAngelo hoping to learn more about their family submitted a DNA sample to a genealogy website. They now know that they're related to a suspected serial killer. Police say they tracked the suspected Golden State Killer by comparing DNA from one of his...

Golden State Killer Suspect: A Grandpa Obsessed With Lawn Care

Joseph DeAngelo built model airplanes, 'was just nice'

(Newser) - The California grandfather suspected of killing a dozen people and raping more than 50 women lived a quiet life as a warehouse worker and a suburban homeowner obsessed with lawn care, neighbors and acquaintances said. Joseph DeAngelo, a former police officer whose law enforcement career ended after he was busted...

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